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读英语文章的软件_Software for reading articles 2篇

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读英语文章的软件_Software for reading articles 2篇

关于”读文章的软件“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Software for reading articles。以下是关于读文章的软件的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Software for reading articles

When I'm disappointed, everything my mother says will be OK. If you stick to it, good things will happen one day. You'll realize that if it wasn't for the disappointment before, mom was right.

I found out after I graduated from college in, that I decided to find a job in radio and work hard as a sports announcer. I hitchhiked to Chicago, knocked at the door of every station and was turned down every time. In one study, a good lady told me that big TV stations can't take the risk of hiring an inexperienced person.

She said, go to the bar and find a small radio station and give you a chance. I hitchhiked back to Dixon, Illinois. Although my father said that Montgomery Ward opened a shop and wanted a local athlete to run its sports department.

Because Dixon was where I played football in high school, I applied for the job. This job sounds like a good fit for me. But I wasn't hired.

My disappointment must have shown. It all happened for the best mother, and medad provided me with a car to find a job. I tried WOC in davenpotova.

Host Peter MacArthur told me they had hired an announcer. When I left his office, my depression was boiling. I asked aloud, how could a guy become a sports announcer if he couldn't find a job on the radio? I heard MacArthur calling while I was waiting for the elevator.

What did you say to sports? Do you know football? Then he asked me to stand in front of the microphone and let me play an imaginary game. I prepared for a minute. Peter told me that I would broadcast Saay's game on my way home, because I think of my mother many times.

If you bring good things one day, things won't happen. If it's not because of disappointment, I often think about what if I didn't get Mengo My work in Marley ward, where my life may go..









The Double Ninth Festival is held on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar. The Double Ninth Festival originated in the Warring States period BC. According to the dichotomy of yin and Yang, the Double Ninth Festival began.

This is the basis of Chinese world outlook. Yin represents the elements of darkness, and Yang represents life and light. The number 9 is considered Yang.

September 9 is a double sun day, so it has the name of "Double Ninth Festival". Chongyang Festival means repetition in Chinese. September also heralds winter.

This is a time when people need warm clothes, and filial Chinese people extend this festival to the festival of Chongyang, which provides winter clothes for their ancestors. Therefore, it has become a festival to honor the families of the dead. Paper clothes will be burned as sacrifices when climbing mountains.

On the Double Ninth Festival, people are used to climbing mountains, appreciating chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine and eating Chongyang cakes. The Double Ninth Festival is also the "old people's Day" ”The elderly especially want to improve their health by partiting in activities on the festival day. This is a time to remember their ancestors, their sacrifices and their sufferings, and often organize family outings.

During this period, people seek to renew their appreciation of nature and reiterate their love and concern for family members and close friends.





In the United Kingdom, the sun can be divided into three layers: radiation zone and convection zone. Solar energy comes from its core. The core temperature of the sun is as high as one million degrees centigrade.

The pressure is equivalent to one billion yuan. When the gas in the core area is highly compressed to twice the density of water, fusion occurs. Here, one million tons of hydrogen per second are converted into helium, which releases about one million tons of energy The fusion energy is transmitted by convection and radiation field, and the energy generated from the core reaches the suce after millions of years.




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