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关于动物的英语作文_animal 5篇

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关于动物的英语作文_animal 5篇



Zoos are sometimes considered necessary, but it is difficult to replace the natural environment. In modern society, zoos are almost indispensable places for people to visit in big cities. From space to the sea, there are many kinds of animals, from primitive invertebrates to advanced intelt suckling animals in zoos.

All animals, including rare animals such as panda, African elephant and northeast tiger, can be obtained Good care and protection, free from harm, at the same time, a strong sense of natural environment protection, many people think that animals in small cages will change the survival instinct of animals, thus breaking the ecological balance. From the basic relationship between animals and people, animals should have equal with human beings. They are all kinds of life forms, and animals have their own survival instinct, which is the formation of this instinct The relationship between the earth's biological chain is called "ecological balance".

For example, if most birds in an area are killed and caged by humans, pests will eat all the crops, and snakes will lose most of their food (bird) resources. Therefore, the idea of starvation and death sounds ideal in theory, but in reality, Due to human's greed for wealth, human beings and other animals can't coexist peacefully on the earth. Many precious animals, especially those enered species, have been killed or sold.

Therefore, zoos have emerged as a positive way. People should first protect the poor animals. This is not only the behavior of animals, but also the behavior of human beings.

Once the biological chain is hit, the zoo has become a positive way In the end, zoos can become a scientific animal research center, save more enered spices, and make animals better meet the needs of people. In my opinion, the focus of the topic is or protection. In my opinion, the two aspects can be unified to achieve the goal of "education and entertainment", and finally narrow the distance between people and animals To protect animals and raise animals in zoos is to protect, teach and learn.

Let's think about it further. The purpose of all these actions is to make animals live more happily, so as to maintain ecological balance and protect our own living environment.




It is an undeniable fact that although the government has adopted some policies to protect the environment, there are still some businessmen who, in order to make profits, do not hesitate to destroy nature. Many animals are on the verge of extinction because of losing their homes. For example, the panda government has invested a lot of money to protect them from extinction.

The newborn panda cubs will be released to nature after being cared by experts, hoping that they will not be in nature But the effect is not always good, because when they return to nature, if nature loses its balance and human beings cannot get along with nature harmoniously, we will disappear one day.




Since we went to school, we have been taught that animals are our friends. We should protect them. Recently, a deputy to the National People's Congress called for punishment of people who abandon their pets.

It seems that the public is concerned about a harmonious society. Animals are a part of nature, and so are human beings in the long history. Humans have conquered nature and created a great civilization.

We seem to be in the dominant position of nature, but the fact is not the case. When we are punished by nature, we begin to realize our mistakes, for example, nature uses various disasters, earthquakes and tsunamis To punish us, we are only a small part of the front. Nature is great, so the only way out is to live in harmony with human beings.

In order to pursue interests, human beings have killed many animals. But now the cost is obvious. The air we breathe is no longer clean, causing great damage to our health.

In fact, the way we treat animals determines us The future fate if they disappear, then we will not live long, it is time to protect animals, in order to save ourselves.




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