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关于”演讲稿“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:speech draft。以下是关于演讲稿的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:speech draft

Naturally, it's our mother Tan Ying (): let me start my speech with a scene that most of us here today, if not everyone, are familiar with. "Mom, I'm sorry, but I need yuan for my tuition this year." "Mom, tomorrow is my friend's birthday, I have to buy her a gift." "Mom, this jacket is out of date for a long time. Can you do me a favor? The relationship between a mother and a child always seems to follow this pattern, and I know that my mother is always around me, providing me with everything I need, from food to clothing, from tuition to pocket money, until one day she says, "will you one day say you've got enough from me?" As a child asks endlessly, we humans, throughout history, have been asking us to get what we want from nature.

We enjoy the comfort and beauty of our furniture, but we never bother to think about the serious soil erosion caused by deforestation. We take it for granted that we must warm ourselves in winter, but we seldom realize treasure Expensive natural resources are being burned down. We appreciate all the prosperity brought about by modern industrial development.

However, few people ignore the global air and water pollution caused by industrial wastes. Our relentless exploitation has permanently damaged our mother earth. We learned tragically from last summer's floods that we cannot continue to be careless.

Finally, standing at the beginning of the century, we can not help thinking that the nature of our future generations is not only the mother of contemporary people, but also the mother of future generations. If we leave a barren and lifeless mother for future generations, how severely our descendants will criticize us. If we give them a harmonious world to inherit, how grateful they will be to let us start to respect and care for ourselves Now, let's start from this moment to create a mutually beneficial relationship between man and nature.

I firmly believe that our future generations will live in a brand-new era of green trees, fresh air, crystal clear sky, blue sky and a better world.





My family rules maybe some families have their own rules, so mine, I have too many rules. Now these rules are too strict for me. Let me show you some of my family rules: No, don't stay out late, don't go home too late, you must go to bed early and get up early every day, don't watch too much TV, play computer games and don't eat too much junk food.

No, you have to Help my parents do housework and clean the room every day. No, you have to do homework, read books, stay at home on weekends, so you know, what do you think of them? I think they are strict and boring. I hate them, you know? Forget it.

Although they are strict and boring in some aspects, they let me learn Cheryl. Although your parents are strict with you, they are strict with them That's right. What about yours.




I first met Bao Zheng in the year of Thomas and Uber Cup. He played against Li Zongwei. Li Zongwei is also an excellent player in Malaysia.

To tell the truth, at first I liked Bao Zheng just because I thought he was beautiful (maybe this is not a suitable word, but I don't think there is a better word to describe him, he is really beautiful). Since then, I Gradually focusing on him, I found that he not only has a good appearance, but also has badminton talent. He is very tall.

At the opening ceremony of the 9th Asian Games held in Doha, he was selected as the flag bearer representing China. This is the first time that a badminton player has been selected to take over this special task. Before that, did it belong to a basketball player? This is a great honor, It also proves that Bao is an excellent athlete and we are all proud of him.

He began to play badminton in primary school. He won his first good medal in Guangzhou, which is of great significance to him, because he is as big as Lin Dan, the world's top badminton team. When he entered the Chinese badminton team, he was always in a disadvantageous situation.

He rarely defeated Lin Dan, so he got a name actually called Lin Dan. His skills are very comprehensive, but He is lack of passion, the desire for victory is not so strong, so he always made mistakes, he rarely won gold medals, I think this is related to his easygoing personality, because he seems never angry with anyone, so in his playing badminton for a period of time, the voice of criticism hit him, he was under great pressure, he was not in the best condition, but the most A few days ago, the Chinese Badminton Championship was held in Guangzhou. I went to see him on Saturday.

I was very excited. I cried out, hoping that he could hear me. No doubt, he won the game before he left.

He waved to us. How excited I was the next day. He beat Li Zongwei again.

He won the men's single gold medal. We were all very happy, It may be a long time for an athlete to prove himself again in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is considered to be his lucky place.

I think this will be the driving force for him to move forward. I hope he can keep this fighting spirit and win gold medal in the 10th Olympic Games in Beijing.




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