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关于”一次难忘的经历演讲稿“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:An unforgettable experience speech。以下是关于一次难忘的经历演讲稿的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:An unforgettable experience speech

Since I came from southern China, I have encountered a lot of difficulties in learning English. I can't distinguish between nasal and non nasal sounds: they sound exactly the same in my dialect. So it was very difficult for me to distinguish between night and light in the beginning.

My poor memory has also increased my difficulty in deciding to enlarge my vocabulary. English words are so elusive that I can only remember them for a while.




This summer vacation, I went to Dalian with my family and went to Dalian by plane. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. In the morning, we could see all kinds of buildings.

After breakfast, we arrived at our hotel. We started our trip first. We took the bus to the ocean park there.

There were all kinds of fish. I can't believe my eyes. We also saw the performance of dolphins.

Then we had lunch in a restaurant In China, the famous seafood is delicious. After lunch, we went swimming. The sea is blue and the beach is golden.

We all had a good time in the sea. Finally, we went back to our hotel. We had a good time.

In this trip, we also went to some interesting and famous places in Dalian and went shopping. A few days later, we left Dalian on our way home. We were very happy.

That's why we didn't feel tired at all. Last summer, we had a good holiday. My family and I went to Beidaihe for holiday.

We took the train not far away. We stayed in a big hotel with a view of the sea. On the first day, we stayed there for three days Taking a walk by the sea, the next day we went swimming and took many interesting pictures.

We went to a famous market and bought a lot of souvenirs. On the last day, I will bring these souvenirs to my friends. We have a picnic with the local people at the seaside.

They perform a variety of programs, which make us feel very happy. It is a very good trip. We all had a good time in those days.

If I have another holiday, I will go there again. I like traveling very much. Before I went to Xi'an The trip was really unforgettable.

I always wanted to see bin Ma Yong, so I chose to go there. I went there by train with my parents. I had breakfast in the hotel.

Then I got off the bus and went there. I was very excited. I saw a lot of fake men with all kinds of things in his hands.

I took a lot of pictures. Finally, we went back to the hotel in the afternoon. Although I was tired, I felt very happy and I would never forget it.





My mother used to say that I was born to swim, but in fact, I didn't know how to swim until the last year of primary school. Mom always said I could swim in the pool when I was only two months old. If this is true, then why do I go swimming every summer, but I don't make any money at all? Progress when I see people swimming freely, I worry and blame myself several times.

How I wish I could learn to swim. The story of how I learned to swim is dramatic. On a hot summer afternoon, I went to the swimming pool with my father and my father was changing clothes Walking along the Bank of the swimming pool, I suddenly heard a voice, be careful, and then came a loud noise and beautiful spray.

While I was appreciating the skills of swimmers, I slipped into the swimming pool. I was very afraid, I immediately called out, but the water has been rushing towards me. I drank a lot of water, I walked backwards, trying to reach the s, and I struggled to get my head out of the water.

One minute is like a hundred years to me, my father, seeing me, seemed shocked, and then he said, calm down, wave your arms and legs like this, and I finally learned to swim. You can't imagine how happy I am. I want to jump happily.

From this unforgettable experience, I learned that human power is infinite. Sometimes you can show this power in an emergency. If you believe that, you will find your inner strength and achieve your goal.

When calm is dangerous, you must keep calm, help you think clearly and make the best decision for you. That's what I learned from this experience.





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