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关于清明节的英语作文_the Pure Brightness Festival 3篇

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关于清明节的英语作文_the Pure Brightness Festival 3篇

关于”清明节“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:the Pure Brightness Festival。以下是关于清明节的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:the Pure Brightness Festival

Tomb Sweeping Day is one of the traditional festivals in China. Generally speaking, when people begin to worship their ancestors, they will bring home-made food, some counterfeit money and paper- mansions to their ancestors. They will light some candles and incense, put some flower tombs around them.

The most important thing is to put homemade food in front of the tomb. Food, also called sacrifice, is usually made with a chicken, a fish and some pigs Meat is a symbol of respect for ancestors. People believe that ancestors will share food with them, and children will give food and money to their ancestors to express their love and care.

Young offspring will kneel down and pray for their ancestors. They can say their wishes in front of them. In some provinces of China, people commemorate this day with various activities, such as outing, playing swing, planting trees and cooking special dishes.

A special food is wormwood rice ball, which looks like Tangyuan, but its color is green, and the wormwood juice and rice flour are mixed Mix and make small . People believe that eating wormwood rice can eliminate bad luck and everything will go smoothly. Other activities, such as spring outings and tree planting, are another way to commemorate the sages.

This marks the hope that people should look forward to the future and embrace another thing. We really hope that our ancestors will rest in peace.




Before April of the Gregorian calendar is Tomb Sweeping Day. The Gregorian calendar is a tomb sweeping day in April 24 solar terms. It is also the only traditional festival on the night of the Tomb Sweeping Day in China.

It is also the most important sacrificial festival in China. According to the ancient tradition, when people bring fruit to the tomb, the packaged items will be offered food in the family tomb, then the package will be burned and folded in the new earth tomb A few branches, and then kowtow on the new grave, especially the last time the family ate a memorial day, also known as the Taqing Festival, Tulu vegetation, Spring Festival, is also a good time for people to travel in spring. Therefore, spring outing is also a good time for people to travel in spring.

The ancients made it clear that outings and a series of sports activities were carried out. Until today, the custom of having kinship with our ancestors is still prevalent on Memorial Day.




(Qingming Festival) Qingming Festival is one of the seasonal sub nodes in China. After April Festival, the temperature rises and the rainfall increases. It is a good time for spring ploughing and sowing.

However, Qingming Festival is not only a seasonal season to guide agricultural work, but also a festival with mixed happiness and sorrow. This is the most important day of sacrifice. Han and ethnic minorities worship their ancestors and sweep graves at this time.

They do not cook on this day Only cold food. Cold food festival is usually the day before the Tomb Sweeping Day, because our ancestors often extended this day to Qingming Festival. Later, they combined it in each Qingming Festival.

All the cemeteries were filled with people who came to visit the tombs. The road traffic was busy, and the road to the cemetery became very crowded. Today's custom has been greatly simplified.

People offer food to the dead after a little tomb sweeping Flowers and favorite, then burn incense and paper money, bow in front of the monument, in sharp contrast to the grief of grave sweepers. People also enjoy the hope Qingming Festival in spring. Since ancient times, the sun is bright and the gr is green, and nature returns to life.

People follow the custom of spring outing. At this time, tourists love flying kites. Kite flying is not limited to Qingming Festival The unique thing is that people don't fly kites in the daytime, but at night, the kites are tied with strings of small lanterns or strings, shining like stars, so they are called "magic lamps".

The Qingming Festival is also the season for planting trees. In the past, the survival rate of tree seedlings was high and the trees grew fast. In the past, the Qingming Festival was called "tree planting Festival".

However, because the "tree planting Festival" was designated as March, according to the greggregcalendar, the March of the Gregorian calendar is March, according to the gregcalendar, the March is March 13.


(清明节)清明节是我国的季节性分节点之一,每年xx月节后,气温升高,雨量增多,是春耕播种的好时节,但清明节不仅是指导农活的季节性时节,清明节更是一个喜忧参半的节日,这是最重要的祭祀日,汉族和少数民族在这个时候祭祖扫墓,他们在这一天不做饭,只供应冷食。寒食节通常是清明节的前一天,因为我们的祖先经常把这一天延长到清明,他们后来又在每个清明节结合在一起,所有的墓地都挤满了前来扫墓祭奠的人,路上交通繁忙去墓地的路变得非常拥挤今天的风俗已经大大简化了,人们在稍微扫墓之后,向死者献上食物、鲜花和最爱,然后烧香和纸钱,在纪念碑前鞠躬,与扫墓者的悲伤形成鲜明对比,人们也在这一天享受春天的希望清明节,自古阳光明媚,绿草如茵,大自然重现生机,人们都遵循着春游的习俗,这时到处都是游客爱放风筝的清明节放风筝其实并不局限于清明节它的独特之处在于人们不在白天放风筝,但在晚上,风筝上系着一串串的小灯笼或线,像星星一样闪闪发光,因此被称为“神灯”。清明节也是植树的季节,因为过去树苗成活率高,树木生长快,清明节被称为“植树节”,但由于“植树节”被定为xx月按照公历公历xx月 爱在科莱格。


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