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真正的友谊英语演讲稿_True friendship speech 2篇

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真正的友谊英语演讲稿_True friendship speech 2篇

关于”真正的友谊演讲稿“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:True friendship speech。以下是关于真正的友谊演讲稿的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:True friendship speech

I cherish friendship. Everyone needs friends because they can give you encouragement, help you overcome difficulties and add er to your life. You must be grateful to them.

Many people abandon friends for money or power. This is absolutely wrong. You should know that money and power are temporary, friends are temporary, and everyone's Creed is always without friends None of them.

Once upon a time, my life was heartbroken, my friends gave me a lot of sympathy, joy and love, these things saved me, I know I am so happy and lucky, I owe my friends a lot of kindness, I can repay them, but I understand they don't need me. In my opinion, this is true friendship, I really cherish it.




What is friendship? It is not the food we eat when we are hungry, but it can help us fill our empty hearts when we feel lonely. It is not the clothes we wear when we are frozen, but it can let a warm current flow to our heart. It is not a book we have read, but it provides guidance for our life.

Friendship is untouchable, but it exists. Friendship is a wonderful care. When we are sick in bed, our friends will drop what we are doing and come to us immediately.

They will sit by our bed so that we can get what we need in time. Friendship is when we fail, when we feel hopeless and helpless to give encouragement, friends will be there, accompany us, support us, with us through the difficulties. Friendship is our comfort when we are sad and crying.

Our friends will be around us, listen to our painful experiences and try our best to make us feel better. Friendship is not only superficial but also superficial. Friendship is not only something we can't get, we should also repay it, because friendship is mutual reward.

Friendship is about tolerance. We can't expect our friends Perfect, because no one is perfect, we should be magnanimous to accept some of their shortcomings, they struggle hard, but they can not get rid of the friendship, this is about forgiveness, even if they do something wrong to us, they should not be regarded as bad friends. We should listen to them calmly and even accept their sincere apology.

A little thing should not hurt a great friendship. Friendship is eternal. If we let nature develop without any action, friendship will eventually wither, just like a flower, which does not spend too much time to care.

Now it is not difficult to realize that friendship is not as easy as it seems. It is like a reservoir. If one does not keep pouring water into it, it will dry up.

It is like a gl, fragile and needs careful attention. Sometimes it is difficult to conclude that friendship is a mutual spiritual help. We get support and help, but also support and help our friends.






Friendship is not as good as kinship. Blood is thicker than water, but it is inviolable. It is as white as a piece of paper, as clear as spring water, and as a bunch of flowers.

It is not a profit seeking friend. It is not the praise and jealousy in the officialdom. It is not for any purpose.

Even if there is no interest factor, it is independent and has no complaint of dedication and simple feeling The care and care between friends from the bottom of my heart, once you have it, they linger on. It turns into blood and conceals the tacit understanding among friends. It can make each other's hearts closer and closer, and the real friendship on hand is more intimate.

It is reliable and can even prevent the real friends from happening, and be happy with each other With each other's true friends will always help each other, hand in hand, encourage each other, work together, true friends, can share your happiness, can feel your heartache, have friends, can laugh out without waves, have friends in court, have the courage to insist on having friends after another big setback, even if the world betrayed you, You will also know, as long as you look back, someone behind you is still quietly supporting you, people, called friends.




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