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At this perhaps the most momentous moment in history, I convey this message to every family of our people, both at home and abroad, with the same deep feelings, as if I could cross your threshold and speak to you for the second time in most of our lives. We are fighting again and again, and we have tried to find one Peaceful means to resolve our differences with those who are our enemies now, but in vain, we are forced to conflict with our allies in order to meet the challenge of a principle that, if it prevails, will be fatal to any order of civilization in the world, a country that allows a selfish pursuit of power to ignore its treaties and These treaties and commitments prohibit the use or threat of force against the sovereignty and independence of other states. If this principle is established all over the world, the of our own country and the Commonwealth will be in danger.

But far more than that, the people of the world will be bound by fear, and all hopes of peace and security will be bound. Justice and , among nations, are what we want It is unthinkable that we refuse to accept the challenge for the sake of all that we cherish, for the sake of world order and peace. I now appeal to my people at home and on the other side of the ocean to achieve this le goal.

Who can make our cause their own? I ask them to remain calm, firm and united in this testing moment. The task will be arduous. There may be dark days ahead.

The war can no longer be confined to the battlefield, but we can only do what we see right. If we are firmly loyal to one person, we must dedicate our cause to God. It is ready.

No matter what service or sacrifice it needs, we will win with God's help.




Margaret thatcherburn: Birthplace: Lincolnshire is the daughter of a businessman and mayor of Grantham. She was educated at the local grammar school and received a chemistry degree from Oxford University. She is the chairman of the conservative Association.

After graduation, she worked as a chemist for four years, then became a lawyer, specializing in tax law. As Miss Margaret Roberts, she twice partited in conservative parliamentary elections and was later elected to the house of Commons. As a member of Finchley Thatcher's first ministerial appointment in, she soon became the front desk speaker of her party and a member of the shadow cabinet.

When the conservative party returned to power in June, she was appointed secretary of state for education and science. After her abolition, she was called "Thatcher, the milk er" free school milk program for all. After the conservative party lost power, she was appointed to the shadow cabinet, and was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party in May, becoming the first female prime minister in Britain, She is known for undermining traditional British culture, through her attacks on labor organizations, such as the miners' Union, mass privatisation of social housing and public transport, and for her right, the state Parliamentary Union with US President Regan she resigned in November after trying to impose a fixed rate of local tax (head tax) and deprive those who did not pay it Human rights have led to huge public protests and opposition within the party.

She was appointed to the house of Lords, as Baroness Thatcher of kesteweining. Over the past few years, she has been busy with writing and profitable speech activities. Her increasingly poor health has forced her to reduce public activities at the latest.





The good news is that today, our manufacturers have added more jobs than they have in the past four years, the first sustained increase in manufacturing jobs since the s. However, the economy has changed. If we want to attract more good manufacturing jobs to the United States, we must ensure that we are at the forefront of new manufacturing technologies and technologies.

In today's global economy, first-class jobs are attracted by first-class infrastructure. That's why on Tuesday, I launched two new high-tech manufacturing centers, enterprises and large enterprises Sinology will work together here to transform groundbreaking research results into real-world goods made in the United States. So far, we've launched four of these centers where our workers can master all the technologies of 3D printing, energy-saving electronics, light metals and digital manufacturing, which will help ensure stable and good employment opportunities into the century.

Then on Wednesday, I launched a new competition to build century infrastructure roads and bridges, public transport, more efficient ports And faster passenger trains http://panbaiducom/s/1sjEwQkthttp ://panbaiducom/s/1F7un8.



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