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英语演讲稿3分钟简单好背的_Speech 3 minutes, easy to recite 5篇

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英语演讲稿3分钟简单好背的_Speech 3 minutes, easy to recite 5篇

关于”演讲稿3分钟简单好背“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:Speech 3 minutes, easy to recite。以下是关于演讲稿3分钟简单好背的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Speech 3 minutes, easy to recite

The value of life is formed by many stages of time, so we should make good use of time. There is a saying that "time is money", but in my opinion, time is more precious than money, because when money is spent, we can earn it back, but when time goes by, that is why we must cherish time. It is self-evident that our time for study and work is very limited.

Therefore, even if it is an hour, we should make full use of us As a student, I must study hard so that I can serve the country and the people in the future. But unfortunately, many people don't know the importance of time. They don't realize that wasting time equals to wasting part of their precious life.

We should form the good habit of saving time and don't put off what we can do today until tomorrow. Laziness will not only bring us failure, but also lead us to poverty. This is the value of life.




We have great confidence in ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of our enthusiastic clmates, outstanding teachers, foreign friends, especially our cordial host no Longgang middle school, we extend our warm welcome to you, including old and new friends from all over China, Asia and the world, and encourage you to seize this unique feature We can help ourselves and others. We are human beings, not animals.

We know what we want to do. We know our destiny is in our hands and determination. We can do anything.

From today on, we will accompany day and night You, on this unique journey, we want you to be open, we want you to be dedicated, we want you to be crazy, we want you to forget your face, we want you to open your mouth, we want you to open your eyes, we want you to broaden your horizons, we want you to overcome your laziness and all other human weaknesses, we want you to overcome all obstacles We want to share your happiness, we want to share your struggle, but most importantly, we want to share your glory and victory. We are the future of China, the future of Asia, the future of the world. We can make the world a better place.

We want to win. We have to win. There is no doubt that we will win from those shy children who feel terrible about themselves Because we are human trash, born losers, and internationally recognized English promoters, we have succeeded.

We firmly believe that you will let tools and tools complete together. We have confidence in you.




Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, teachers and judges. I am very happy to share my dream with you today. I remember this dream in my heart.

No matter people in the sun can live happily forever, I think this dream is deeply rooted in the future. As we can see, we are not far away from violence and poverty. Disease, environmental pollution, even war, most people need things they have never enjoyed.

However, I can still stick to my heart Because I can still see a bright future, I believe that one day, people in rich countries will really want to share what they have with r countries. One day, we will be surprised to find that the word poverty has disappeared from our memory. One day, we will share our dreams together, and we will all contribute to the realization of common ground.

Dreams come true. I will not just wait, but take action to realize my dreams.





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