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平凡的世界读后感英文_After reading the ordinary world 3篇

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平凡的世界读后感英文_After reading the ordinary world 3篇

关于”平凡的世界读后感“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:After reading the ordinary world。以下是关于平凡的世界读后感的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:After reading the ordinary world

Learning to love and care for me sitting on the sofa alone, thinking about what I had just read, my eyes filled with tears of sadness, and my heart was filled with angry flames. It awakened my tired soul, which was covered by the cruelty and selfishness of the secular world. This is my real feeling after reading "lonely in the fog".

Charles Dickens, a famous British writer, wrote "me and this book" It not only makes me feel the goodness and evil of all the characters in the novel, but also makes me feel what this indifferent society lacks and what I am talking about in the depths of the supreme resources. It is different from the mineral resources and oil that we have. What is often mentioned is the abstract emotion and some spiritual thorn that each of us yearns for The philanthropic figures created by Dickens in his novels are what we really need in our life.

They express their love and care to others, just like the drizzle falling on the ground. This is deeply engraved in my heart. Mr.

Brownlow is such a person. A few days ago, he had a watch carefully made by two skilled young thieves, the cunning dodge And Charlie Bates stole it. He naturally thought it was Oliver.

He was an orphan and was forced to live with a gang of thieves. He did so because he was the only one in the neighborhood who was angry after the theft happened. He caught Oliver and took him to the police station, where a grumpy, unfair magistrate worked for him, and Oliver was later watched by a bystander Mr.

Brownlow took the wounded, r Oliver, back to his own home. Oliver lived happily and freely for several months as if he were Mr. bill.




Harbin News Network (Xiaodong) the late writer Lu Yuan won the Mao Dun Literary Award for his novel the ordinary world, which will be made into a TV play again for the preparation of the TV play. Liu Huining, the director of the play, introduced that he is also in the stage of adaptation and writing the script, which is expected to be shown in January next year. Because of the huge investment in the play to restore the scene at that time, Liu Huining said that they had already The only requirement for buying an adaptation of the original novel is to respect the original work before he was raised by his family.

Ordinary world was adapted into a TV series from the beginning. What is quite different from the original novel is that Liu Huining hopes to put the play on the set. Famous director Liu Huining will be the director of ordinary world.

Liu Huining said that it is he who will move the ordinary world to the screen For many years, Lu Yao has made great efforts to write his works well. His works are very moving and have a spiritual force. Therefore, he wants to turn the "ordinary world" into a clic male Sun Shaoping.

Liu Ye plays Sun Shaoping: Yongtian Xiaoxia: Yuan Li, Tian runye, Tian Meiting: Bao Guoan, sun yuhou: Li Xuejian, sun Yuting: Fan Wei, Jinbo, Wang Xue Bing Jinxiu: Li Xiaolu, Li Xiangqian, Feng Yuanzheng, orchid, Wen Yin, Wang Dongjie, Tian Runsheng, Lin Yongjian, Zhang Molan, Liu Ye, Sun Shaoping, played by Zheng Weili, has a fighting spirit and indomitable character. From him, we can feel a positive, indomitable, optimistic and confident life. He is "closely related to fate".

He is a rare talent Waiting for this play to be released as soon as possible, waiting to enjoy Liu Ye's almost perfect Sun Shaoping.




"Ordinary world" is a novel based on the original three abridged a, panoramic expression of contemporary China's and rural social life, the content more focused on the broad background of the author in the past decade, through complex conflicts, outlines the image of many ordinary people in all walks of life, and love for labor, frustration and pursuit, suffering and happiness, daily life and huge social impact Sudden, complicated and complicated interwoven, profoundly shows people in the historical process of the great era through the difficult and tortuous road introduction: labor is happy, no matter in which era the "ordinary world" is written in black and white to tell us the true meaning of life: it is loud, people, no matter where, no matter how r, as long as there is a hot heart, as long as we can be hot To love life, God means that he is just a laborer, not a burden of misfortune. In order to be the master of life, he should experience it with his sincere heart. After all, life belongs to us only once.

This is a book written with life. In the ancient earth and the desolate universe, there is an ordinary voice stirring.




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