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英文读后感的格式模板_reaction to a book or an article 4篇

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英文读后感的格式模板_reaction to  a book or an article 4篇

关于”读后感“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:reaction to a book or an article。以下是关于读后感的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:reaction to a book or an article

I'll give you a gl of water today. I'd like to read a book about water: water. Your book, water for you, is very interesting.

It tells me a lot of useful things. The author of this book is Fiona angustia, who is from England. This book tells us: water plays an important role in our lives from the sea, dams, reservoirs, springs or through the pipeline system.

Sometimes it is our friend, but it often becomes our enemy. Especially when the waste water or polluted water is not treated in time, it is time to take action to save our clean water resources Source. I think more and more people are polluting and wasting our water.

Please know that if there is no water, all of us will die, please stop doing so, because without water, we will all die, so we should protect the water in the world.





=====================================================J ` krowling is a world-famous writer, famous for the new Harry Potter. He is the author of a series of novels that attracted many people in the world. JK Rowling wrote novels since childhood, grew up in Chepstow, and wrote the first "book" at the age of Sisha.

The story about alibit is called rabbit. She is at Exeter University After studying French and clical literature, she moved to London to work for Amnesty International, and then went to Portugal to teach French as a foreign language. Before settling down in Edinburgh, the idea of Harry Porter appeared on the train from Manchester to London.

She said Harry Potter ======================================================================= I just read it After finishing the first Harry Potter book, I have read it five times. They are as magical and touching as before. Danger has seven quite satisfactory returns.

The roles are very wonderful and realistic. The bad people become good people, and the good people become bad people. Just like Li Fei thinks, what I like most about these books is such a message: it's normal to be different, and it doesn't matter.

I hope everyone in the school can hear this message, which may reduce bullying in school. These books are very valuable. Many people have real ideas about Harry's illegal behavior, but until now, only in this series will he break a rule for personal interests.

Most of the time, he will make a decision, that is, what is right is more important than what is written. You know what life is like. Sometimes I think children get an example of how to do the right thing, even if it involves breaking the rules in Porter's book, but at the same time, if you don't get caught and detained, the consequences of breaking the rules are there, and then a spell goes wrong and someone becomes a cat, which shows that when you make a decision to violate the rules, things may not be what you want As expected, you have to be responsible for the results.





(match girl) after the little match girl read Anderson's fairy tale, I couldn't help crying: "the little girl who sold the match". This article reflects the ruthlessness of human society towards the weak and the people of human society. I am very happy that I live in such a happy family.

I really sympathize with the tragic experience of being sold to the little girl Hate capitalism further see our socialists in China, children wear neat clothes, eat delicious food, live in comfortable rooms, can carry schoolbags every day, learn knowledge in the bright clroom, how happy our life is, I am really proud of socialist life, in order to live with her, we are really very lucky Fu Fu hopes to stay with her family. With her grandmother, she will lead an ordinary and happy life. Obviously, in her eyes, a happy life is to laugh with her family.

No matter how r and painful our economy is, a happy life is in our economic development, which makes our country prosperous and social stability. It's no ordinary thing. We live in a warm and sunny society At the meeting, we indulged in the imagination of the future.

We had beautiful clothes and a good learning environment. It was a carefree day. There was a little girl who could sell matches.

She hoped to have a complete family. I was moved by the bright hope hidden in my heart by the little girl. The little match girl let me understand many reasons and let me know how to cherish today's happy life.




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