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关于健康的作文英语_healthy 2篇

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  • 2022-04-29 11:39:51
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关于健康的作文英语_healthy 2篇



The most important thing in the world is health. You can take our money, our house, our car, even our clothes, and we can survive, but if we are deprived of our health, we are bound to die. That's why we always try to eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly.

For a healthy diet, I usually avoid high-fat foods, like French fries or biscuits. I also eat very little meat. I eat very little meat Lots of vegetables and fresh fruit are rich in vitamins.

Daily exercise helps us build a strong body. Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy. Also, I think friends are an important part of health.

Many studies have shown that fewer people in social circles are sick than those who are not. I always feel better with my friends than when I'm alone. I always laugh.

Laughter is also an important part of health. I like to laugh with my friends. Through proper diet and regular exercise, I can keep my body in proper weight and keep healthy through consumption.

When I am with friends, I can make my mind and body happy. These things sound easy to do, but not many people can. I think a strong will is necessary if we want to keep healthy.






Good morning. The theme of our speech today is "happiness comes from health". In recent years, our health status is rapidly declining, but the obesity rate is rising.

The best way to solve this problem is to do more exercise to prevent fatigue in work and study. It can give us memory, our learning efficiency can bring good results, it can make us more happy, dear students, health is everything, without health we what We can't do it, but most of our students don't realize that they're laughing and talking while they're running, that they're bringing chaos to the team, and some of us even hide in the bathroom. If you continue to do so, you will develop the habit of laziness to improve our health and study.

I think we should follow these rules: first, be careful when youn, pay attention to your movements; second, don't talk; finally, take part in all kinds of activities; when you do sports, you should have perseverance and perseverance; the stronger our body is, the better our work is The better we work and learn, the better we can face all the difficulties and challenges. I hope you will become healthier and more confident with the help of exercise.





Wealth and happiness some people think that wealth can bring them happiness. In fact, most of them get wealth through honest labor. They work hard and overcome many difficulties.

They feel very happy and happy. Even though their money is a kind of happiness, some people think that wealth can not bring them happiness. For example, when a person gets a fortune, family members will come from different places and try to communicate with each other He shared wealth, and then, they would quarrel with each other, try to share more, sometimes even fighting and killing.

In my opinion, this is a terrible result. I think there is no doubt that wealth will bring happiness, especially in modern society, if you have money, you can live a comfortable and colorful life, but we should have a correct attitude towards wealth Remember that money is not everything. Wealth and health are more important than wealth and health.

Different people have different opinions. Some people prefer wealth and think that money can't bring everything. But without money, one can't do anything.

In order to accumulate more money, they can do anything, but others think that health is more important. Once I lose health, there is a lot of money for me It's useless to say that it's useless. I love wealth, but I value health more.

Everyone wants to live a happy life, so they try their best to earn money, so that they can live a comfortable life. But if happiness and comfort are at the expense of health, in my opinion, if there is no health money, how can they be happy? No one agrees that one has no health Kang's rich people can also be happy, so, do our best to keep healthy wealth smile.




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