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关于学习的英语演讲稿_Speech for learning 3篇

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关于学习的英语演讲稿_Speech for learning 3篇

关于”学习的演讲稿“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Speech for learning。以下是关于学习的演讲稿的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Speech for learning

My dear teachers and friends: today, I stay here, I want to tell you something, but first of all, I'm not Superman, I'm not a hero, I'm just an ordinary person, an ordinary student, an ordinary person like you, my friend, what I want to say is: I know how to unite my friends like a team and give my hands to them Need our love and help friends, no matter when and where, I will give you my 100% patience, we have strength, we have a great future, when we finish our study, you will see it come to you believe me my friends and choose me thank you my dear teacher for giving me a precious opportunity to stay here, thank you for your patience and Leeson.




Humans, like all other creatures, have apparently changed their environment, but their changes are generally more dramatic than those of other species. Some of these changes, such as the destruction of the world's rainforests, the provision of pasture for livestock, or the drying up of almost three-quarters of the Aral Sea, were once the world's fourth largest freshwater lake for irrigation, leading to changes in climate patterns, which in turn changed flora and fauna Species distribution, scientists are trying to understand the long-term impact of human activities on ecosystems, while environmentalists are dedicated to experts in various fields. Citizens of the United States and other countries are trying to reduce the impact of human activities on population growth in the natural world.

Human population growth may be regarded as the root cause of almost all world environmental problems, with more and more people each year Joining the world, with the increase of population, more pollution will be produced, more habitats will be destroyed, and more natural resources will be consumed. Even if new technological progress can halve the environmental impact on everyone, once the world population is doubled, the earth will not be better than before.




Learning English is very important for us, which is why we all know that Chinese is the most populous, but the knowledge of the western world is relatively advanced. In order to obtain information from them, we should not be arrogant and think that they will realize themselves. We must find them, learn from them, and finally grow up from them.

We can develop ourselves Other countries will also learn our language. In order to retrieve these technologies, this is an endless cycle, which is the way of social and world development. English is a very important skill.

One sixth of the people in the world may use Chinese. English is used by others. 5 / if we want to improve ourselves, we can't seal our country like the old Qing Dynasty.

We must learn from the best people, and then improve on the basis of the best we have fallen behind in the past few years, so we must do it now A step forward. In the new era, we don't think that's important. We should learn to be more modest and hide our ambitions until we have the tools to do so.

Learning their language is an important step for us.




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