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英语演讲稿简单好背的_The speech is simple and easy to recite 3篇

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英语演讲稿简单好背的_The speech is simple and easy to recite 3篇

关于”演讲稿简单好背“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:The speech is simple and easy to recite。以下是关于演讲稿简单好背的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The speech is simple and easy to recite

Do one thing at a time. Do well. Never forget to say thank you.

Move on. Never give up something worth doing. Believe in yourself.

I can do it because I think I can do better than speak. Never put off what I can do today until tomorrow. The best preparation for tomorrow is to be the best today.

You can't improve your past, but you can Improve your future once time is wasted, life is wasted, knowledge can change your destiny. English can realize your future. If you want to succeed, don't pursue success, just do what you like and believe in, know it all, know it all, know it all.

On the suce, justice has long arms and good people accompany you. You will be one of the best kings who kill two birds with one stone. People suffer because of this.

The king has long arms. Knowledge makes people humble, ignorance makes people proud. Learning makes good people better, bad people worse.

Learn not to learn. Learn to walk before youn. Let bygones p.

Let sleeping dogs sleep Lying makes the cat come out of the bag. Lies will never change the fact that the life of a lie with short legs is only half of life. We don't know what life it is.

It's not a life without friends. All roses are writers who die in the hole like mice, father like books, know like sons. Like mothers, like daughters, like teachers, like pupils, trees like fruits.




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Ladies and gentlemen, I am very honored to be here today to give you this speech. My theme is "the pain of growing up". When I was a child, I wanted to grow up immediately.

But when I grew up, how I wish I would be a child when I grew up. The light was gone when I was carefree. There are so many pains waiting for us.

First of all, the pain of learning is the pain of learning itself It's a happy thing. Our pain is exams and grades. We have to study boring subjects and try to get high marks in exams.

It's really painful. We also suffer from the pain of getting along with others. Sometimes we find some people difficult to get along with.

Sometimes we may quarrel with close friends. Such things always hurt our feelings and may bring us pain, We think they don't understand us, they forbid us to do things we are interested in, force us to do things we hate, they constantly tell us what to do and what not to do, as we know, they don't really care about our ideas, some people may suffer the pain of losing love, the pain of work, and then the pain of raising a family, It seems that it means endless pain, so many people want to go back to childhood, but you know, it's impossible. We can only stand up and overcome them, even enjoy them and take our responsibilities.

My dear students, don't be afraid to grow up, don't be afraid of pain, there is no pain. Only when we have tasted pain can we enjoy sweetness and happiness better. Let us grow up in pain Growing up in pain thank you.




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