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关于sports的英语作文_sports 4篇

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关于sports的英语作文_sports 4篇



(Sports) my favorite sport is basketball. It looks so cool on TV. I've been fascinated by those basketball stars since I was a child.

Basketball requires speed, height and skill. I run, jump, turn and try to hit every part of my body. In this sport, I feel like the wind flying for my goal on the playground, which makes me feel that such a great basketball needs quick reaction and decision.

When the opportunity comes, it may disappear in the next second. I should stare at my eyes like an eagle, decide and judge as quickly as a leopard, and run for it like a wolf. Basketball is not just a sport.

It needs teamwork. No one can play its part. A team should work together.

In this game, I should learn to cooperate with others. I should know what my teammates are doing, what he needs me to do for him on the other side. I should learn to show my teammates what I need.

I need to pay close attention to the whole game and know the situation of our team I have been playing basketball for several years. I have made many good friends through this sport. I am proud of my team and school.

I also like all the games with my friends. Basketball will be my best friend in the future and my best memory of school life.





(Sports) the third day of junior high school, do sports, morning exercises, exercise, health, health, relaxation, strong, necessary, and so on. I think it is very good for someone to do something, because as a grade student, we have sports every day, such as doing some sports, playing basketball and so on. We do sports, because it can not only make us strong, but also make me We keep healthy, but also can make us get a good rest and better study, so from now on, as a junior high school student, I have to do one or two hours of exercise every day, such as doing morning exercises, playing basketball, long-distance running and so on.

I think it is very helpful for me, exercise makes me more healthy, so I won't often get sick, and I also make myself through various sports I relax, and then I do better mentally through physical exercise. I become stronger and more confident than before. It is necessary for everyone to spend some time on sports every day, because people's health is essential in modern life.




Sports and games millions of people around the world participate in a variety of sports, perhaps the most popular way to relax, and almost everyone can enjoy it. Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things people do when they are not working. But in fact, sports and games are very valuable, especially for those who work with their brains all day long.

Sports and games can not only exercise our bodies, prevent us from getting fat, but also keep us healthy. They also provide us with valuable exercises to help the eyes, brain and muscles work together in table tennis. The eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass the information to the brain.

The brain must decide what to do and send its commands to the muscles of the arms and legs, etc., so that the Bah will be touched and moved where the players want it to do All of this has to be done at a very fast pace, and only those with a lot of practice can succeed. Sports and games are also very useful for character training in their courses. Boys and girls can learn the virtues of selflessness, bravery, disciple and patriotism.

However, the influence of what they learn from books on children's character is not as profound as what they have learned in practice. Most of the students' time is spent in class and studying lessons. Therefore, if every student can make every effort for his team rather than for himself in the playground, what the students do in their spare time is very important.

He will find it natural to work for the interests of the society and the country in the future.





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