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关于校园的英语作文_campus 5篇

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  • 2022-06-16 13:51:45
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关于校园的英语作文_campus 5篇



I not only have a beautiful campus, the campus has gentle and charming flowers and trees, but also the lively form of students. In spring, all kinds of flowers are competing to open up and compete with each other. The gr does not want to feel inferior.

It is a spring rain that makes the flowers afraid of rain stop suddenly. This is, the bell rings at the same time. The teacher has not had time to finish cl.

Some students think it is spacious The teacher beat the teacher on the playground and said that at the end of cl, the students went to hell and quickly ran out of those naughty clrooms in our cl. For example, Yang Yu was honest, Zhang chenpei had beautiful flowers and luxuriant gr in summer, and the students were also tall. Butterflies were dancing in the flowers, while bees were busy in the flowers.

Although the hot summer came, they were not always players Leisure, but, the enthusiasm of the students did not firmly reduce, but rose, many reasons for two reasons: first, male students can wear beautiful and generous shirts, female students can also wear beautiful skirts. Second, because we like the summer vacation must come, if so, where do we want to go to fall one by one to the place of autumn, we can use it Ye is the hand-made gr in art cl, and the flowers have dried. The brown students' clothes have thickened.

They are afraid to catch cold. They also have a happy attempt. That is, we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables like this.

We may not see the shadow of flowers and gr on the playground in winter. Only uncle Dashu can bear it. During the winter vacation, the students in our cl must not have had time to get rid of us The students in the cl were scared.

They were so excited that we felt happy and happy.




Students have been told not to cheat since the first exam. Every student lists the disadvantages of cheating, but there are still a few who cheat in exams. Those who don't master what they should learn and believe in luck are likely to cheat.

They don't study hard during the semester. When they realize that the exam is coming, they spend most of their time sleeping or doing nothing It's too late to write down the whole semester's knowledge, so it seems that in order to p the exam, they have no choice but to peek at other people's papers or books, or even find someone to take the exam. In addition, the way some subjects are tested makes cheating easier.

For example, the answers to some test papers can be found directly from textbooks or notes, so it is easy for some people to get high marks through cheating. Even if students know nothing about their subjects, preventing cheating is not only a teacher's file work, but also a student's file work for teachers. We should pay more attention to the test of students' ability to solve problems by using knowledge, rather than mechanical memory of students' textbooks It is necessary to realize that cheating in exams is a shameful behavior.

The future is full of fierce competition, and any success achieved through cheating will not last long. So let's create a campus without cheating and create an honest academic atmosphere for today and tomorrow.




In our university or college, it is very important to create and maintain a green campus. Obviously, more and more people begin to realize that this is our responsibility, because the concept of green world has become the focus of society. The concept of green campus has gone beyond the green environment.

The development of campus is sustainable and recyclable. The budget of some authorities should be how to reduce waste. We'd better realize the seriousness of environmental pollution around us In order to protect our campus from waste and pollution, these activities are playing an increasingly important role in our daily life.

There is no doubt that we must further consider our green campus +.




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