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关于梦想的作文英语_Dream 5篇

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关于梦想的作文英语_Dream 5篇



There is a famous saying "never too old to learn", which inspires many people to move on when they want to give up. Age is always the reason for people to give up. But some people insist on doing what they want to do and enjoy the success of an old woman participating in a famous program when she starts dancing.

The judges feel a little bored at first and give a "no" answer. The old lady continued to dance, and the audience was stunned by her wonderful action. She was like a cheerleader, jumping up and turning over.

The judge apologized to her and gave her warm applause. The old lady had just finished dancing, her husband had died, she found happiness, and all the families supported her.





The director of admissions at dream agricultural college was interviewing a prospective student, "why did you choose this career?" he asked, "I dream of a million dollars in agriculture like my father did." the student replied, "your father made a million dollars in agriculture." echoing the impressive Dean "no," the applicant replied, "but he has always dreamed of it." it noticed the dean's (1) the head interviewed the students; 2) the students had a bright future; 3) the students chose to form their own profession; 4) the students dream of becoming a millionaire; 5) the father of the students was a millionaire; 1) f) t) t) t) t) 5) F) the father of the student was a millionaire.




Care about your dreams. My dreams ended when I was born. Although I didn't know at that time, I just grasped something that would never come true.

Dreams really exist, but in the morning you wake up, they are remembered like a dream. It happened to me. I always dream of dancing like a beautiful ballet dancer when I was young Dancing, listening to people clapping for me, I would walk around the wildflowers in my backyard for hours.

I can dance as if someone was watching me. I dance so fast that I forget where I am until the sound reminds me of where I really am, and I think if I spin faster, everything will disappear, and I'll be when I hear a voice saying, "I don't know why you bother to do ballet. Ballet dancers are all pretty, slim little girls.

And you don't even have the talent to be a ballerina. " I remember how these words paralyzed every feeling in my body to the ground. We lived by a nearby lake for hours.

Sometimes I would go there to hide. My parents were never at home. I didn't like to stay at home.

When they were at home, I could hear the walls talking about pain. My mother just yelled and criticized because she didn't What's perfect? She dreams of a different life, but eventually lives in a country far away from the city, and she believes that her dream will come true. I like to hang around the water and I'll sit there for hours and stare at my reflection.

I'm there, and it doesn't look like a beautiful ballet dancer's reflection. Once the waves come, it doesn't lie, and my reflection disappears, just like me I sat there staring at the water, hoping that my reflection would reappear and be different with age. I began to realize that my dream was born, first of all, because it was something deep in my heart - a dream I had never nurtured and cared for, so it slowly died, not that I wanted it to die, but When I woke up from years of dreams, I realized that you can't be content with dancing in wild flowers.

You have to walk to the podium. I sometimes go to the lake and sit there and watch my reflection when I was young. It's different to see what other people think of me.

Now that I'm older and smarter, I'll see what God thinks of me.





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