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感恩节的由来英语简介_Introduction to the origin of Thanksgiving 5篇

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感恩节的由来英语简介_Introduction to the origin of Thanksgiving 5篇

关于”感恩节的由来简介“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Introduction to the origin of Thanksgiving。以下是关于感恩节的由来简介的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduction to the origin of Thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the most primitive festival in the United States. Carnival is an American festival.

Americans always bring Thanksgiving a more intimate holiday. Thanksgiving is the most authentic and American style Festival (one of the festivals and its early history) in the United States. The most closely related to the United States are those who were oppressed by religion in England In order to pursue religious and political , the Puritans boarded the "Mayflower" and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

After two months of ups and downs, they finally ushered in the first winter in Martha, Plymouth, in November. More than half of the immigrants died of hunger and disease. People survived after sowing in spring for the first time, and they were eager to wait for it all summer (summer) Waiting for the harvest to arrive, they knew that their survival and the survival of the colony ultimately depended on the coming harvest (finally, unexpected harvest crops.

In order to thank God for the good harvest, Yan Xu held a three-day carnival, which Yan Xu did. President Lincoln, who gradually became popular throughout the country, announced that the fourth Thursday in November was a Thanksgiving festival Today, the celebration of Thanksgiving Day is also set on this day. Until now, when the whole family reunites, the national celebration is grand and warm.

As a way of celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year for many years, as early as a few months before the approval of a rich folk, people began to prepare food on the table, including apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and gs, raisin pudding, and meat stuffing The most wonderful and attractive are roast turkey (roast turkey) and pumpkin pie (pumpkin pie). These dishes have always been the most traditional and popular food on Thanksgiving Day. Roast turkey must be supplemented with bread in time to eat the delicious fruit from it Juice, but often cooked for home, will be difficult to achieve the same packaging in different regions and different applications.

In addition, Canada's Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October.




Thanksgiving began with the first European colonists who came to the United States to harvest crops, celebrate and thank for food. Tradition says pilgrims from Britain celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621. There is evidence that settlers from other parts of the United States held earlier Thanksgiving celebrations, but the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving stories are the most popular.

The pilgrims were religious dissidents who fled, oppressed by Britain, who first went to Holland and then left that country to establish a colony in North America. The pilgrims landed in 1620 at machucet, later known as Plymouth. Their journey across the Atlantic was very difficult.

Their first months in the United States were very difficult. In the next few months, about 100 pilgrims landed when autumn turned into winter, and about half of them died.




Be grateful for difficult times, because in those days, when you don't know something, you should be grateful, because it gives you the opportunity to learn to appreciate that you haven't got everything you want. If you do, what else can be expected to thank you for your limitations, because they give you opportunities to progress, thank you for every new challenge, because it will build Build on your strength and character, thank you for your past relationships, have someone more suitable for you waiting outside to be grateful for your mistakes, because they will teach you valuable lessons, and be grateful when you're tired, because it means that you've changed gratitude, turn negative into positive, find a way to appreciate your troubles, and they can also be yours Blessing. It's easy to be grateful for good things, and those who are grateful for setbacks have a full life.




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