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关于”如何快速记句子的方法“的英语句子4个,句子主体:How to remember sentences quickly。以下是关于如何快速记句子的方法的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:How to remember sentences quickly

1、Happy new year to you all 祝大家新年快乐的句子中英文翻译例句如下:

2、In other words, cations migrate faster than the EOF and anions migrate more slowly than the EOF. 换句话说,阳离子的迁移速度要快于电渗流,而阴离子的的迁移速度则比电渗流缓慢。

3、Try as I might, I can’t think of how to go out on a happy note tonight. 无论我如何努力,今夜,我还是想不出如何结束这篇快乐的日记。

4、The hybrid data structure can be used in MLFMA and Ray-tracing method. 这一方法可用于加快多层快速多极子(MLFMA)算法和射线跟踪法的计算速度。

5、Maters, tell me some ways to improve this kind of ability? 如何去提高对长句子的理解,翻译能力?。

6、In case you don’t get it, it means that if you’re not fast at innovation you will go to startup hell, but you take the slow road to get there. 如果你一下子没能理解,我来告诉你这句话的意思:如果你的创新速度不够快,你刚启动的公司就会堕入地狱,但堕落的速度很慢。

7、Notice that the first sentence actually takes about the same time to speak well! 请注意当念出第一个句子时, 发音速度必须与第二句一样快!

8、Dozens of undergrad students were first told to memorise an initial list of 16 sentences about the imaginary men, Tom and Alex. 许多本科生一开始被要求记住16句句子,这些句子是关于两个虚构的人物:汤姆和埃里克斯(Tom and Alex)。

9、Eye-tracking technique and fast affective priming paradigm were used to investigate affective priming effect during sentence reading on eye movement control. 本研究拟在探讨情绪启动效应及其发展特征,并尝试采用眼动记录法,运用快速情绪启动范式,探讨在句子阅读中的情绪启动效应。

10、斜坡 We climbed the steep slope of the hill. 我们爬了那座陡峭的倾坡。

11、It quickly turned away quickly, it ' place, to the lower right corner of the net run. 它快速地转着身子,快速离开它蹲踞的地方,往网子的右下角跑。

12、The railroad slopes up slightsly at this point. 铁路在此处有轻微的倾斜。

13、How to face the challenges, fasten the opportunities and accelerate the development, become the main issues of Qianjiang Luxianzi Bio-technology Co. , Ltd. 公司如何面对挑战、抓住机遇、快速发展,这是潜江绿仙子生物技术公司要尽快解决的问题。

14、How to quickly lose belly general? 如何快速减掉将军肚?

15、How to accelerate the development of this industry is significant to maintaining the economy increase and the industrialism improvement. 如何加快电子信息产业发展,对保持经济持续快速增长,加快推进工业化进程具有十分重要的意义。

16、These provide a quick overview of how the transaction throughput relates to the statement and cursor activity as seen in the graphs for Statement and row throughput. 通过这些内容,例如在语句和行吞吐量图中,可以快速查看事务吞吐量如何与语句和游标活动相关联。

17、Then I find some quick note card method. 于是我就找了一些快速记牌的方法。

18、The one-sentence journal, the diary of days, and this trip journal are all quick, untaxing ways to keep memories vivid. 一句话的记录,几天的日记,另有旅行日志都是快速,简便地贯串毗邻影象鲜活活跃的要领。

19、Vietnamese also have pive sentences that may have the signal sentence or the non-signal sentence expressed. 它也可以由有标记的句子或无标记的句子来表示。

20、Then 4. Repeat until you have memorized every sentence in your notes. 然后4. 重复一直到你记住笔记上面所有的句子.

21、The sooner you say her name back to her (just append it to any of your statements), the quicker she’ll realize that you made an effort to remember it. 你越早说出她的名字(带上任何陈述句),她越快认识到你在努力记住它。

22、The professor told us how to turn a good sentence. 教授给我们讲如何写出一个好句子。

23、For now, though, always ensure you have the variable defined in your for clause reappearing in your return clause. 目前,先要记住必须保证 for 子句定义的变量同时出现在 return 子句中。

24、Confucius asked him why so happy, sir? 孔子问他,先生何以如此快乐?

25、Remember, you may displease the listener, either because you go too fast to be understood, or too slow to be interesting. 记住,如果你语速太快则难以听懂,语速太慢则拖沓乏味,如此都会使考官厌烦。


26、In doing so, you displayed your own competence and showed how application integration can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 通过这个方法,您展示了您的能力,也展示了如何快速有效地实现应用整合。

27、You swing faster, but get a limper contact. In theory, anyway. 无论如何,在理论上,你挥棒的速度越快,击出的球就越绵软如丝。

28、Remember words: child is out of Kwame, you have the issue of educational methods. 记住一句话:好孩子是夸出来的,你的教育方法有问题。

29、The gentleman hand over thin such as water, so arrive each time the time of festival, I am total not to forget to send to you previous :The festival is happy. 君子之交淡如水,所以每到节日的时候,我总不忘记对你送上一句:节日快乐。

30、However, for your convenience, here are quick instructions on how to install MSDE. 然而,为了更加方便,下面是如何安装MSDE 的快速说明。

31、If you do not specify anything for this clause, audit records from all databases in the instance are eligible for extraction. 如果该子句未指定任何内容,那么可以提取来自实例中任何数据库的审计记录。

32、So what can CEOs do in this fast-changing environment? 那么首席执行官们该如何应对这种快速变化的环境呢?

33、Read after me, please. Please remember the words quickly. 老师领读,看谁记得快,让学生快速记住单词。

34、It's really an issue of how fast the water comes off the mountains. 这真是一个如何快速水脱落山的问题。

35、Aretha says, "I'll read the section (or the part) on 'getting started." 阿蕾莎说,“我读'如何快速上手'这部分吧。”

36、Write an expository essay explaining how to republishing fast. 写一篇有关如何快速阅读的说明文。

37、How do international VC and PE firms take advantage of the opportunities springing up in China? 国际风险资本和私募股权投资机构如何抓住中国这些快速成长的机遇?

38、I thumbed the pages and saw strange words and strange names. 我用手指快速地翻着,看到了一些奇怪的词和句子。

39、Fait marching method (FMM) is a fast, accurate and stable traveltime computation method. This method is flexible, fast, and unconditionally stable for arbitrarily large gradient jump in velocity. 波前快速推进法(FMM)是一种快速、准确而稳定的走时计算方法,它不仅计算速度快、灵活性好,而且对任何复杂速度场都具有无条件稳定的特点。

40、Speed reading is about controlling your reading rate, not just going faster. 快速阅读其实重在如何控制你的阅读速度,而不单单是求快。

41、Familiarity occurs quickly, before the brain can recall the source of the feeling. 知觉在大脑记忆起感受从何而来之前就快速的一闪而过。

42、For each word, sentence and paragraph, repeat your practices using "slow", "medium" and "fast" speed. 对每个单词、句子和段落,都要使用慢速、中速和快速三种语速来重复练习。

43、Then I taught her how to cut sentences using software. 接着,我教了她如何利用软件来切割句子。

44、I: How are your typing and shorthand skills? 你的打字和速记能力如何?

45、How has Answers.com achieved this stellar growth? 如何实现快速增长的呢?

46、What is a quicker way to remove the sand from clams? 如何让贝类快速将沙吐净?

47、The quick and easy enchilada recipe is done; learn how to serve the food to your kids in this free cooking video. 快速和容易的拉达配方做,学会如何服务于这个免费烹饪影片你的孩子的食物。

48、斜度 There is always a certain slope in a ship's deck. 船的甲板总有几分倾斜。

49、It’s how we learn and adapt that ensures our place within the evolution of our markets. 其中这包括我们如何学习, 如何适应,保证我们在这个快速发展的市场有立足之地。

50、Mr Hunt teaches us how to read quickly. 韩特先生教我们如何快速阅读。


51、Best Jotter allows you to write down quick notes, memos, ideas and any piece of information, organize it, and easily find at any time. 最好的记事本让您快速写下笔记,备忘录,想法和任何一条信息,组织它,在任何时候很容易找到。

52、Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (DPIV) is a technology for fast, full field velocity measurement. 粒子图像测速是一种快速全流场测量方法。

53、You describe, for example, how you are able to quickly learn new languages, and remember scenes from years earlier in cinematic detail. 例如,你描述了你如何能快速学会几种新语言,并且记住很久以前像影片场景般的生活细节。

54、In other words, we don't know the data but we remember lots of ways to get at it very quickly. 换句话说,我们记不住具体数据,但我们记得住快速获取数据的大量方法。

55、Obviously, he has the cachet to resolve issues quickly. 显然,他有标记好快速解决问题的方法。

56、危急的 His condition is reported as being very critical. 据报告他的情况非常危急。

57、The children are flying kites in the park. 浏览308 20160430 如何写五个一般现在进行时的英文句子?

58、What do you make of this sentence? 你是如何理解这个句子的?

59、Here is a quick guide to the nuclear process, what can go wrong, and how to prevent catastrophe. 这是一个原子能产生过程,可能出错的地方以及如何防止灾难的快速指导。

60、How to find these two"cross-hairs" reflected images quickly? 如何快速寻找到这两个绿色“十”字叉丝反射像?。

61、MSDE contains documentation on how to perform an installation. However, for your convenience, here are quick instructions on how to install MSDE. MSDE包含了指导如何安装的文档。然而,为了更加方便,下面是如何安装MSDE的快速说明。


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