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关于”表示歉意的句子“的英语句子5个,句子主体:An apologetic sentence。以下是关于表示歉意的句子的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:An apologetic sentence

1、But then, she sent you flowers to apologize. 但是后来,她给你送花表示道歉。

2、Okay. I accept your apology. 好吧. 我接受你的道歉. You're forgiven. 我原谅你.

3、Forgive me, I didn't mean to offend you. 请原谅, 我不是有意惹你生气.

4、为流掉的孩子表达歉意 For the loss of children to express regret

5、Apologize./Please accept my apology. 我道歉。∕请接受我的道歉。

6、He apologized when he sobered up. 他清醒过来后表示道歉。

7、Pray make my excuses and adieus to her. 请代我表示歉意,并向她告别。

8、Son to rain chang xiang mother apologized, and gave her son son cheung is introduced. 子翔妈妈主动向雨畅表达歉意,并给她介绍了儿子子翔。

9、He apologized for taking my hat. 他因为拿错了我的帽子而道歉。

10、I don't know how that could have happened. 我不知道怎么会发生那样的事。

11、他清醒过来后表示道歉。 He apologized when he sobered up.

12、It's all my fault. I’ll try to make it up to you.这事儿全怪我. 我会尽力补救。

13、I'm here to apologize to you for everything I've accidentally done to you. 我专程来这里为我对你们无意所做的一切表示道歉。

14、"I apologise to Figueirense's supporters," he said. 他说“我要向菲格伦斯俱乐部的球迷们表示歉意。

15、I’m so sorry about last night. 昨晚上真是抱歉!

16、An apology can't fix everything, and Benedict Cumberbatch seems to know that. 一句道歉并不能挽回一切,本尼迪克特?康伯巴奇也深谙此理。

17、I’m sorry about the trouble I’ve caused. 给您造成了麻烦,真是不好意思。

18、Please excuse my careless words. 请原谅我那些无心的话。

19、Japan expressed remorse for its wartime actions in 1995, and followed with another apology a decade later. 日本曾经于xx年对其战争期间的行为表示歉意,xx年后又公开致歉。

20、Again he told her how sorry he was. 他再一次向她表示深深的歉意。

21、I’m really sorry, Pete, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. (Pete,我真的很抱歉,我不是有意要伤害你的。

22、对迟复邀请表示歉意 Apologizing for being unable to give an early reply

23、Trevor apologized for his son's bad manners. 特雷弗为他儿子的坏习惯表示道歉。

24、Guiltily apologize, promising to be on email all night? 还是充满歉意地道歉,承诺整晚都等着收电子邮件?

25、We deeply apologize again, hope to understanding and support. 我们再次表示深深的歉意,望能谅解和支持。


26、I apologize for... 我为......表示歉意。

27、Bending one's waist and legs, lowering the body and laying open the hands may express apology and acknowledge of one's error. 腿腰弯曲,把身子放低,摊开双掌,表示道歉和承认错误。

28、He blubbered out an apology. 他啜泣着表示歉意。

29、被询问的人不知道路,表示歉意的话 购物 (Shopping) ①What can I do for you?

30、As a compromise, she picked up the cocoanut and shook it, to see if it had any milk. 仿佛为了表示歉意的回报,她拿起椰子摇了摇,看看它是否有椰子汁。

31、Being too apologetic about not knowing the answer already. 对于还不知道答案表现出过分的歉意。

32、Sorry tale: Tiger Woods has made several fulsome apologies to his wife Elin for his serial infidelity 道歉的故事:泰格·伍兹因其一系列不忠行为,向妻子伊玲做了多次道歉。

33、Remember you can say "I'm sorry" when you wish to express your regret, your sympathy or ambiguous regret. 记住,当你想表达歉意、同情或是含糊的道歉时,你都可以用“I'm sorry”。

34、I do beg your pardon for the mistake I've made.请您一定原谅我所犯的错误。

35、Julia blurted. “Sorry.” 茱莉亚随口说了一句,紧接着又补上一句,“抱歉。”

36、On this I apologise. 我对此表示歉意。

37、No problem. We all make mistakes. 没问题. 人人都有犯错的时候. Never mind about that./That's all right. 没关系。

38、I am writing to say sorry for … 道歉信的结尾常用句式和套话: "I sincerely hope that you will be able to think in my position and accept my apologies。

39、And he was very sorry. Boy, was he sorry. 他很抱歉,是的孩子,他,很抱歉。

40、Don't worry about it. 别放在心上. Think no more of it. 别再想它了.

41、It's easy to say sorry, but who will make up for the loss? 说声对不起很容易,但谁来补偿损失?

42、No suspicious flourishes now of apology or concern; it was the language of real feeling towards Mrs. Weston; 信里没有令人生疑的表示抱歉和关切的华丽词藻,有的只是向韦斯顿太太表达真情实意的语句。

43、It's ok. That can happen to the rest of us. 没关系,谁都会发生这种事情。

44、"I guess that came out wrong, " Lamar apologized. “我不该这么说,”拉马尔表示道歉。

45、Murdoch said in a letter of apology: "We conduct a series of serious errors apologize to those who hurt our personal apology, we do not solve these problems as soon as possible regret." 默多克在致歉信中说:“我们对一系列严重的错误行为表示歉意,我们向那些受到伤害的个人表示歉意,我们对没有尽快解决这些问题感到懊悔。”

46、我为......表示歉意。 I apologize for...

47、It's my fault. I really feel bad about it. 是我的错. 我真的感到很难过。

48、We apologize for inconveniencing you in this way. 我们对给你带来这样的不便表示歉意。

49、I shouldn't have done that. I should have asked you first. 我不该那么做。

50、( Tom wants to dress up as Monkey King) 根据句意和所给汉语提示填写单词,使句子完整


51、I'm sorry for lying but it seemed the best thing to do at the time! 我很抱歉,我说了谎;

52、I apologize for what I said about you. 我对我说过你的闲话向你表示歉意。

53、I won't hold it against you. 我不会记仇的.

54、Wife: Thanks for the apology. The flowers are lovely. 妻子:谢谢你的道歉。花真美。

55、I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday, Oliver! (Oliver,忘记你的生日,我真的很抱歉。

56、He muttered a few words of apology and with that he left. 他低声叽咕了几句道歉的话,然后就走了。

57、You were right and I was wrong. I apologize. 你是对的, 我错了。

58、Apologize again for your mistakes because of my work. 再次向你表示歉意因为我的工作失误。

59、My wife says that I am one of the fastest apologizers she knows. 问:我妻子觉得在她知道的道歉人中我是道歉最快的。

60、We apologize for the trouble caused by this matter 对此事带来的麻烦我们表示歉意

61、I make this apology to my neighbors, to my constituents, but I make it particularly to my wife Huma. 我向我的邻居,向我的选民道歉,但是尤其要向我的妻子休玛道歉。

62、Sorry to be a bother/pest. 不好意思打扰你. Sorry to disturb you again. 抱歉, 又来打扰你.

63、I’m sorry I forgot my text book. Or I’m sorry I’ve forgotten my text book. 很抱歉,我忘带课本了。

64、Tag questions indicating displeasure: Voice drops on both parts of the sentence. 表示不满的反意疑问:声调在句子的两部分都下降。

65、I'll let you off this time. I'll give you another chance. 这回我放过你.我再给你一次机会.

66、应该用I'm sorry to have disturbed you.对发生过的事情表示道歉,应该用to have done sth。

67、It was so stupid of me. I really do apologize. 非常抱歉, 我当时真糊涂。

68、"Ruguo … jiu …" expresses a postulation. 表示一种假设关系的句子。

69、Many times, a long-overdue apology, much like a confession, does more for the person offering it up than it does for the one receiving it. 很多时候,迟来的歉意就像忏悔,对道歉的人的意义要大于接受歉意的人。

70、Don't give it another thought. 不要再想了.

71、被询问的人不知道路,表示歉意的话 购物 (shopping) ①what can i do for you?

72、I want to apologize for the way I spoke to you the other day. 那天那样跟你说话,我向你道歉!

73、Sorry about the mess. I’ll clean up later! 弄得乱糟糟的,真是不好意思。

74、We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. 对已经发生的严重错误,我们感到非常抱歉,对那些被伤害的人们,我们表示深深的歉意。


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