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关于”鼓励人的句子长句“的英语句子3个,句子主体:Encourage long sentences。以下是关于鼓励人的句子长句的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Encourage long sentences

1、The cockfights, instituted by the mayor himself, were suspended. 镇长本人鼓励的斗鸡停止了。

2、Encouragement - Ones that refuel and inflate, encourage the person that does not dare to go ahead. 鼓励-加油打气的,鼓励不敢往前走的人。

3、David:There are two solutions: encourage foreigners to study Chinese and encourage Chinese to study English! 有两种方法:鼓励外国人学中文和鼓励中国人学英语。

4、We all deserve a standing ovation, at least once in our lives… . 脸部残缺的男主角奥吉说的这句话时充满勉励,其中deserve是常见动词,表示值得~东西、鼓励或奖励,他的形容词是现在分词deserving,表达某人值得别人用某种特别方式对待。

5、Encourages separation of persistence layer (CRUD) statements from the rest of the application inside the data access object. 鼓励将持久层(CRUD)语句与应用程序在带注释接口中的其余部分分离。

6、Write notes to yourself for encouragement and place them in pockets of clothing you'll wear next season. 写几句鼓励自己的话,然后把它放在下一季所要穿的衣服口袋里。

7、Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall. 同性婚姻鼓励人们成为同性恋。因为和高个子相处久了你也会长高。

8、Most of the available length-based Chinese-English sentence alignment algorithms take byte as their sentence length computation unit. 传统的基于长度的汉英双语句子对齐算法大都以字节作为句子长度的计算单位。

9、Encourage their other interests Children shouldn't spend excessive amount of time online - it's just not healthy for them. Encourage them in their offline activities. 长时间上网对孩子健康有害,鼓励孩子多进行其他活动。

10、If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. -----by Dorothy Law Nolte. 在鼓励中成长的孩子,充满自信。

11、There's no longest sentence. 句子可以无限延长

12、Encourage the child to be neurologically “bilingual.” 鼓励孩子能够“神经双语”。

13、Encourage one another. Many times a word of praise or thanks or appreciation or cheer has kept people on their feet. 互相鼓励吧!一句赞扬,一声感谢,由衷的赞扬或叫好,往往会使别人从此站立起来!

14、The principle of combining moral encouragement with material reward shall be applied in rewarding judges. 对法官的奖励,实行精神鼓励和物质鼓励相结合的原则。

15、I know parents aren't supposed to encourage fun, but I do! 我知道父母一般不会鼓励孩子要爱玩爱乐,但是我鼓励我的孩子这么做!

16、I hope my story will encourage you and that you will encourage others. 我希望我的故事能鼓励你,而你又胡鼓励他人。

17、Encourage your child to ask the teacher for help. 鼓励孩子去找自己的老师。

18、Rewards—e. g. The king rewards his warriors with gold and land. 奖励——例句:国王用黄金和土地奖励他的武士。

19、Many parents discourage their kids playing sports or adventuring with concern of their safety. 许多家长因为担心他们的安全,因而不鼓励孩子参加体育项目或者冒险。

20、“We’re encouraging specialists to do what they’re good at,” Mr. Muller said. Muller表示:“我们正鼓励专业人士做他们擅长的事情。”

21、Employees of the most basic resources as the enterprise is the key factor for enterprise development, establish effective enterprise employees incentive to enterprise, it was very important. 企业员工鼓励机制研究 择要 员事变为企业最底子的资源是企业生长的关键因素,创建有效的企业员工鼓励对企业来说黑白常紧张的。

22、Your gift can be your smile, a word of thanks or encouragement, a gesture of politeness, even a friendly nod. 你的礼物可以是一个微笑,一句感谢或者鼓励的话,一个礼貌的动作,甚至只是善意的颔首。

23、He urged parents and children to have good communication and respect each others views ; 他鼓励父母积极与子女好好沟通、尊重彼此意见; 学校鼓励年青人讨论家庭面对的困难;

24、Pierre de Coubertin proposed the motto, having borrowed it from his friend Henri Didon, a Dominican priest who taught sport to students. 顾拜旦借用了他的好友修道院院长迪东鼓励学生时用过的这句话。

25、Zhang Boxi leans solicitously toward the old woman weeping softly as she speaks. From time to time, he offers her a few encouraging words. 张伯希(音)把身子侧向这位柔声哭泣的老年妇女,不时插上几句鼓励的话语。


26、The man was crooning soft words of encouragement to his wife. 那个男人正温柔地轻声鼓励他的妻子。

27、父母应该鼓励孩子帮助别人 Parents should encourage kids to help others.

28、Any last words of encouragement or inspiration you can give my readers as they pursue their writing dreams? 在追寻写作梦想时,你能给我的读者几句最后的鼓励和启发吗?

29、Avoid long sentences with multiple clauses and herds of commas. 不要用带着各种从句和一大把逗号的长句子。

30、Parents are trying to encourage the children to be thrifty. 家长们在试着鼓励孩子节约。

31、San Mateo County Library staff encourages parents to discuss online safety and privacy with their children. 圣马刁县立图书馆工作人员鼓励家长与子女讨论网上安全及隐私权。

32、Everything was said that could encourage, every encouragement received with grateful joy, and the gentlemen parted the best of friends. 凡是能起鼓励作用的话全都说到了,每一句鼓励的话都给喜不自禁、感激不尽地接受了,两位先生分别时成了最好的朋友。

33、Encourage low permissions members, growth opportunities. 鼓励低权限的学友,成长机会。

34、Here is how schools and parents can encourage this vital skill in children. 本文将介绍一下学校和家长如何才能鼓励孩子这一直关重要的能力。

35、She encourages her kids to adopt the same attitude. 她鼓励她的孩子以同样的态度对态。

36、My child's middle school encouraged this behavior and set up teacher-supervised, kid-to-kid tutoring sessions. 我的孩子上中学的时候,我就鼓励他采用的这种行为,在有教师监督的情况下,鼓励孩子互帮互学。

37、His mission, after all, was to encourage future generations, and here was this eight-year-old looking for encouragement. 毕竟他的任务是鼓励下一代,而此时此刻一位xx岁的孩子正渴求他的鼓励呢。

38、Technology serves genuinely the driving force for economic development. 科技起着经济成长鼓励力的作用。

39、Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. 现在,我想要鼓励你去成为一名鼓励别人的人。

40、In short, no matter the personal cost, black woman are encourage to marry "down" before they marry "out." 一句话,不管个人做出什么牺牲,黑人女性在“出嫁”之前,都被鼓励先“下嫁”。

41、It also encourages states to keep voting for incumbents and incumbents to hang on until they drop. The current Senate contains 26 people who are 70 or over. 它还会鼓励各州继续选本州的现任参议员,鼓励现任者在位子上待得尽量长.当前超过xx岁的参议员有 26名.

42、The religion encourages parents to let their children make decisions for themselves. 这种教派鼓励家长让孩子自己为自己的事情做决定。

43、Encourage your child to express feelings of fear. 鼓励你的孩子,将恐惧表达出来。

44、Young people should be encouraged to choose their careers according to their own strong points. 应该鼓励年轻人按照自己的特长选择职业。

45、One of the greatest ways to motivate our children towards an end is by using encouraging, positive words. 鼓励孩子走到终点的最好的方法之一就是使用鼓励性的,积极的语言。

46、Most of the available length-based Chinese-English sentence alignment methods take Byte as their sentence length computation unit. 传统的基于长度的汉英双语句子对齐算法大都以字节作为汉英句子长度的计算单位。

47、Encourages parents and children to read together to improve parent-child relationship. 鼓励家长与孩子共读故事,促进亲子关系。

48、Actresses Chelsea Staub, Sonny and Tiffany Thornton were there on behalf of Disney's Friends for Change, a program that encourages kids to take action to save the environment. 托布、索尼跟蒂芬妮。桑顿在那里代表迪斯尼之友们,发起一个鼓励孩子们采取行动保护环境地工程句号。

49、Correct the sentence run-on sentences by rewriting the following passage in the space provided . 在指定区域内将以下段落重写一遍,将不完整的句子或长句子…

50、The sentence is too long to read smoothly. 句子太长,念起来拗口。


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