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1、Though Ching beat Anita Mui in the Golden Horse Film Festival, and won her Best Actress Award, this time she got appointed by Anita Mui, it could be said as another coincident.


2、This prestigious, year-long project has contributed lots of data to OSM and uses OSM data for its street index and custom renderings. More…


3、His clothes are bright in colour.


4、The wild flowers of the field is really brilliant, brilliant have attracted many bees to honey.


5、Zoom: Yes, it's colourful, too.

“他们很像极端高速运行的大奖赛赛车—在线路竞赛上让人惊艳,但是从伦敦到英格兰旅行就不那么适用了。” ”

6、They yare like extremely high-spec Grand Prix racing cars - they are fantastic for racing on circuits but they're not great for travelling from London to Edinburgh.


7、Brilliant light green color.


8、Earth is truly beautiful when viewed from space. But add some false color produced by satellite sensors, and the result is stunning.


9、Ruby red in color.


10、The dance of multihued butterflies reveals unequaled heart-pounding joy; the season of riotous blossoms ushers in endless breathtaking and awe-inspiring images.


11、By the end of 2005, tang assembly hall with the name 'jing' costumes, even the harem corridor is buckish and colorful ornament, propaganda 'extravagant' honor.


12、If your back garden shed is cluttered with a broken lawnmower, rusty bicycles and a range of unused garden tools then prepare to be amazed.


13、This colour is bright but not garish.


14、It's very, very racy.


15、There is porcelain vase of blue on windowsill , inserting Huang Yanyan's chrysanthemum.


16、Flower of success, people often amazed its present vivid colors, but the original, but it's bud soaked struggle Leiquan, bathed in a shower of blood sacrifice. - Bing.


17、That dragon boat is very colorful.


18、It was garish, a mangled mess.

… the use of today's high-tech world amazing.奥运会的时间已屈指可数了,北京的奥运场馆正在加紧修筑,“鸟巢”“水立方”…… 高新技术的运用当今世人惊艳。

19、Few have the time the Olympic Games, Beijing is stepping up efforts to the construction of Olympic venues, "nest" and "Water Cube"…


20、Stylish masks handmade of vegetable tanned leather are shaped while wet to fit a face and then painted with an appropriate color.

21、And a major aerodynamic upgrade and two clean weekends in Barcelona and Monaco have seen them convert pace into dominant victories.最主要的空气动力学升级问题,在巴塞罗那和摩纳哥,红牛利用两周休息期把他们的令人惊艳的速度转换成统治性的胜利。

22、Don't paint on the makeup.不要浓妆艳抹。

23、"Everyone wants to look their best in a swimsuit, and there's a lot we can do to help make that happen these days," she says.她说:“每个人都想穿上泳装时美艳惊人,现在我们可以有很多办法来帮助女性实现这一愿望。

24、From their early encounters with breathtaking subjects, to the latter process of image meditation, they manage to make me feel ever closer to the essence of this land.它们从惊艳的对象初遇,到后段的影像静思过程,总让自己有更贴近这块土地的实质感。

25、Holly was a glamour girl.妖艳的女孩。

英文句子26:,26、Even for the Cinderella in the fairly tale , when she wears beautiful clothes and dedicated glass shoes , walked down the car the pumpkin turns into , her beauty makes others surprised.即使是童话中的灰姑娘,当她穿着漂亮的衣服、登着精巧的玻璃鞋,走下南瓜变成的礼车时,也是令人惊艳的。

27、Her name is Anita Mui!她的名字, 叫梅艳芳!

28、Digital maps, once a wondrous novelty that started with Google Maps on the desktop, are no longer a mere destination app on mobile devices.数字地图 ,当年令人非常惊艳,最早出现的是台式机上的谷歌地图。 现在数字地图已经不只是移动设备上的目的程序了。

29、He followed that impressive debut against Liverpool with a solid Premier League bow at Bolton and is now a regular fixture in Wenger's matchday squad.在对阵利物浦的惊艳亮相之后他参与了征战博尔顿的黄超联赛,现在他已成为了温格比赛阵容的常规选择。

30、My name is Li Yan.我的名字叫李艳。

31、The bewitchingly beautiful male says.妖艳男子说道。

32、Flowers blossom in a riot of colour.百花争艳。

33、Remember that the visitor or user is there to do something — they’re not there to appreciate the aesthetic of your buttons and marvel at the style of your navigation bar.记住,来访者是来干正事的——他们不需要鉴赏按钮的魅力,也不必惊艳于导航的风格。

34、Here is the Zhengyan Pool.这是争艳彩池。

35、Spring March, alpenglow Gong Yan.阳春xx月,朝霞红艳。

36、How colorful and fragrant!多么鲜艳芬芳!

37、What a hot, sunny day!多么酷热的艳阳天啊!

38、People only admire the bright and beautiful blossom of the flower of success, but seldom know it has struggled with sweat and tears and gone through hardship with blood of sacrifice.成功的花,人们只惊慕她现时的明艳! 然而当初她的芽儿,浸透了奋斗的泪泉,洒遍了牺牲的血雨。

39、"It's the most striking blue lobster I have seen in my 30 years in the business and was too nice to put in a pot and boil, " he said.他说:“入行30多年,这是我看到的最惊艳的青色龙虾了,实在不忍心把它丢进锅里煮了。”

40、Brightly coloured fishing boats, jostle with cruise ships, such as The World.色彩鲜艳的渔船与“世界号”等游轮争奇斗艳,热闹非凡。

41、Paired with Daryl Hannah's slightly-less impressive but still 'out there' mop, these two make for a deadly duo that exceed the restrictions of their dodgy stylings.与达雷尔•汉娜惊艳稍逊却依然脱俗的蓬乱头发配在一起,两人一举突破狡诈风格的桎梏,成了极品二人组。

42、Under the cool and beautiful moon light.在冷艳的月光下。

43、The flowers made a blaze of red.花(开得)一片艳红。

44、Look, , far the hillside of a piece of red, that's a maple forest.放眼望去,远远的小山坡上一片红艳艳的,那是一片枫树林。

45、By winter's end, the answer is as elusive as the Himalaya's most secretive hunter. The snow leopard is a fabulous, ghostly presence in this frigid world.在冬季结束之前,谜底扑朔迷离,一如喜玛拉雅山最神秘的猎手。雪豹,在冰天雪地中神出鬼没,最为惊艳。

46、TEYE Light adds bright for you!天烨灯饰为您添艳!

47、Soon after, she gives tang yan a job opportunities, let tang yan jing day working group.不久之后,她给唐艳提供了一个工作机会,让唐艳来景天集团上班。

48、It was a sunny day.这是一个艳阳天。

49、The results showed that the dyeing brightening agent can brighten and deepen direct and acid dyes, but it has no effect on metal complex dyes and its brightening effect disappears after being baked.结果表明此种新型染色增艳剂对酸性和直接染料具有很好的增深、增艳作用,对金属络合染料没有增艳作用,烘干后使用增艳效果消失。

50、Unless you are Anita Mui!除非你是她,梅艳芳!

经典英文句子51:惊艳,51、"Xu Yanyibian" is not written by Wang Shizhen, but instead a selection of "Guang Yanyibian", and some works originally thought originated from "Xu Yanyibian" in fact derived from "Guang Yanyibian".《续艳异编》非王世贞所作,它是《广艳异编》的选本,“两拍”中某些被认为源自《续艳异编》的作品实际来自《广艳异编》。

52、An impressive fireworks display wowed the audience, with a video clip of the character of a "giant goat" staying in the air for about 烟花创意再次惊艳全场——巨型"羊"字在空中持续约6秒钟,一时成为网友传看的热门。

6 seconds immediately becoming an online hit.

53、A peony is a showy flower.牡丹是艳丽的花。

54、If the closest that you could get to Jimmy Choo is seeing the girls on 'Sex and the City' wear the amazing fashions, you are in for a treat.如果你能了解周仰杰的方式是看“欲望都市”中身着惊艳时尚服装和鞋子的女孩,你就该请客啦!

55、How carefully Li Ygood listens!李艳听得多么认真啊!

56、Happy Birthday to Power Fire!火力艳福不浅啊!

57、As amazing as she is in "The Fighter", her co-star's flashier role will most likely garner more votes.虽然她在《斗士》里表现惊艳,但是同她联袂出演的影星Melissa Leo在片中所扮演的角色更加光彩夺目,她很有可能取得更多的票数。

58、Founded by Dr. Flora Cheng.由郑艳凤博士创办。

59、She painted her lips gaudily.她的嘴唇涂得很俗艳。


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