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1、UNSW organize the seminar for its graduates to enhance their skills to find job and conduct the job interview.

2、I am about to graduate. 表示我马上就要毕业了。

中学毕业后, 我将继续我的学业。

3、I shall not end my dies when I leave school.


4、I am a graduate from Fujian NormalUniversity.


5、Thomas and Ginna are graduate students.

李xx年拿到MBA毕业 。

6、Li graduated with an MBA in 1991.


7、When did you graduate from UM?

xx年的毕业生中,92 %的中人和81%的印度人xx年过后都在美,而韩毕业生和德毕业生的这一比例分别只有41%和52%。

8、Among 2002 graduates, 92% of the Chinese and 81% of the Indians were in the U. S. after five years; in contrast, 41% of South Koreans and 52% of Germans were.


9、After college, both parted ways—Shirish didn't take his graduation examination and lost a year.


10、he graduated from oxford in 1989.

11、I shall not end my dies when I leave school. 中学毕业后, 我将继续我的学业。


12、A graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (MIPT), he began his career as a research physicist, specializing in metals.


13、and i envy you the opportunities that lie ahead.


14、Bachelor degree or above, automation-related majors;


15、One in

5 for them has lost a job, compared with

1 in 100 for high school graduates and those with some college education.


16、and I envy you the opportunities that lie ahead.


17、We are about to graduate from elementary school


18、A recent book coined the term “ant tribe” to describe the many struggling recent graduates, particularly of second- and third-tier colleges.


19、We are graduates of the same year .


20、2357: Riker graduates fr Starfleet Acady.

21、I studied in Guanya English training class during my six-year primary school, and graduated there, receiving the certificate.从小学xx年至xx年,在沈阳冠亚英语英语培训班毕业并获得毕业证书。

22、He got married as soon as he graduated.他一毕业就结婚了。

23、I graduated from Ezhou university majoring in marketing.我从鄂州大学毕业,专业是市场营销。

24、I'm a 20-year student graduated from tourism school.我今年xx岁,毕业于商业服务学校。

25、and I envy you the opportunities that lie ahead.恭喜你高中毕业!

英文句子26:,26、After graduation, Liu set her sights on an acting career.毕业后,刘将目光投向了演艺事业。

27、he graduated as an m.d. at edinburgh. 他将要在xx月份毕业。

28、Just graduate does psychology press muscularity?刚刚毕业心理压力大吗?。

29、I will graduate from Hunan University.我将毕业于湖南大学。

30、To improve the quality of graduate design, we should choose good teachers to guide the work, standardize students' behavior in designing and strengthen the process administration.提高毕业设计质量,选择优秀教师作指导工作是前提、严格规范学生毕业设计行为是关键,加强对毕业设计过程的管理是保证。

31、I shall have graduated by 2000.到xx年我将已经毕业了。

32、I never grlistinguingestedd from college.我平昔没有从大学中毕业。

33、The structural contradictories among the college graduates' employment have gradually formed the group of job-waiting college graduates, which have aroused people's close attention and exploration.高校毕业生就业中的结构性矛盾日渐形成了待就业毕业生群体,引起了人们的关注和探究。

34、Therefore, some universities would coerce the seniors to sigh the work contract with the so-called employers before graduation under the “regulation” of contract-for-certificate.结果是,在毕业证与就业合同挂钩的规则下,学校强迫学生在毕业前与所谓的公司签订了就业合同。

35、In the current severe employment situation, the number of unemployed college graduates increase every year while the college graduates' pre-employment training appears gradually.在目前严峻的就业形势下,大学毕业生未就业人数逐年增加,致力于提高未就业大学毕业生就业竞争力的就业前培训逐渐兴起。

36、He graduated from Yale in 1915.他xx年从耶鲁大学毕业。

37、Dylon:I went to Yale University.迪克:我是耶鲁大学毕业。

38、He took up writing after graduation.毕业后他开始从事写作。

39、Thus, lots of high school leavers go for vocational training schools, and become senior technicians in auto body shop or building company.所以,有不少年轻人高中毕业后,就上职业培训学校,毕业后成为高级技师,比如在汽车修理或建筑行业。

40、A two- to four-year post-study work visa will also be available for university graduates depending on the level of study completed.对大学毕业生将根据其完成学业的程度给予一个毕业后2-xx年的工作签证。

41、He graduated from a national university.他毕业于一所国立大学。

42、I have graduated from junior highschool/middle school.我已经初中毕业了。

43、With the graduation of the enlarged enrollment of college students, the number of them is increasing over-routinely, which makes their employment problem more conspicuous.随着扩招大学生的毕业,高校毕业生超常规增长,使大学生就业问题更加突出。

44、You only graduatex from college once.你只有一次大学毕业。

45、and I envy you the opportunities that lie ahead.恭喜你高中毕业!

46、Graduates from the school are increasingly turning their sights to jobs in their home countries directly out of school, Schwarzer said.施瓦彻尔说,越来越多的毕业生在毕业之后直接就把他们就业的目光头像了他们的祖国。

47、Opportunities have expanded for college graduates over that span, and for nongraduates, jobs have proliferated within the service sector (at wages ranging from rock-bottom to middling).大学毕业生的求职机会已经超越了与非大学毕业生的界限,而对非大学毕业生而言,他们的工作都仅限于服务业(工资水平最低从到中等)。

48、Shenzhen on the employment of college graduates (casc), graduates "double choose", shenzhen talent recruitment activities such as the network will also gradually.深圳市高校毕业生就业专场招聘会、毕业生就业“双选会”、深圳市人才网络招聘会等活动也将陆续开展。

49、Du Mengzhen, 22, English, Hunan University杜梦珍(音译),xx岁,毕业于湖南大学英语专业。

50、The picture is not much rosier for college graduates, as more than five million of them enter the increasingly competitive job market every year.大学毕业的前景并不乐观,每年有超过五百万毕业生涌入竞争日益激烈的就业市场。

经典英文句子51:毕业,51、"To build confidence among university graduates, we will provide them counseling on job-hunting and set up a database of unemployed graduates, " Meng said.“为在毕业生中建立信心,我们将为他们提供求职咨询,并建立未就业毕业生库”,孟说。

52、What did you do after university?你大学毕业后做了什麽?

53、The Employment Guidance Center actively communicates with the enterprises and provides all-year- round service for the graduates, which makes the students smoothly get to their working posts.学院毕业生就业指导中心,积极与企业联系,常年为学生就业服务,使毕业生能顺利地走向工作岗位。

54、I was a graduate of Guangzhou Vocational Middle School of Tourism.我是广州旅游职业中学毕业生。

55、Our job assignment on graduation worked.我们毕业分配工作了。

56、University of Guangzhou graduation, the profession is a network technique.广州大学毕业,专业是网络技术。

57、They will compete with 今年,就业调查显示的数字更为愁人:610万大学毕业生涌进就业潮中,他们将要同去年仍未就业的180万“老毕业生”生展开竞争。

1.8 million graduates who finished school last year but have yet to find work.

58、We are graduates of the same year.我们是同期毕业的。

59、Did anyone cry in the commencement?毕业典礼上有人哭吗?

60、Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Majored in Plastics and molds preferred.工程专业本科毕业。 塑胶或模具专业优先。

61、To prepare for a lifework.要准备好一份毕生的事业。

62、I have graduated from Southeast University.我已经从东南大学毕业。

63、I graduated from Peking University.我是从北京大学毕业的。

64、In two years she will graduate.两年之后,娄靖即将毕业。


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