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1、Typography is the art, craft and techniques of type design , modifying type glyphs , and arranging type.

跟 trext:LocationCountyCode 具有自己的代码列表类型不同,trext:BicycleRegisteredIndicator 具有一个对应于 XML Schema 内置类型 boolean 的类型。

2、Unlike trext:LocationCountyCode, which had its own code list type, trext:BicycleRegisteredIndicator has a type that corresponds to one of the XML Schema built-in types, boolean.


3、Completion entries show the field name, field type, and the field's declaring type.


4、If present, this type alternative is the default type definition.

使用 Create - Field 创建三个字段:名称为 subject,类型为 Text;名称为 number,类型为 Number;名称为 body,类型为 Rich Text。

5、Use Create - Field to create three fields of name subject and type Text; name number and type Number; name body and type Rich Text.

通过指定对象类型(类、包,等等)的元模型来定义的 UML 模型,这些对象类型可以包含在最终产品模型(称之为用户模型)中。

6、UML models are defined by a meta-model that specifies the types of objects (cles, packages, and so on) that can be included in the end product model (called a user model).

calculatorHelper 类有一个 narrow 方 法,可用来将抽象类型集中到特定的计算程序类型。

7、The calculatorHelper cl's narrow method is used to focus the abstract type to the specific calculator type.

但是,若要为与其他类型存在关联的实体类型定义一个 MEST 模型,则必须为对象图中的每个类型实现 MEST。

8、However, to define a MEST model for entity types that do have ociations with other types, you must implement MEST for each type in the object graph.


9、Among the different types of pollution, the rates of individual pollution and local continual pollution are 40.7% and 29.9%, respectively.

DTLL 支持类型成分的继承(超类型),以及其他支持数据类型库模块化和重用的特性。

10、DTLL supports inheritance of type components (supertypes) and other features to support modularization and reuse of data type libraries.

输入参数 “P1” 的数据类型是整型,另一个输入参数 “P2” 的数据类型是字符型。

11、The input parameter named "P1" is of data type integer, the other input parameter "P2" is of type character.


12、Forms of human African trypanosomiasis


13、Fallback To Declared Type - use declared type if xsi:type is unknown

从源端口类型到目标 WSDL 结点的端口类型。

14、Port types from the source to port types on the target WSDL node.

Duck 类型:在这篇 Wikipedia 文章中了解有关 duck 类型的更多信息。

15、Duck typing: Learn more about duck typing in this Wikipedia article.


16、This lack of type information at runtime poses a problem for generic container cles and for generic cles that want to make defensive copies.


17、The effect of treatment was positively correlated with the type of plantation. The higher the yield of plantation, the more the yield increased.


18、Alloc An allocator whose value type is the same as the container's value type.


19、Product types that are not declared as hard types can be declared as soft types, and there will be no ociated database table and services for managing elements specific to those types.


20、If you've never encountered an exact precision data type, the distinction between a decimal and floating-point type may be confusing.

21、If both values are of type CHAR, the result is also of type CHAR.如果两个值都是 CHAR 类型,结果还是 CHAR 类型。

22、Factors determining reaction forms of ion type and methods by which reaction forms of ion type was judged were probed into.探讨了决定离子型反应类型的因素及判断离子型反应类型的方法。

23、Columns of strongly typed DataSet objects are defined as a particular datatype.强类型数据集对象的列定义为特殊的数据类型。

24、We’ll discuss type erasure in more detail in Chapter 我们会在《第12章 - Scala 类型系统》详细讨论类型消除。

12, The Scala Type System.

25、Just as the type parameters of a generic cl are wrapped in angle brackets, the arguments of a generic type application are wrapped in angle brackets as well.就像泛型类的类型参数用尖括号括起来那样,泛型类型应用程序的参数也是用尖括号括起来的。

英文句子26:,26、Expanding each resource type shows the individual resources of that type.展开各个资源类型便可显示该类型的个别资源。

27、cht: The chart type.cht:图表类型。

28、Boxing and unboxing convert between value and reference types.值类型和引用类型转化的时候会存在装箱和拆箱。

29、Thus, each cl maps to a type in WSDL, including the types of all its parameters.这样,每个类都映射到 WSDL 中的一个类型,包括其所有参数的类型。

30、If a block of code returns a value of type Any unexpectedly, chances are good that the type inferencer couldn’t figure out what type to return, so it chose the most generic possible type.如果一段代码意外地返回类一个Any 类型的值,那么很可能类型推断器不能算出需要返回的类型,所以选择了最有可能的最通常的类型。

31、The karyotype belonged to Stebbins′ 1A type.核型不对称性类型为1A。

32、The type of AED and the dosage needed depends on the type of seizure.元的类型和用量需要取决于类型的扣押。

33、The type of resolution depends on the type of the name space entry.解析的类型取决于名称空间条目的类型。

34、The supplied type must expose a parameterless constructor that your generic type can access.提供的类型必须公开泛型类型可以访问的无参数构造函数。

35、The factory is at present producing transmission shaft and hydraulic pump of saloon car, dirt bikes, business cars, light and heavy trucks, shaft coupling and mini cars etc.目前生产的传动轴有轿车类; 越野车类; 商务车类; 轻重型载货车类; 联轴器类及微型车类等几十个品种。

36、NET can also be used as a strongly typed language, in which all variables are bound to a specific data type, or you can use a mix of typed and untyped variables.NET 也可用作一种强类型化语言,其中所有变量都绑定到特定数据类型,或者您还可以混合使用类型化和非类型化变量。

37、Because Tiger relies on type erasure, the naked type parameters in casts and instanceof tests are "erased" to their upper bounds (in the earlier case, that'll be type Object).因为 Tiger 依靠类型擦除,所以数据类型转换和 instanceof 测试中的外露类型参数被“擦除”为它们的上界(在前面的例子中,那将是类型 Object )。

38、According to the schema, the Person complex type must have the direct child elements name of xsd:string type and friend of Person type, and should not have any other types and attributes.根据脚本,复杂类型 Person 必须有一个 xsd:string 类型名字的直接子元素,和一个 Person 类型的友元,并且不能有其它类型和属性。

39、At present, the fuel cell DC/DC converters include two cl, isolated and non-isolated. Each cl includes many types.目前,燃料电池用直流变换器主要包括隔离型和非隔离型两大类,每一类又包括许多类型。

40、Now when the only types we're dealing with are the built-in types, the ones that came with the programming language, that doesn't really matter.现在我们对付的数据类型,只有内置的数据类型,也就是编程语言固有的类型。

41、Once the type is identified, the type-specific method is then used.确定类型之后,则会使用与该类型有关联的方法。

42、Tongshi is a new type of ore field discovered recently with multi-mineralization types recognized. Crypto-explosion breccia Au mineralization is the major one.铜石金矿田是新发现的新类型金矿田,该矿田金矿化类型较多,隐爆角砾岩型金矿化是最主要的类型。

43、One requirement type can trace to more than one other requirement type.一个需求类型可以追溯到超过一个的其他需求类型。

44、Author divides it into original shape, dwellings and proper domiciles type. It also narrates respective architectural art features.可分为原型、民宅类型及合院住宅类型,并叙述其各自的建筑特点。

45、Machine type (7043)计算机类型 (7043)

46、Show objects by type to display the objects, organized by type.“按类型显示对象”以显示按类型组织的对象。

47、Since anonymous cles do not have a name, there is no way to create variables of their type in C# without type inference.因为匿名类并没有一个指定的类型名称,所以若是没有了类型推断的支持,我们就无法在C#中创建该类型的实例。

48、The deposit type is similar to the Taocun-type in Nanjing-Wuhu district, and thus the genesis belongs to porphyrite-type.矿床类型与宁芜地区陶村式较为相似,成因类型属玢岩型。

49、Group of site type on sunny slope included 阳坡立地类型组有厚层、中层、薄层土立地类型。

3 site types:thick, moderate and thin soil.

50、SystemTap permits definition of variables of a number of types, but the type is inferred from context, so no type declarations are needed.SystemTap 允许定义多种类型的变量,但类型是从上下文推断得出的,因此不需要使用类型声明。

经典英文句子51:类型,51、Haskell has a powerful typing model.Haskell 拥有强大的类型模型。

52、Besides the version to the clification, general and dry type of clification.除了按版型分类外,一般还有以干燥型式分类的。

53、The mechanism of sedimentation includes flood type and slump type.重力流沉积作用的机制包括洪水类型和滑塌类型。

54、MD2 models are frame-by-frame animated.MD2模型是逐帧的动画类型。

55、Comment type node test ('comment()') and PI type node test ('processing-instruction()')评论类型节点测试(‘comment()’)和 PI 类型节点测试(‘processing-instruction()’)

56、Type inference helps by automatically inferring type signatures, so that the user doesn’t have to provide trivial type information manually.类型推断帮助你自动推断类型签名,所以用户不用人工提供一般的类型信息。

57、Sort by type.按类型排序。

58、The demotic scripts focused on practicability are the "parents" of the typical scripts which focused on aesthetics.以实用为主的通俗书法类型是以审美为主的典型书法类型的“母体”。


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