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关于”学的好处“的英语句子59个,句子主体:The benefits of learning。以下是关于学的好处的小学英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The benefits of learning

1、this is something that is a lesson to be relearned each day. 这是我每天都要再次重新学习的人生课。


2、He says the classes have been good for the students from Haiti.


3、It was good for relaxing, football chaussures, and I am getting ready for the coming new term now.


4、In contrast, poor students often avoid crowds and prefer to be alone.


5、Learn to be mischievous and coquetry.


6、First of all, bedtime chat is good for freshmen at college.

He says the classes have been good for the students from Haiti.



8、Since metal tigers are aggressive, they should learn how to become more flexible.


9、Daniel: That is good for our study too.


10、The Student Health and Dental plans provide students at the University of Guelph with a comprehensive set of benefits.


11、He relates very well to his classmates.


12、He is a student and he studies all his subjects very hard.


13、The benefits school education deliver to us are not just limited to imparting knowledge, but the greatest one is that the opportunity it gives us to make friends.

14、He made an effort to get along well with his classmates. 他努力和同学们友好相处。


15、Then, the article further discussed the relation ship between learning and thinking, knowing and acting, literacy and maxim.


16、A classmate gave an impassioned speech on the benefits of drinking liquor.


17、As early as 300 B.C., the Chinese knew about the advantage of living in a good school district.


18、It is no good learning without practice .


19、The process of acid neutralization-anaerobic-aerobic-biological activated carbon or chemical coagulation has been employed to treat black liquor from pulp mill.

20、This is something that is a lesson to be relearned each day. 这是我每天都要再次重新学习的人生课。

21、To know more colloquial expressions is a head startin learning English.理解更多的俗语对学习英语有好处。 。

22、The wonderful thing about the Academy Awards is that they are fundamentally trivial.学院奖最大的好处是,就是其实根本不值一提。

23、However, think about it; there is a huge amount of inspiration out there.但是,好好想想吧;其实灵感处处在,处处有灵感。

24、gets along well with people. 与人们相处和睦 he stands well with his students. 他与学生相处很好。

25、The upside is that it's easily curable in its primary and secondary stages.好处是,它很容易在它的小学和中学阶段可以治愈的。

英文句子26:,26、In maths and science,the results tend to imply that both boys and girls benefit fromhaving more girls in the classroom.在数学和科学学科上,研究结果表明女生多对班级中的男女生都有好处。

27、remember study maths often and chinese,it will take much benefits to you!(记得时常学习数学汗语文,以后会给你带来很多好处)

28、To increase knowledge, be curious about everything.为增广见闻,故要“事事好奇,处处学习”

29、It’s good for start-ups, good for our enterprise customers and good for GigaSpaces’ business.这对刚创业的小公司有好处,对我们的企业客户有好处,对GigaSpaces的生意也有好处。

30、or can i stow it away and just be? 要想真正弄清你是否在依赖他人,你可以问问自己:今天我做了哪些事情,是仅仅为自己而做的吗?

31、That's the other nice thing about literary arguments.还有一个关于文学争论的好处。

32、Why do home-schooling parents keep their children to study at home?在家用电脑学习的好处有什么?

33、I get on well with my teachers and classmates.我和我的老师们和同学们都处得很好。

34、The benefit is that it’s interesting to imagine yourself as a student at Harvard moving through the course as the semester progresses.好处是把自己想像成哈佛的学生学这门课,是很有趣的。

35、No, it is no good learning without practice.不,学而不用没有什么好处的。

36、Great River train at a lot of history, historical authority of the scientists and archaeologists.河大历史系培养处好多,历史权威学家和考古学家。

37、This school had one great advantage for me.这所学校对我们来说有一大好处。

38、You also will know where your child is every day after school (on the field, that is, or at a rival school).额外的好处是你还能知晓每天孩子放学后的去处(田径场上或对手学校)。

39、How To Be Single And Happy : Learn to appreciate your single status.如何做个快乐的单身贵族:学会如何看到单身的好处。

40、Do you believe the NPRS is good for the university as a whole?你认为引入「新制」对大学整体有好处吗?

41、The USENET comp.lang.perl.misc newsgroup is a wonderful place to learn.USENET comp.lang.perl.misc 新闻组是一个很好的学习去处。

42、We have looked at the advantages of having a seating plan for a class, and at the advantages of moving children for some activities.上文介绍了在课堂上固定座位的授课方式的好处,以及学生变动座位来参与某些活动的好处。

43、We were real close in college so being reunited with him is definitely a good feelin.我们在大学里就处得挺好,所以能和他重新成为队友挺好。

44、Or can I stow it away and just be? 要想真正弄清你是否在依赖他人,你可以问问自己:今天我做了哪些事情,是仅仅为自己而做的吗?

45、By listening well, you will learn more quickly and handle your job more effectively.听好了,你会学得更快,更有效地处理你的工作。

46、The oncologic benefit was primarily in patients with organ confined disease.肿瘤学的好处主要是器官局限性疾病的患者。

47、Or can I stow it away and just be? 要想真正弄清你是否在依赖他人,你可以问问自己:今天我做了哪些事情,是仅仅为自己而做的吗?

48、I will follow the process of foundation program and paying , finish the procedure and paying the school fees, otherwise follow the school regulations.我会按照学校的入学流程和交费流程,办好入学手续和学费的交纳手续,否则按学校规定处理。

49、get along with my classmates. 楼上的说法不够地道,外国人没有这么说的,很别扭。

50、Be it any good learning with out practice?学而不用有什么好处吗?

经典英文句子51:学的好处,51、The Project benefits the school a great deal. For this reason, it was renamed Hope School.希望工程给李家庄小学带来了极大的好处,学校也因此改名为“希望小学”。

52、This can be a reference for PE teachers to handle teacher-student relations and set up a good study at…为体育教师在教学过程中更好地处理好师生关系,营适良好的学习氛围和提高教学质量提供一个参考。

53、If we want a good life, we need to be a good student of life, and realize we can learn something from everybody.如果我们要过好日子,我们就必须成为生活的好学生,认识到人人身上都又可学之处。

54、Music education is a wise investment that benefits students during their school years and in their future employment.音乐教育是一种明智的投资,不仅在学生求学期间对他们有好处,而且在学生就业后也能为他们带来益处。

55、Only deal with good knowledge of the beginning of high school chemistry point of convergence, can effectively improve the efficiency of students studying chemistry.只有处理好初高中化学知识点的衔接,才能有效地提高学生学习化学的效率。

56、I get along with my classmates very well.我和同学们处得很好。

57、This can be a reference for PE teachers to handle teacher-student relations and set up a good study atmosphere and improve teaching quality.为体育教师在教学过程中更好地处理好师生关系,营适良好的学习氛围和提高教学质量提供一个参考。

58、At Brown University, my other favorite, applying early did not confer any advantage.布朗大学是我青睐的另一所学校,但提前申请没有给我带来任何好处。

59、Organic compost costs less than chemical fertilizer, and it has other benefits.有机肥料成本比化学肥料低,而且还有别的好处。

60、He stands well with his students.他与学生相处很好。

61、What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree?退休人员回到学校进修的最大的好处是什麽?


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