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关于”生活中必备“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Necessary in life。以下是关于生活中必备的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Necessary in life

关注 —— 什么是我们的生活中至关重要和必不可缺的。

1、Focus – on what is important and essential to our lives.


2、You have to include these behaviors in your lifestyle.

在很短的时间之内 —— 总共还不到

3、In an astoundingly short period of time -- a span of less than two decades -- the personal computer has become a fixture of personal and professional life.

20 年 —— 个人计算机已经成为我们工作和生活中的一种必需设备。


4、Animation designer must be able to live dramatic, comic, and action figures to life, manifested.


5、The first of the reactive intermediates to be considered is known as a "carbocation".


6、You don’t have to live on overload. You don’t have to live in survival mode.


7、If we are to face these principles and incorporate them, we must be properly mounted in our minds and in our lives.


8、Suioueran life can be, and must adhere to in life.


9、While there may be reasons in life to focus on just survival, to fully live, you must thrive!


10、From junior high school to senior high school every student must study hard to prepare for the test.


11、Give me five more minutes please.

衣、食、住、行是 生活中必不可少的.

12、Food,clothing,shelter and transportation are essential to life.;


13、I'm in a phase of my life , when I really need to focus on my career .


14、A translator must be armed with the ability to live his part.


15、The source said that these border residents are ready to clothes, food and other necessities of life, ready to evacuate.


16、All they had were the bare necessities of life.


17、And then, introduces some common technologies on lean production, which contains equipment layout, how to determine the number of kanban and balanced production.


18、HQ mainly includes five big essential factors: Life style, state of mind, self-health care, life skill and healthy knowledge.


19、Love must become your lifestyle, the habit of your life.


20、At the end of his life, the winter also must adjust psychology as soon as possible to prepare yourself for the job.

21、In the field of manned spaceflight, extravehicular spacesuit is the essential equipment in extravehicular activity (EVA).在载人航天领域,舱外航天服是航天员进行出舱活动的必备装备。

22、If you want to balance your life then you must learn to have fun in your life no matter what.如果您想平衡你的生活,那么你必须学会从你生活中的每件事情中寻找乐趣。

23、Inkstone is essential to Chinese calligraphy.砚是中国书法的必备用具。

24、Wildflowers is the spice of life, and potted a necessity of life.野花是生活的调味品,而盆花是生活的必需品。

25、These are our necessaries of life.这些是我们的生活必需品。

英文句子26:,26、As a key device in the center of leather production technology, it can improve the quality of shearing.经该机梳理后能提高裘革的粗、精剪质量。 是裘革生产工程中必备的开关设备。

27、Deprived of some of the basic necessities or advantages of life, such as adequate housing, medical care, or educational facilities.处于不利地位的;贫困的缺乏生活中的一些必需品或有利条件,如宽余的住房,医疗护理,或教育设备。

28、Experiential learning is to learn the necessary knowledge in the daily life, and apply the knowledge learned to the daily life.体验式学习是在生活中学习必要的知识,把学到的知识运用的生活之中。

29、I am thinking about a slow life where 我在考虑要过一种慢生活,在这种生活里,睡过头是件很正常的事情,而沉浸在生活的意义当中是备受尊重的。

9)sleeping in is normal and soaking in the meaning of life is valued.

30、The lesson we life hackers must learn from this is that recklessness has no place in life.我们生活黑客们必须从这里学到的经验是莽撞在生活中没有一席之地。

31、i don't want to always admire other people's life.上面是字面翻译。

32、Water resource is indispensable④ not only in our daily life but also in the industry and agriculture.事实上,水资源不仅在生活中必不可少,在工农业生产中也是不可或缺的。

33、Make – This is the manufacturing step. Schedule the activities necessary for production, testing, packaging and preparation for delivery.3制造--这是个制造的步骤.附表活动所必需的生产,测试,包装和准备交货。

34、As active intermediates, the amino resins can be derivatized to obtain many functional media.制备的胺基树脂可以作为一个活性中间体,进一步衍生化制备多种功能介质。

35、To live, you have to exist.要生活,你首先必须存在。

36、The products are novel, distinct, scientific and reasonable in design, comfortable and durable in use;产品设计新颖独特,科学合理,舒适耐用,是现代时尚家居生活的必备用品。

37、People who are not interested in food always seem rather dry and unloving and don't have a real gusto for life.任何对于饮食不感兴趣的人,他们的生活必定枯燥无味与缺少爱,也必定无法享受生活中的乐趣。

38、You must be prepared to adjust your way-of-life to maximize your learning experience.你必须作好这样的心理准备:调整自己的生活方式,尽最大努力获得学习经验。

39、You have to look at your priorities in life and figure out what is unnecessary in your life.你必须看到生活中要优先做的事情,弄清楚什么是不必要的。

40、The World Factbook is a must-have application for those who possess a curiosity or concern about the rapidly changing world in which we live.世界概况是一个必须具备的申请者谁拥有好奇心或关注迅速变化的世界中,我们的生活。

41、Why should I have to settle down to a life of preparing tofu soup, like my mother?为什么我必需安宁上去,过着预备豆腐汤的生活,就像我妈那样?

42、Landing must be p the water, this is a good practice in flood life.登岸必须水中过,洪灾生活好修行。

43、Scoring well on any IQ test is no guarantee of success in life.在智商测试中得到高分可不意味着生活中的必然成功。

44、Sometimes in life you have to be smart.有时,在生活中你必须要聪明点儿。

45、They don't feel it as a power in their lives, but as a working-day prerequisite.人们不认为新闻界对他们的生活有影响,而只把它看作是工作日的必备品罢了。

46、The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise.听从生命责备的,必常在智慧人中。

47、Change is not merely necessary to life-it is life.变化对于生活不仅仅是必要的——变化就是生活。

48、We are using Sensory Integration in everyday life, even when we are sleeping.感觉统合是我们每日生活所必备的能力,甚至是在我们睡着时。

49、To some modern societies the computer is one of the necessaries of life.一些现代社会中的电脑就是其中的必要性的生活方式。

50、Cell phones are necessary for college students.手机是大学生的必备品。

经典英文句子51:生活中必备,51、Peope not only need the life necessities,but also comfortable life.人们不仅需要生活必需品,还想生活得舒适。

52、There is little in a Zen monk's life that isn't necessary.在禅僧的生活中基本上都是必须的要做的。

53、To Polly, clothes are basic necessities.对Polly,衣服是生活的必需品。

54、The deaerator is one of the necessary equipment in fruit juice or fruit tea production line.本机是果汁、果茶生产线中的必备设备之

55、But it doesn’t have to be a fact of life, having advertising everywhere.不过,它不应该成为生活的一个必备要素,不应该无处不在。

56、By definition,he necessarily lives in society.按照定义,他必然生活在社会中

57、He says that we shall fall from grace, dishonor our profession, and perish with the doom of apostates ;牠说我们必从恩典中堕落,生活中也不能见证上帝,最终必趋向灭亡之路。

58、Having sworn fealty , must I speed my life in servitude?已经发誓忠诚我必须在奴役过程中浪费我的生活吗?。

59、Money is necessary in our life. We will have a rich life when we have much money.钱是我们生活中必不可少的东西,当我们有许多钱的时候,我们才能过上富足的生活。

60、The products of your company is my necessaries .贵公司的产品是我的生活必备。

61、I also want a balance in my life which is part of essential/non-essential (minimalist) thinking.我希望我的生活中有一个平衡,它是必要和非必要思想的一部分。

62、China's defense expenditure falls into the following categories: personnel expenses, costs for maintenance of activities, and costs for equipment.中国国防费包括:人员生活费、活动维持费、装备费。

63、We must understand that there are no gratuities in our life and that success is never reached across lots.我们必须知道,生活中没有不劳而获的事,成功并无捷径。生活无目标。

64、You need a budget. Eliminate all the nonessential costs in your life.你需要做个预算,避免生活中所有不必要的开支。

65、Colludes , one of center's necessary techniques.勾手,中锋必备的技艺之

66、Eg : I'm in a phase of my life when I really need to focus on my career .我要历经生活中的必经阶段,那就是我必须要全身心投入到我的工作中。

67、Like everyone, he must live and learn.像每个人一样,他必须在生活中学习。

68、It must be front-and-center in your life.这个目标在你的生活中必须是非常重要的。

69、Devices must have Bluetooth enabled and File Sharing over Bluetooth service active when the attack is performed.当进行攻击时,设备的蓝牙功能必须是处于被激活状态的,而基于蓝牙服务的文件共享也必须是活动的。


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