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关于”升降调“的英语句子41个,句子主体:Lifting adjustment。以下是关于升降调的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Lifting adjustment


1、Open and support liftgate.


2、By rotating the hand wheel control lifting rod of the lifting adjusting location polished;


3、Feature:Electronic rise and down, electronic reset, the distance between the posts can be adjustable.


4、Lift controlling is on the upper of worktable for operator an easy running.


5、In the end of last century, based on the fixed sol-fa, 35 covariant sol-fa, which includes up, down, re-up and weight down were designed by Chinese music theorists.

升降号也可 画在调号上以表示调的改变。

6、This last may also be in a key signature to show changes in key.


7、It also shows your response to the sensitivity of interest rates in particular.


8、Ensure that the plunge lock lever (R) is locked.


9、The temperature in summer experienced a process from increase to decrease to increase, while autumn and winter experienced the process of decrease to increase.


10、Not all the neutral tones of Linyi dialect pronounce slight and short, sometimes we use falling-rising tone or rising tone.


11、Hydraulic station built-in flow control valve, adjustable lifting and turning speed.


12、The utility model discloses a lift basketball stand which can adjust the height between a backboard and the ground.


13、Domestic research focus of ascending lucidity and descending turbidity are ①Specific clinical research of ascending lucidity and descending turbidity;


14、And it rises and then it falls.


15、Spray frame, high backrest, adjustable backrest angle, after the folding armrest, lift foot care, solid front, solid rear tire.


16、Among them, Kang force lifts are A shares is the first private enterprises lift.


17、The third tone is a long low tone plus a short rising tone.


18、So, flats are below, sharps take you up a half step.


19、Adjust the laser current, start the cycle laser sign , and adjust the lift height to search for the best mark effect.


20、Building services installations covered include lighting, electrical, air-conditioning and lift and escalator.

21、When a credit rating agency announces that it is putting a borrower on credit watch it is giving notice …信用评级机构宣布将某一债务人列入信用观察名单,意味着短期内可能调升或调降该债务人的信用评级。

22、Eustatic cycle is the interval of time during which a eustatic rise and fall of sea level takes place.全球性海面升降周期是发生一次海平面升和降的时间间隔。

23、It is speed greater lift rise more quickly.也就是转速越大升降台上升越快。

24、Concret was raised by a hoist.混凝土由升降机提升。

25、There is a rising pitch in the word "man" and a falling pitch when he says "mankind".在他说“人”一词时确有升调,而在说“人类”一词时用的却是降调。

英文句子26:,26、A: A total of four elevators for passengers and another two for loading goods.共四部客用升降机和两部载货升降机。

27、Flexible adopts frame saws.锯架升降灵活方便。

28、Like the single-stage regulator, outlet pressure from the first stage of the two-stage regulator rises as cylinder pressure decreases.同单级调整器一样,两级调整器的第一级的出口压力随钢瓶压力的降低而升高。

29、The shell body of the adjustable cooking fume extractor is composed of a fixed main body and a raising and falling cover body.本可调式排油烟机的壳体由固定本体和可升降的罩体组成。

30、Eustatic change is pertaining to worldwide changes of sea level that affect all the oceans.全球性海面升降周期是发生一次海平面升和降的时间间隔。

31、We've got to get into these black notes, which can be called sharps or flats.我们必须涉及这些黑色音符了,它们可以被称为升调或降调

32、Upper-roll fixed, the two rollers under a fixed turn around the center arc movement take-off and landing, under two separate movements can roll up or down with.上辊固定,两下辊围绕一固定回转中心做弧线升降运动,两下辊可单独升降或同升同降。

33、Remove liftgate upper trim panel.拆去升降闸门上饰板。

34、Barometric pressure lifting devices can be adjusted to different height. Convenient for baby-mother communication.气控升降装置可以调节高低,方便母婴交流;

35、A total of four elevators for passengers and another two for loading goods.共四部客用升降机和两部载货升降机。

36、It goes like this The fourth, the fifth The minor fall.那个歌声就象这样,四度音程,五度音程;降大调,升大调。

37、In rising markets, true bull markets, the subdivisions occur in five waves up, an up-down-up-down-up sequence.在上升市—真正的牛市中,波浪分量是向上的5个浪,顺序为升-降-升-降-升。

38、Back in June, 59 percent of respondents said they expected higher inflation in xx月调查结果显示,59%的受访者预计12个月后通膨将上升.周三调查显示,49%的受访者称通膨将下降.

12 months' time. In Wednesday's survey, 49 percent said it would be lower.

39、During compound film pressing and glue water tray lifting, manual handle adjustment is taken to make it easy and convenient.本机的复膜压合和胶水盘升降,采用手柄调节,方便自如。

40、The lifting frame has good speed regulation performance. Ascending and descending is stable without impact.起升机构调速性能好,起升、下降平稳、无冲击。

41、British English use more falling and rising tone and emphasize the habit of tone falling before tone rising.英国英语更多使用降升调,强调欲升先降;

42、Adjustable louver window with irradiation in the facade sun automatic lifting.窗户的可调节百叶会随着照射在立面上的阳光自动升降。

43、The diurnal change of water potential and water content of roots at dry side opposed to the transpiration.一昼夜根系水势呈现出降-升-降-升有规律的变化;

44、Suzhou days legislature movements Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a manufacturer of hydraulic lifts the specialized factory.苏州天立升降机械有限公司是制造液压升降台的专业厂家。

45、The position of the float on the riser should be fixed through calculation and site test and adjusted when necessary.浮漂在升降管上的位置确定,应先通过计算,然后在现场试验,不断调整。

46、It's basically a revolving elevator into which the cars are driven and stored.本质上,这是一个旋转式升降机,汽车开进升降机里存放。

47、Oil pressure elevation, pneumatic elevation, motor, electric elevation and other kinds of elevation ways.油压升降式、气动升降式、马达电气升降式,多种升降方式可供选择。

48、Hand-pressing lifter: with it the height can be randomly adjusted with single hand.手按式升降器,可单手随意调节高度。

49、To lower the elevator tray.降低升降台托盘。

50、Two single ca can be dismantled, to achieve the same level of stability so that frame can slip.两单体车可升降调节,达到同一水平使床架可稳定滑移。

经典英文句子51:升降调,51、Through adjusts the plate to be possible to adjust the engine bed equipment fluctuation and obviously to enhance the horn the loading capacity;通过调整盘可调整机床设备升降并显着提高垫铁的载荷能力;

52、It rises, it falls. It rises, it falls. It rises, it falls.上升,下降,上升,下降,上升,下降。

53、On Thursday, after the poll was conducted, Standard & Poor's cut Japan's credit rating for the first time 2002 in response to its mounting debt pile.标准普尔周四调降日本信用评等,为xx年以来首见,藉以反映其债务不断升高.本次调查在标普调降评等前即已完成.

54、Furnace body is vertical lift type, installation of a self-lifting configuration for furnace overhaul.加热炉体为垂直升降式,装置一套自升降配置,以便进行炉内的检修工作。

55、Fixed lifting platform is a kind of lifting stability, wide applicability goods lifting equipment.固定式升降平台是一种升降稳定性好,适用性广的货物举升设备。

56、The fourth chapter: Bangbing-Bulang has altogether four kinds of single tones, which including 55 Indiscriminately allocates, 51high falling tone, 13low rising tones high and 31 the low falling tone.总计辅 音音位45 个。第四章:帮丙布朗语单字调共四种调,高平调 55、高降调 51、低升调

13 和低降调 31。

57、In the bi-syllable sandhi , the upper-limit of register of everyone becomes high and the lower-limit of register becomes lower and the span of register becomes large.双字组连读变调中每个发音人的调域上限都升高,调域下限都降低,调域跨度都变大。

58、Garage Equipments, Vehicle Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Two Post Lifts, Hydraulic Lift , Compressors, Lubricaters Garage and Service Station Equipment.采购产品车库设备,汽车升降机,升降机,剪刀,两个邮政升降机,液压升降机,压缩机。

59、Oblique arm structure, mechanical off-contact, motor drive the printing arm lift motor driven.斜臂式结构,可以增加平台可手动升降,电动升降印刷臂;

60、Including two of the last elevated the car, and four after the raise, lift the car used, and the use of workshop equipment, such as tires for use, for this round.其中包括两个汽车升降机升降机后,四柱举升机,二手车升降机,并用车间的设备,如汽车轮胎换用,用于轮。

61、The stacking aid device is used for guiding the stacking direction of the bearing disks.将堆叠的承载盘沿所述堆叠方向升降的升降装置;

62、Article 第十六条 在直立的旗杆上升降国旗,应当徐徐升降。

16 The National Flag, when hoisted or lowered from a vertical staff, shall be hoisted or lowered slowly.

63、And they found that French infants wail on a rising note [baby cry sound] while the Germans favor a falling melody [baby cry sound].他们发现,法语家庭的婴儿啼哭时惯用升调,而德语家庭的婴儿则惯用降调。

64、The imbalance of ascending, descending, exiting and entering of Qi will induce all kinds of pathologic changes. Once the movements stop, it means that the life activities cease and death ensues.气的升降出入失去协调平街,就会出现各种病理变化,升降出入运动停止,人的生命活动也就终止了。

65、Demodulator separately extracted falling and rising edge in input signal, and then synthesized digital signal to a digital circuit, achieve high-speed demodulation circuit.完成了可以将凹槽的下降边缘和上升边缘分开提取出来运放跟随器解调电路,实现电路的高速解调。

66、Special feature controlled by human contact. When the main body of the TV lift detects human beings, it will stop moving.当人体触摸到升降器的主机时,升降器就会自动停止运行。

67、The voltage increases when the handle of the voltage regulator is turned clockwise . and decreases when turned counter-clockwise .当电压调整手柄顺时针转时电压升高,逆时针转时电压降低。

68、The adjuster that moves the seat up and down and from front to rear is called a four-way adjuster.能够把座位升高、降低和向前后倾斜的调节器叫做“四维调节器”。

69、Then came the question of the old hydraulic elevator to the top that could not be used in winter for fear the water would freeze, and that required changing cabins halfway up.然后是解决通往塔顶的老式液压升降机问题。这种升降机在冬天因怕水结冰不能使用,而且这种升降机上升到一半要换吊舱。

70、The new Iowa poll, Gingrich has soared to the first, Romney dropped to third place.新的爱荷华民调显示,金里奇已经飙升到第一位,罗姆尼下降到第三位。

71、RMB "rose and endless" how your costs down?币“升升不息”你的成本怎么降?

72、Through the hanging equipment, upgrading and adjust outfit it can carry out the rising and falling and adjust depth of cultivating.通过机耕船的悬挂装置、提升和调节结构实现升降和耕深调节。


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