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关于”孤独的很丧的短句“的英语句子55个,句子主体:Lonely very mournful short sentence。以下是关于孤独的很丧的短句的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Lonely very mournful short sentence


1、They are lonely, and they eat to comfort that incredible sense of loss.


2、Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.


3、Although there is a separate room for one lone 800-pound gorilla, it was rarely mentioned.


4、and“Iam fine, thankyou”come uncontroltableemotions of loneliness, anger, and uncertainty.


5、But the deaths of siblings Emily and Branwell in 1848, and of Anne in 1849, left her feeling dejected and emotionally isolated.


6、Life must have been lonely for a boy losing his father, but Dad never wallowed in self-pity.


7、With the rescue operation of the army, the village will soon no longer be a lonely island.


8、Sometimes thinks is very lonely, I did not know that Shanghai has how many knowing and doing clmate.


9、These included emotions such as fretful, confused, anxious, irritable, insecure, nervous, restless, crazy, addicted, panicked, jealous, angry, lonely, dependent, depressed, jittery and paranoid.


10、I would die for so many resons, I would be cold, lonely, sad, scared, trying to finding the way out.


11、And autism is something I've always found a fascinating disorder for many reasons.


12、This is a spectrum disorder with plenty of variables.


13、Better to let my body eliminate your loneliness Mi.


14、Proper arrangements have been made for the children who were reft of their parents.


15、I suggest that the best place to address these issues is not in organizations devoted to autism, but in parental bereavement counseling and support groups.


16、"A Person in Loneliness" contains rich connotations. Through an intertextual study, it can be seen that the three characters' lonely destiny forms an intertextual cycle;


17、The loneliness spreads asneighboursneighbors who were close friends now spend less time together.


18、She shook her head. “A loner.


19、Although loneliness is acknowledged by many doctors to be a huge social problem, when male professionals refer to loneliness the examples cited are nearly always female.


20、There is a variability of symptoms, and a whole spectrum there.

21、It might be very important and insightful, but you're not saying anything especially interesting about death when you say everyone dies alone, if it's also true that everyone eats their lunch alone.很重要,很有见地,但这样提出每个人都孤独而死时,并未对死亡本身提出什么有趣特别的见地,因为说每个人都孤独地吃中饭也是对的。

22、Those women who retreat to complete domesticity tend to feel depressed, isolated and frustrated.那些回家做全职太太的妇女往往感到沮丧、孤独和失落。

23、Dugu PD have Zhong Xian heart found by his works is very dark.独孤PD通过他的作品发现钟贤内心有很黑暗的东西。

24、A bridge alone, a person alone, it is demonstrating the quiet isolation.孤桥一座,独人一个,表现出一种很冷清的场面。

25、"Turkey now finds itself very alone on the world stage, " says Ozel.“土耳其现在在世界舞台上找到自己很孤独,说:”Ozel。

英文句子26:,26、He did not stay long; the loneliness of the gloomy cavern became frightful to him.他没有呆很长时间;对他来说这个阴沉的山洞里的孤独感变得很可怕。

27、The inward life of those upon whom solitude has been thrust is a threshing floor of emotions.孤寂的人他们的内心生活已被孤独逼为情感的打谷场。

28、“In the future,” he writes, hauntingly, “it will be difficult to die alone.”他鬼气森森的写到,“未来我们将很难孤独终老。”

29、People often overeat when they're feeling stressed, lonely, and depressed --"comfort foods."当人们感到压力、孤独、沮丧的时候往往吃得过饱,即“爽心食物”。

30、And so everyone dies alone in that sense.所以说每个人都是孤独而死的。

31、Long after his days of war, Ezzard found himself doing sit-ups and struggling again with the existential loneliness of a man who fights alone.于是,在拳击生涯结束很久之后,他又开始做仰卧起坐,那种孤身作战的孤独感又卷土重来。

32、Stanton believes that the big problem for parents whose children have just been diagnosed as autistic is that they are told to do everything they can to "rescue" their child from autism.Stanton认为一个很大的问题是,在孩子刚刚获得孤独症的诊断时,父母们总是被告知要尽一切力量,把他们的孩子从孤独症中‘拯救’出来。

33、Many people who find themselves alone may have been married -- or in a committed relationship -- for a very long time and they may be out of practice being "out there.许多已婚或者处于坚定的关系中的人们发现自己很孤独——很长一段时间里他们脱离现实变得“特立独行”。

34、You seemed so fed up with me. I didn’t realized it would —oh , Alan.我很孤独,我想,你好像很烦我,我没有意识到那么——噢,阿兰。

35、After they had gone he felt lonely, and began to tire of his lady- love.大伙走后,他觉得很孤独,并开始讨厌起自己的恋人。

36、The boy's solitude is like the mower's.这个男孩的孤独就像割草者一样。

37、I felt terribly alone. I had something to prove, but they all had something to do.我感觉非常地孤独,我要证明一些事,但是他们都很忙。

38、For loneliness is a friend who will not betray.而孤独是永不背叛你的朋友。

39、Although there is a separate room for one lone 800-pound gorilla , it was rarely mentioned.虽然一只孤独的重达800磅的大猩猩有一个单独的房间,此事很少被提及。

40、Becoming disconnected, isolated or withdrawn can mark the beginning of deterioration and loss of function.当你变得离群索居、孤立或孤独这就是退化和功能丧失开始的标志。

41、I thought I was autistic and felt very lonely until I realized my gay friends were experiencing the same kinds of things.我想我是孤僻的,总感觉自己很孤独,直到我发现很多圈中朋友也经历着和我一样的困扰。

42、Yamaa tomohisa always says, he hates loneliness, and he can't live without his friends.山下智久常说,自己很讨厌也很害怕孤独,所以没有朋友的话,可能会真的活不下去。

43、People in their golden years are often alone and craving human contact.人们在他们金色年华的时候总会觉得孤独,很渴望能与他人交流。

44、She has a soft place in her heart for all lonely people.她同情所有孤独的人。

45、Soon, we found, after the writing of "The outline of poetics", Haizi moved towards deeper solitude.很快,我们发现,写出《诗学提纲》后的海子,走向了更深的孤独。

46、They are autistic, and for them this is normality.她们是孤独症患者,对她们来说,这很正常。

47、What I've learned which I appreciate so much is just to be reminded that I'm not alone, even I felt alone a lot of the times.我所学到的让我珍视的,是提醒自己并不孤单,即便很多时候我感到孤独。

48、The lonely Chang-Tuan-Shu Signal Station.孤寂向晚的长短树信号所。

49、Testimonies of friends and acquaintances today portray the table tennis champion as a lonely and frustrated person who felt rejected by society.今天来自朋友和熟人的证词表明,这个前乒乓球冠军是一个感到孤独、沮丧,和被社区拒绝的人。

50、My fondness of English has been developed since my childhood. Being the only child, I was lonely, with no one to play with.我对英语的兴趣是从小就开始培养的,身为独生女是很孤独的,从小就没有人可以陪我玩。

经典英文句子51:孤独的很丧的短句,51、I sit here in my lonely room… Oooooh!我坐在这里,在我孤独的房间… 哦!

52、Even people who spent just a few hours a week on the Internet experienced more depression and loneliness than those who logged on less frequently, the two-year study showed.两年的研究表明,上网次数多的人与较少的人相比,即使是一周仅上网几小时也会经常地感到到沮丧和孤独。

53、Objective To study the relations between life events and loneliness among medicos , and to explore the effects of loneliness emotion on coping styles.目的了解医学院大学生的生活事件与孤独之间的关系,探求孤独情绪对于应对方式的影响。

54、Strip away the huge salary and the executive jet, and you find much solitary misery.剥掉高额薪水、喷气式飞机的外衣和你会发现的很多孤独的痛苦。

55、If they are not healthy and strong enough to live alone, they live in special homes for old people.他单独居住和是非常怏怏不乐的因为他是很孤独的。

56、It is good to be lonely, for being alone is not easy. The fact that something is difficult must be one more reason to do it. - Rilke.孤独是好事,因为孤身一人并不容易。一件事很困难也是去做这件事的理由。——里尔克。

57、But it can be done--unless non-autistic people are far more limited than we are in their capacity to relate.是的,这需要你付出很多的努力,但是这是可以做到的--除非非孤独症的交际能力很低。

58、People that desire to create and enterprise do a lot to build the world, but it’s often a lonely and frustrating path.一心想创作或创业的人们总是做很多去构筑他们心目中的世界,可这通常是一条孤独而沮丧的道路。

59、Some women could be going undiagnosed.在这样的妇女中,有些很有可能有孤独症而没有被诊断出来。

60、The vertical smoke is lonely in the great desert.垂直的烟在大漠中是孤独的。

61、Unfortunately, moving to a new city without any of the people you know can be lonely at first.不幸地,到了一个新城市,没有认识的人,一开始会很孤独。

62、I had something to prove, but they all had something to do.我感觉非常地孤独,我要证明一些事,但是他们都很忙。

63、The heavy wind always in the city, the lonely people always go home later.这城市总是风很大,孤独的人总是晚回家。

64、Thomas Hobbes (1588 - 1679): "The life of a man (in a state of nature) is solitary, r, nasty, brutish, and short."“托马斯霍布斯( 1588 -1 679)说: ”生活中的一名男子(在自然状态) ,是孤独,贫困,污秽,粗暴,和短“ 。

65、He is used to collective life and feels very lonely when he is left alone.他习惯于集体生活,只剩下他一个人的时候,他就感到很孤独。

66、"In the future, " he writes, hauntingly, "it will be difficult to die alone. "他鬼气森森的写到,“未来我们将很难孤独终老。”

67、He was very lonely and, dreamed urgently to be a real boy.匹诺曹很孤独,他多么希望自己成为一个真正的小男孩呀。

68、Even people who spent just a few hours a week on the Internet experienced more depression and loneliness than those who logged on less frequently, the two-year study showed.两年的研究表明,上网次数多的人与较少的人相比,即使是一周仅上网几小时也会经常地感觉到沮丧和孤独。

69、Though life on the dusty world was desolate, Owen and Beru weren't entirely without friends.虽然在这个尘土世界的生活很孤独,但欧文和贝露并非完全没有朋友。

70、Those who stayed face r working conditions, insufficient training and isolation.那些留守人员则需面对很差的工作条件、培训不足以及与孤独等挑战。


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