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关于”学习的有哪些“的英语句子40个,句子主体:What are the learning。以下是关于学习的有哪些的初三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:What are the learning


1、What foreign language did Shige learn in university besides English?


2、Which course is the most difficult one for us?


3、There are many diffferent methods of learning English, what's your choice?



11.20% students knew about the contents of nutritional breakfast.



5、Where can I learn how to shuffle?

天哪,你能别那么嚷嚷吗?这儿可有人要 学习。

6、Gosh! Would you stop screaming like that! People try to study here.


7、Please say something about local folk custom. Which is good tradition for inheriting? Which is outmoded customs and habits, how to change?


8、After you have memorized the positioning of the keys and know which fingers are used for which keys, you will have the ability to type.


9、some are “left-brain” students, others “right-brain.

想赞助观光者找到留宿的处所, 英语学习机有哪些供给旅游指南,冲破那些相沿守旧的观光线路?

10、Want to help travelers find lodging, vacation packages, and those routes off the beaten path?


11、What are some of the terms related to this change in negotiation tactics found in the news article linked above?


12、Where did you learn to recite like that?

地区应考虑不但是哪些世界上共同性的区域,而且要借由 GSE 让他们来发现哪些相异区域并加以学习。

13、Districts should consider not only areas of the world with which they share commonalities, but also diverse areas they can discover and learn about through GSE.


14、And as far as right now, just study hard, learn the material that will help you succeed.


15、What course have you taken in English Secretarial Studies?


16、Tell me what English-leaming books you have.


17、We from what respect from macroscopical and microcosmic from short-term metaphase long-term content of what respect study flows?


18、What teaching strategies can be used to promote students' interest?


19、Dianetics class will tell you where these notions come from.


20、Tell me what English-learning books you have.

21、Districts should consider not only areas of the world with which they share commonalities, but also diverse areas they can discover and learn about through GSE.地区应考虑不但是哪些世界上共同性的区域,而且要藉由GSE让他们来发现哪些相异区域并加以学习。

22、Read on to learn more about how pay cuts may vary, and how they could affect you.阅读本篇文章学习减薪有哪些途径,以及将会对你产生什么样的影响。

23、What challenges have you faced in planning your district assembly?你在规划地区讲习会时面临哪些困难?

24、What are some of the vocabulary words we can learn from the news article linked above?那么该键接的新闻中又有哪些词汇可供咱们学习的呢?

25、Whichprogramming language you learn and use does not matter.你学习或使用哪一种语言关系不大。

英文句子26:,26、What vegetables have we learned?我们学过哪些蔬菜?

27、Which school are you in?你在哪所学校?你学习什么专业?…

2. What subjects do you …


28、Anki has no such research focus. Instead, Anki's developer is working to develop spaced repetition software specifically for Japanese.anki没有这些研究目的,它是为了学习和记忆日文而开发的学习软件。

29、Languages come easily to some people.语言学习对有些人来说手到擒来。

30、There are young working Singaporeans who hope to learn the Malay language but have little idea where such courses are available.本地有不少踏入社会工作的年轻人都希望学习马来文,却不一定晓得有哪些机构开办相关课程。

31、MARTIN: And he's a student. He's studying at the university. Where are you from, Susan?马丁:他是学生。他正在大学学习。你是哪儿的人,苏姗?。

32、Learning never stops. Life is our school, and there are things to learn everywhere we go.学无止境,生活就是我们的学校,走到哪里都有我们可以学习的事物。

33、What changes happened to you after studying here?你来欧美达学习后发生了哪些变化?

34、Now we know what color is a dark color which is light-colored, the following began to study this new painting, "encaustic scratch."现在我们知道了哪些颜色是深色哪些颜色是浅色,下面就开始学习这种新的画法“刮蜡画”。

35、Sometimes these hobbies cange in the way of schoolwork…有时候这些爱好会妨碍学习。

36、The slippers are worn out. Change them for me, please.拖鞋坏了, 学习机哪种好请给换一双。

37、Which tutorial school do you attend?你就读哪一间补习学校?

38、Some of them do, but too many study circles are less than ideal.一些学习圈是做到了,但是有太多的学习圈与理想状态相差甚远。

39、you must learn from others who have that programming!你要向那些拥有良好程序的人学习。

40、Where does Bose have vertical bamboo flute to study?百色哪里有洞箫学习?。

41、Knowing whatNOT to include is more important in learning design than knowing whatTO include.在学习设计过程中,知道 不包括 哪些内容要比知道 要包括 那些内容重要得多。

42、It is, of course, nonsense to suggest that a geographical accident of birth might correlate with a congenital inability to learn foreign languages.不过,暗示出生在哪里与学习语言的先天性能力之间有什么关联,未免有些荒唐。

43、Some scientists are beginning to look seriously at just what benefits patients may derive from spirituality.有些科学家开始认真研究病人从心灵学上能获得哪些益处。

44、What automatable chemistries can replace or be substituted for manual chemistries?自动化化学可以替代哪些或是替代哪部份的人工化学。

45、Who are some of your favorite children's book authors today?当今,你最喜欢的儿童文学作家有哪些?

46、Which of them are learned thus, and which only contextually, will vary from person to person. Some certainly, e. g. 'sake', will be learned only contextually.这些词中的哪些是这样学会的,哪些是通过语境而学会的,这将是因人而异的。

47、Always remain eager to learn; you never know what knowledge or capability will push you up in your career.一直保持学习的愿望,你永远不知道哪些知识和能力会将你的职业推向前去。

48、Then I review it in my head, trying to figure out what went wrong, trying to learn from my mistakes.然后我就在脑子里回想这些不好的事情,找出哪里不对头,从错误中学习。

49、In which school do you study?翻译为你在哪所学校学习?青云英…

50、Logs pin-point where a student is within coursework. Easily locate specific course, student, date and module activity access.可以监控学习者浏览过哪些课程,可详细显示学习者的活动状况。

经典英文句子51:学习的有哪些,51、Sometimes these hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork.有时这些爱好会妨碍学习。

52、I would like to study, but I don't see how I can with all these worries.我想学习,但是带着所有这些忧虑我不知道怎么能够学习。


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