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10 words of gratitude.。

英文句子模板1:10 words of gratitude.


1、Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 28 points,

10 rebounds, and

1 lonely assist.


2、Laboratory tests conducted in Turkey have confirmed detection of the H5 subtype of avian influenza virus in samples from an additional

10 patients.


3、Results The estimated mean risk was

10 -5 to

10 -3 per serving.

10 -5~

10 -3 /餐。


4、Bain surveyed

1,471 luxury customers in more than

10 cities across China, who named Rolex, Omega, and Cartier as the three brands they are most likely to purchase.



5、He is "the God of all grace."(

1 Pet.5:




6、On board was a crew of

10 Italians,

5 Romanians and one Croatian.


7、The harmonic language is like a gloss on Bernstein, or tepid Copland (in his “Tender Land” mode).


8、The blank we should type name of company should be with the Customs Registered Code which is

10 number.


9、From an assembly language perspective, Listing

10 provides the pseudo-code.

10 提供汇编语言伪代码。


10、My name is Emma Green.


11、Thank you for your letter of October

10 for business copiers.



5:10 As an example, brothers, of suffering evil and of long-suffering, take the prophets, who spoke in the name of the Lord.

10 弟兄们,你们要把那曾在主名里说话的众申言者,当作受苦和恒忍的榜样。


13、In Listing

10, you see the RSpec form of an assertion.

10 中,出现了一个 RSpec 形式的断言。


14、I was touched to find, in the two pages of polite, preliminary acknowledgements of debt, my own name.


15、Here's a list with

10 of the most famous real-life superheroes.


16、The joint mission by the ROK side of

14 and

10 U. S. experts.

箴言第八章 10-11 节 你们当受我的教训,不受白银;


8:10-11 Receive my instruction, and not silver;

18、Do as you would be done by (己所不欲,勿施于人)

19、10 use of the dynamic generation of sunshine, a combination of fashion and technology design language, both in appearance and interior design, are very sophisticated elegant.



20、Brian O'Conner:Yeah, so now you owe me a

10 second car.

21、Today's verse says"Each of you should use whatever gift he has received to serve others faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms" (今天的经节说到:“人人要照自己所得的恩赐彼此服事,作上帝各种恩赐的好管家”(彼得前书

1 Peter

4:10 NIV).


22、There are 65 torch bearers in the relay, including 本次传递共有65名火炬手,包括10名妇女。

10 women.

23、Four out of 每10名澳洲人里就有4名是移民或移民的第一代子女。

10 Australians are migrants or the first-generation children of migrants.

24、To begin with, starting from 首先,托雅从xx月份的10名全职教师起步,先后经历了11名、14名、20名、25名、40名,最后增长到了xx月份的48名。

10 fulltime teachers in January, the number of Toya teachers increased gradually to



20, 25, 40, and eventually reached 48 in December.

25、Kobe Bryant scored 22 points (10-for-17), but it seemed like twice that.科比·布莱恩特17投10中得到22分,但看上去更像是得了44分。

英文句子26:,26、Dealer Account Name (first 经销商帐户名(前10个)


27、I left no stone unturned ... We won our trials 邓恩说,“我竭尽全力了...在10个月前我们获得了资格赛胜利。

10 months ago.

28、The 36-member team includes 24 ethnic Tibetans, 36人组成的团队包括24名藏族、10名汉族、1名土族和1名土家族。

10 Han Chinese,

1 from Tu ethnic group and

1 from Tujia ethnic group.

29、“Don’t bore the public with mysterious designs, ” Mr. Noorda once said, and he put that dictum into practice.Noorda先生曾说:“别用神秘的设计让公众感觉索然无味”,他把这句格言付诸实践。

30、About 在非洲,10名癫痫患者中大约有9名得不到治疗。

9 out of

10 people with epilepsy in Africa go untreated.

31、Certified RUP specialists can be justifiably proud of their accomplishment.认证后的RUP专家能够名正言顺的为他们所取得的成绩感到自豪。

32、Kahn has never been anything if not outspoken .卡恩向来都是坦率直言的。

33、10 years later my business card is a bit less crafty, but it does have something in common with that first card, a concern with designing for anything that moves.xx年后我的名片没有这张这么滑头,但确实有一些,与我第一张名片所共通的,一些关于运动的感悟。

34、October 1998, Barnes claimed that aliens landed a man in his garden and abducted him while he was sleeping.xx年xx月,巴恩斯一名男子声称外星人降落在他的花园里并趁他熟睡掳走了他。

35、McCain was quick to knock down the lie.麦凯恩迅速的戳穿了这个谎言。

36、The 2009 downturn had a huge impact on the silicon foundry market and the top-10 rankings.xx年的金融危机对晶圆代工市场和前10名排名榜的排名产生了巨大冲击。

37、Sao Paulo from last year's No. 21 this year became the first 圣保罗从去年的第21名一跃成为今年的第10名。


38、This year the Agile Manifesto celebrates its 今年人们庆祝了敏捷宣言发布10周年。

10 year anniversary.

39、A nomination form must be personally subscribed to and signed by at least 每份提名表格须由最少10位提名人亲自签署表示同意提名。

10 subscribers .

40、I and drivers to 我和司机去10(乡名)下乡了。

10 (rural) of the countryside.

41、"In the beginning we were lucky if we had 一开始如果我们有10人,我们就觉得很幸运。 “邓恩说。

10 people, " Dunn said.

42、I thought about the words from 我想到了彼得前书的4章10节里的话:各人要照所得的恩赐彼此服侍,作神百般恩赐的好管家。

1 Peter

4:10: Serve one another with the particular gifts God has given each of you as faithful dispensers of the magnificently varied grace of God.

43、“Don’t bore the public with mysterious designs,” Mr. Noorda once said, and he put that dictum into practice.Noorda先生曾说:“别用神秘的设计让公众感觉索然无味”,他把这句格言付诸实践。

44、Acts 21:徒二一

10 And while we remained there many days, a certain prophet named Agabus came down from Judea.

10 我们多住了几天,有一个申言者名叫亚迦布,从犹太下来。

45、Yeah, so there's, I guess there's about 是的,所以这儿有,我认为这儿有名列前十的风景名胜。

10 sights that are the top

10 things.

46、The 每组一名优胜者。经过23名裁判员的投票,10名优胜者的名单将于xx月xx日国际消除贫困日公布。

10 winners, one for each category, will be announced on October

17, which is International Day for Poverty Eradication, after voting by a 23-member judge panel.

47、And ten more students have been confirmed to be infected with the A /H1N1 flu virus at a primary school in Beijing.北京的一所小学,又有10名学生被确认感染了甲型H1N1流感病毒。

48、Ocular itch recurred after ceasing SDG in 停用SDG后14名患者中有10名出现眼结膜炎复发。

10 of

14 patients.

49、They knew Enzo by name.他们知道恩佐的名字。

50、None of the remaining 剩下的10名患者均未出现食物嵌塞;

10 patients had a food impaction;

经典英文句子51:感恩的名言10句,51、It's like a 10-hour makeup job in 感觉像是在10秒钟完成10小时的化妆工作。

10 seconds.

52、That’s 易言之,每周20小时并坚持xx年。

20 hours a week for

10 years.

53、Along with Beatriz, there were 跟 Beatriz 一起在同一家医院诞生的还有

10 other children born in the same hospital and during the same month whose cause of death was listed as ear infection.

10 名儿童,同月均死于耳道感染。

54、PATIENTS: A total of 401 children (aged 6-10 years) with uncomplicated cold or flu.病源原先历:总计401位6-xx岁纯正患感冒或流感的儿童。

55、Grice's final maxim, manner, demands that conversation be unambiguous, but Orville's tall tales bend the meanings of words for humor; he plays with words and images.格莱斯的最后一句格言,方式,要求是毫不含糊的谈话,但恩奎斯特的身高故事弯曲的含义为幽默的话,他扮演的言论和图片。

56、Beyonce leads the nominees with 歌后碧昂斯以10项提名领跑提名榜。

10 nominations.


10 - Plica semilunaris (third eyelid)

第10名 -- 半月皱襞(第三眼睑)

58、Lian Yue, a well-known columnist with “Shanghai Weekly, ” has been giving love advice for ten years.连岳,《上海一周》上知名的专栏作家,当过xx年情感顾问。

59、Sean: The “writing fast” advice is some of the best advice I have as a writer, by far.肖恩:关于如何“快速写作”的忠告,是到目前为止我作为一名作家最有发言权的。

60、Create a plug-in project named com.example.classictalk.interop.managers (Figure 创建一个名为 com.example.classictalk.interop.managers 的插件项目(图



61、Thank you for your letter of October 感谢贵方xx月xx日关于商用复印机的询函。

10 for business copiers.

62、Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain: Increases damage done by Mind Flay when SW:P is present by 10%.暗言术:痛铭文:当目标受到暗言术:痛的影响时,精神鞭笞效果提高10%。

63、Gardner Holdings is up 10% while Hahn import/export is down 加德纳公司的股票上升了10%.而哈恩进出口公司的下降了



64、During the voyage, 38 men and 38名男子和10名妇女死在途中。

10 women died.

65、Birmingham cannot finish higher than their current position of ninth as they are 伯明翰在仅剩2场比赛的情况下已经无法超越他们当前第9的排名了,他们差前面的埃弗顿有10分之多。 伯恩利上个礼拜正式降级,他们只为荣誉而战。

10 points behind Everton with just two matches to play.

66、washingtonpost.com moved out of the top washingtonpost.com跌出前十,从第十名降到今年的第12名。

10, dropping from #10 last year to #12 this year.

67、Ruby, the second most popular name for girls in 2009, was ranked 91 places lower Ruby在xx年度最受欢迎女孩名中排名第二,而xx年前的名次要靠后91位。

10 years ago.

68、Cor. 林前十

10:10 Neither murmur, just as some of them murmured and perished by the destroyer.

10 你们也不要发怨言,像他们有些人发的,就被灭命的所灭。

69、Shanghai and Beijing were among the list‘s top 上海和北京曾入选 xx年第一届10大“最具幸福感城市”,但此后均名落孙山。

10 the first time around, in 2007, but have since fallen off.

70、On average, eight million of these carriers a year will develop active TB, and each will infect between 平均每年有800万名带原者会发展成结核病,而每名结核病患每年会感染10~15人,造成结核病持续流行。

10 and

15 more individuals annually, maintaining the pandemic.

71、It showed that about 表明未接种疫苗的儿童7%患麻疹,相比接种疫苗的

7 in 100 children who hadn't been vaccinated got measles, compared with only

3 in

10, 000 who had been vaccinated.[6]

10 000名儿童中仅有3人感染了麻疹。

72、He was proud and domineering (v. 他骄傲且盛气凌人(9节),并且用恶言妄论奉主名来访的弟兄(10节),或许甚至包括对保罗。

9), and he spoke against those who came in the name of Christ (v.

10), probably even Paul.

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