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关于”e开头“的英语句子50个,句子主体:Beginning of e。以下是关于e开头的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Beginning of e


1、RESULTS The method was proved to be selective for the separation of cefepime hydrochloride, its degradation products and E-isomer.

结果:头孢地尼与其副产物、降解产物及E 异构体分离良好。

2、Results :The method was proved to be selective for separation of cefdinir, its by-products, degradation products and E -isomer.


3、We started sending e-cards as well as e-mails, engaged in e-commerce (through e-tailers like eBay), and bought and sold shares on ETrade.

然后,使用箭头键选择要启动的内核,并输入 E 编辑内核行。

4、Next, select the kernel that will boot with the arrow keys, and type E to edit the kernel line. You'll then see something like Figure 2


5、Finally, Sony representatives said they will proactively support the development of third-party lenses and adaptors for the E-mount.


6、Don't people just love the word T-E-L-E of "tele, " which means far away?


7、EGOAS(E-Gov Office Automation System) developed is with the r practicality and obstructs our country"s E-Gov Affairs building seriously."


8、Generally, 0.65 is orifice outflow, 0.65 is weir flow, where e—height of the aperture, H 1—upstream depth above the weir.

老麦克唐纳有一农场电子i e i o.在他的农场有四头猪,i - e - i - o.

9、Old MacDonald has a farm.E-i-e-i-o.On his farm he has four pigs,E-i-e-i-o.


10、By the way, the notes are D, E and G. Assuming that your MP3 player is in tune.


11、e. how nice to hear from you again.

de:“d” 选项使 Snort 侦听并显示应用程序层的数据,而 “e” 显示链接层包报头。

12、de: The "d" option causes Snort to listen and display application-layer data, and "e" displays link layer packet headers.


13、Water month E carefree cachinnation:"Good heavens, the boy of wood house you how talk similar to those old mans, methodical and scrupulous?"


14、We discussed here the reason why the kanamycin and Cefotaxime can influence the differentiation of capsicum E.

这其中包括支付给电视录像制作人、字幕书写者和Diana E. E. Kleiner—她负责耶鲁大学开放课程—所说的“质量保证”的费用。

15、This includes the cost of the videographer, generating a transcript and providing what Diana E. E. Kleiner, who runs Open Yale Courses, calls “quality urance.”


16、Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is developing a new interchangeable-lens digital SLR (single lens reflex) within the Olympus E-System.


17、That which is irreducible to the self begins to come into focus e-e-e-e and a way of expressing this is to say e-e-e-e which is perhaps in some way or another a mask or a simulacrum of he-he-he-he.

对于特定 e-Commerce 站点的开发和 e-Commerce 站点中使用的第三方的软件开发是很实用的。

18、It is directly applicable to the development of specific e-Commerce sites and to the development of third party software used as an infrastructure in e-Commerce sites.

结论是:不要使用双引号来指定以 -e 开始的一行程序脚本参数。

19、The bottom line is, don't use double quotes to specify your -e one-line script argument.

缺省情况下,这会尝试展开以 'e' 开头的路径名;此目录中的结果应该是 $ cd edin。

20、By default, this will attempt to expand the pathname beginning with 'e'; the result in this directory should be: $ cd edin.

21、The virtual stores will be open between November 1–11. To promote the virtual reality shopping experience, Chinese e-commerce giant is planning to distribute150,00 VR headsets.虚拟商店将在xx月1号到11号开张。为了促销虚拟购物体验,中国电子商务巨头计划分发15万头戴设备。

22、Blossom, it is a season. E already can't afford E squandering of life.花开花落,又是一季。涐已经挥霍不起涐的生命。

23、The E-BOM (Engineering-BOM) is a powerful implement for development of new types of motorcycles, while the M-BOM (Manufacture-BOM) forms the basis of an overall plan for development of a new model.E -BOM主要运用于新机种的开发和频繁的派生机种的开发。E -BOM是机种式样管理最有力的工具之一,是机种开发总体规划的基础。

24、Opening the e-form in the Document Manager portlet在 Document Manager portlet 中打开电子表单

25、Open the e-form in the Document Manager portlet在 Document Manager portlet 中打开电子表单

英文句子26:,26、Copyright by Metallurgical Machinery Goods & Materials CO. Shantou S. E.汕头经济特区冶金机械物资公司版权所有。

27、E from the Oracle expect, Nuisance you can, read E sad unexplored behind the words, the rise of a strong smile, bow their heads silently in tears.珴从卜奢望,冇人能够,读懂珴文字背后旳悲伤,擡头坚强微笑、低头默默流泪。

28、H-plane T-junction and E-plane transverse iris band p filters are used in the diplexer structure.双工器采用H面T接头和E面横向膜片波导带通滤波器。

29、The body_string() function used by the -dump switch earlier skips the messages headers, which are usually not interesting when you're looking at e-mail quickly.先前 -dump 开关使用的 body_string() 函数会跳过消息头,这些消息头在您快速浏览电子邮件时通常没什么价值。

30、e-GEOS and 4C will also work together on training activities and the development of applications.e-GEOS公司和4C公司还将一起从事培训活动和应用开发。

31、The verb tear, which goes back to Middle Engl. tere(n), had open long e, so that its spelling is justified.动词tear可以追溯到中古英语tere(n), 包含开元音长音e,因此它的拼写是合理的。 Tear(眼睛里的一滴水)有着同样的开元音长音e。

32、New gizmos (iPods, PDAs, e-readers, etc) fecilitating ‘anywhere reading’ have provided with much impetus. Sony Reader, Sony’s pint-sized e-book reader broke open the e-book market.新科技发明(iPods, PDAs, e-readers, 等等)已经为实时阅读提供了更多的支持,一个例证就是Sony Reader已经打开了电子图书的市场。

33、E. How nice to hear from you again. 口头通知或介绍情况:

34、German health authorities have not confirmed the source of E. coli.德国卫生当局目前还未确认大肠杆菌源头。

35、E. g. My friend has straight red hair.例如。我的朋友有一头直的红发。

36、Before the Copenhagen meeting Wulf Bernotat, the boss of E.在哥本哈根会议前德国能源巨头E。

37、E-mechanical products. Peripherals and computer technology development. E-mechanical products. Peripherals and computer technology development.电子机械产品。计算机及外部设备的技术开发。

38、Remove one socket pin head screw (C), three socket head bolts (D) and gear operator cover (E).拆卸一个灯头钉头螺丝(C),三个套筒头螺栓(D)和齿轮执行机构盖(E)。

39、They immediately started downloading HBGary's e-mails.他们马上开始下载HBGary的邮件。

40、B. She e threw a bone to the dog.她把一块骨头扔给狗吃。

41、Best Buy to open records "to" penetrate the giant British company's global e-retail is a "good" start: United Arab Emirates Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom.英国开放突破百思买公司的全球记录良好的开端电子零售巨头:TechRadar英国。 。

42、When users open a chat window with the bot, ImServiceListener.imReceived(ImEvent e) is invoked.当用户使用 bot 打开聊天窗口时,系统将调用 ImServiceListener.imReceived(ImEvent e)。

43、Highly-motivated E and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality.上进心强又可靠,并且身体健康,性格开朗E。

44、Results indicate that the optimum E E of the cutting area can be obtained when the forest road is constructed according to the corresponding road network density whose E E is approximate to 研究结果表明,按林道开发效率系数趋近于1时所对应的路同密度来修建林道,可获得最佳的伐区开发效率。


45、Lymphomas, leukemias, malignant melanomas, sarcomas all begin with that microscopic accident, a mutation in one cell: omnis cellula e cellula e cellula.淋巴瘤、白血病、恶性黑色素瘤和肉瘤都开始于极微小的事件——一个细胞发生了变异(用拉丁语说,就是omnis cellula e cellula e cellula)。

46、The e option includes link-level header information in the output.e 选项表示在输出中要包含链路层头信息。

47、Old MacDonald has a farm. E-i-e-i-o.On his farm he has four pigs, E-i-e-i-o.老麦克唐纳有一农场电子i e i o.在他的农场有四头猪,i - e - i - o.

48、E-commerce opens up new service areas.电子商务开辟了新的服务业领域

49、Only 仅在大肠埃希菌检出

1.4% of Ampc was detected in E. coli strains.


50、Au a lei e alla sua famiglia che siate felici e pieni di salute我祝愿 您 跟 您的 家人 开心 健康 ogni giorno, buona fortuna!

经典英文句子51:e开头,51、I didn't know what E=MC2 really was with mess mind.但E=MC2到底是什么? 我没有读懂,头脑中还是一片混乱。

52、In fact, Ideogramic is already developing a gesture-based modeling tool that targets a proprietary notation developed by e-GIP Software AG.事实上,Ideogramic 已经开始开发 基于手势的建模工具,其目标是 e-GIP Software AG 开发的专用表示法。

53、In 2006, as Head of e-Education, responsible for the development of the Performing Arts e-Learning programs.xx年转任学院的e-教育主任,从事开发和主理表演艺术e-教育及网上教育课程。

54、The global custom URL property is defined at the beginning of the e-form as shown in listing 全局定制 URL 属性在电子表单的开头定义,如清单


8 中所示。

55、E. g. He had blue eyes and fair hair.他有着蓝色的眼睛和金色的头发。

56、Have your enterprise developed e-commerce?贵公司是否开建立了电子商务系统?。

57、How to open e-payment?如何开通网上支付?

58、E Mao as a fan, a Miaoji mind.鹅毛扇这么一扇,一个妙计涌上心头。

59、" or to be more specific, how do you open your e-mail: "Dear Sir", "Dear Mr. Smith", "Joe" or none of the afore-mentioned.说得再具体点,就是你如何为邮件开头:“亲爱的先生”,“亲爱的史密斯先生”,“乔”还是其它。

60、He notifies the technical project lead that he can start on the work, which is easily accomplished by sending a link via E-mail.他通知了技术项目头头告诉他可以开始工作了,这只需通过电子邮件发送一个链接就可以轻松搞定。

61、E. g. I have a magnetic strip ID card.我在一家地带联合刚开。

62、The side effects of overdosing on vitamin E include nausea, loose stools, headaches, fatigue, even blurry vision!维生素E过量会产生一些副作用,包括恶心、拉肚子、头痛、疲劳,甚至还会导致视力模糊!


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