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关于”表达爱意的短句“的英语句子33个,句子主体:a short expression of love。以下是关于表达爱意的短句的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:a short expression of love

此外,不要引用经过改写的文句,即使距原意不远。 此种引用不论是以加引号之方式,或用自己的话表达重点都不可以。

1、Moreover, you should not present a close paraphrase from a source: either use the exact words with quotation marks, or put the point in your own words.


2、And they taught all of us who made Brokeback Mountain so much about not just all the gay men and women whose love is denied by society, but just as important, the greatness of love itself.


3、A display of pride (or shame), in other words, may be an evolved and innate behavioural response.


4、The delegation routinely expressed its desire that the Islands remain a part of Rydal.


5、Roy Hodgson has spoken of his respect for Danny Murphy who will captain Fulham on his Anfield return this evening.


6、Thus giving a REAL meaning to the expression " Holy Cow " ?


7、We all communicate our love, support and appreciation in different ways; sometimes the signals can get a little mixed and the wires a little crossed.


8、The visual aspects of the brand, such as logo design, no longer communicate what they were meant to convey.


9、t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.


10、As I have tried to show, modern writing at its worst does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer.


11、Talk of the pair's nuclear-missile submarines sharing patrols is likely to remain just that.


12、In Japanese expressions, the explicit and implicit meanings can be betrayed by means of language expressions, poise and manners and exchanges of conventional greetings.


13、In 19th century England, the expression came to mean an undependable statement. It was used mainly to describe an idea. But sometimes it was used about a person.


14、Syntactic awareness means the individuals' ability to reflect on the structure of sentences, which is an important part of metalinguistic awareness.


15、Objective: To study the significance of metallothionein expression in bladder cancer.


16、Nosy Be, which means "big island" in Malagasy , is Madagascar's largest island.


17、Note the hooded eye, particularly evident in this very sweet mare imported from Italy owned by Amrita Ibold.

在 JRules 中使用一个词汇表表达业务规则,其中的词汇和短语来自底层的 Business Object Model (BOM)。

18、Business rules within JRules are expressed using a vocabulary of terms and phrases that are derived from an underlying Business Object Model (BOM).


19、Without deixis , it is almost impossible to understand the meaning of any stretch of language.


20、It might be delicately written in curlicue letters on a flower covered card or poignantly stated in the modern manner.

21、ConclusionThe change of CDK4 expression may have prognostic significance in OSCC.结论 CDK4在OSCC中的表达变化可能具有预后意义。

22、Interest, attention and drive are all expressions of libido.兴趣,注意力及欲望驱力,都是力比多的表达。

23、We are representing the hope of the people in Batu Sapi and in Sandakan.我们是代表山打根和巴都沙必以表达他们的意愿。

24、Objective To examine the expressions of CK10an d CK19in tissue -engineered skin and normal human skin.目的观察角蛋白CK10和CK19在组织工程皮肤和正常在体皮肤的表达,并探讨其差异表达的意义。

25、’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.爱你的人如果没有按你所希望的方式爱你,那并不代表他们没有全心全意地爱你。

英文句子26:,26、Friendly Affection, Hostility and His Unitarity:Discussing Delhi s "Return the Illusory Image Friend""友爱、敌意与他者的单一性——论德里达的“幻影朋友之回归”

27、'Jil Sander was Bertelli's baby, ' says Ferraris, former Jil Sander chief executive.“吉尔•桑达公司是贝尔泰利的主意,”吉尔•桑达原总裁费拉里斯(Ferraris)表示。

28、It took me several years to fully understand the deep meaning of hula that expresses the love of life and of the islands in an exchange of blessings and love between the dancers and the audience.几年过去了,我终于完全理解了草裙舞的深层的意义,它在舞者与看者之间的爱和祝福的交换中, 表达了生命与岛屿的爱。

29、The female consciousness of Zhang Ailing is showed in her narration .张爱玲的女性意识,就在她的叙事中表现了出来。

30、Also note that the expression (syntax k) in datum->syntax-object is necessary but essentially meaningless.另外注意,datum->syntax-object 中的 (syntax k) 表达式是必需的,但是意义不大。

31、This can result in reduced concentration, a need for instant gratification and r non-verbal skills, such as the ability to make eye contact during conversations.这会导致人的注意力缩短,得到即时满足的需求增加,非语言表达能力变差,比如在对话过程中的眼神交流能力。

32、I honestly believe Christian Purslow has been open and honest with us.我当然相信帕斯洛这次所表达出来的诚意。

33、Language ideologies are briefly discussed, focusing on the way linguistic features (lexicon, phonology ) can serve non-linguistic purposes such as signifying ethnic and national identity.我们简短讨论语言意识形态,焦点放在语言特征(词汇、音韵学)可达成非语言目的,例如表现族群或民族认同。

34、Each star in the sky symbolizes one reason why I love you.意指「每颗星都代表著我爱你的一个理由」!

35、But although this new production is tailored to young people, it's still the clic novel. That means we'll be seeing a lot of the.然而,尽管新版红楼是为年轻人量身定做,它始终是改编自名著。这就意味着我们将看到很多关于林黛玉体弱多病以及复杂的爱情表达的表演。

36、This is what I mean by reality-driven development.这就是我想通过“现实驱动的开发”所表达的意思。

37、On the basis of TTT curves, the kinetic expresses were modified to get the mathematic mode.根据TTT曲线的物理意义,对动力学表达式进行数学变形后得到了TTT曲线的数学表达式。

38、Actually, I don't think there was any need to guess. Mr. Henrich's meaning was clearly "Respect others if you want to be respected."其实也不用去猜了,亨利克先生那几句课堂训词已经把他的意思表达得很清楚:尊重他人的权利,就是尊重你自己!

39、"People are entitled to express their views in whichever way they wish," Salt said.“人们有权表达他们的意见,”索尔特声称。

40、You can enter a constant or any JSF expression.您可以输入一个常量或者任意 JSF 表达式。

41、Today hundreds of schoolchildren gathered to pay their respects.今天,上百名学生聚集在孔庙前表达他们的敬意。

42、The friend left these pictures as an homage to the painter.那位朋友留下这些画,来表达对画家的敬意

43、Based on X-SQL query language, we present a path expression optimization algorithm, which reduces the length of path expression efficiently and improves the query efficency.在X-SQL的基础之上,本文提出了基于路径缩短规则的路径表达式优化算法,有效地减少了路径表达式查询的长度;

44、Just because someone doesn't love you the eay you want them to, doesn't mean then don't love with all they have.爱你的人,如果没有按你的方式爱你,那并不代表他们没有全心全意的爱你。

45、We don't feel that expressing opinion is a criminal activity.我们不认为表达意见是一种犯罪活动。

46、Tan Ziwei directly to HongSheng expressed his love, and coerce HongSheng, if not promised to withdraw investment, let a drone program cannot continue.谭子薇向洪声直接表达了自己的爱意,并要挟洪声,如果不答应会撤走投资,让无人机项目无法继续进行。

47、I'd like to give you this gift card to show our appreciation.我想送妳这张礼卷储值卡,表达我们的谢意。

48、At the meeting, deputations from 会议上,十七个关注组织的代表就该项目表达了不同的意见。

17 concerned parties expressed diverse views on the proposal.

49、Human expression is an expanding consciousness that hosts many colors of expression or thought - forms and can ume any shape necessary unto the experience of a particular creation.人类的表达是一种持有众多表达或思想形态色彩的扩展意识,可以呈现出对一个特定造物经历而言所必要的任意外形。

50、In the English language, there is no fixed grammatical form to express the future tense but only many devices to ex-press the future meaning.英语中没有表达将来时的特定语法形式,只有表达将来意义的各种方式。

经典英文句子51:表达爱意的短句,51、There was no significant difference in the positive expression rate and positive expression intensity of CCR3 in decidua and chorionic tissues between two groups (P>0.05).两组CCR3的表达阳性率及阳性表达强度比较,差异均无统计学意义(P>0.05)。

52、The "will to live" dies in the non-fulfillment of the life expression.在无实现的生命表达中,“生活的意志”死亡。

53、演说者举臂,捶桌,顿足以表达他的意思。The speaker gesticulated by raising his arms, pounding the desk, and stamping his foot.

54、Being lack of expression consciousness, farmers are weak in claim their interest, or claim ineffectively, which affects their own interest and the rural reform, development and stability.囿于利益表达意识的缺失,农民经常无力表达、消极表达,不仅影响到农民根本利益的维护和实现,也制约着农村的改革、发展和稳定。

55、This can result in reduced concentration, a need for instant gratification and r non-verbalskills, such as the ability to make eye contact during conversations.这会导致人的注意力缩短,得到即时满足的需求增加,非语言表达能力变差,比如在在对话过程中的眼神交流能力。

56、What I have noticed is that the words for the shadow side are about pain.我注意到,表达跟宽恕的意思相反的词都是与痛苦有关的。

57、Unnecessary miscommunication. – Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Speak clearly. Ask questions. Clarify things until you understand them.没有必要的误解-说你要表达的意思。清晰的表达。提出问题。把事物分类直到你能理解他们。

58、Objective To investigate the expression and significance of P73 in colorectal carcinoma.目的:研究P73在大肠癌中的表达与临床意义。

59、I would like to express our gratitude on behalf of the Kindergarten for your patronage.仅此向你表达我校仝人无尽的谢意。

60、Do you know what "to bury the hatchet" means?您知道「埋葬短柄小斧」(意即和解)代表什么?

61、After predestining in the previous life,just to change this life the one slip away.【汉语,:前世的五百次回眸才换来今生的擦肩而过

62、The speaker gesticulated by raising his arms, pounding the desk, and stamping his foot.演说者举臂,捶桌,顿足以表达他的意思。

63、Jonathan Glazer has a distinctive visual style, and he is in no hurry.祖纳芬基里沙拥有独特的视觉型格,他并不急于在短时间内表达一切。

64、,just to change this life the one slip away.【汉语,:前世的五百次回眸才换来今生的擦肩而过

65、Be in demesne in software world, the opinion of most person expressed enormous commercial will.在私有软件世界里,多数人的意见表达了巨大的商业意志。

66、Clic character and novel sculpt of Jijia. Express your personality.经典的品质和富有创意的造型,表达了你的品质。

67、Language ideologies are briefly discussed, focusing on the way linguistic features (lexicon, phonology) can serve non-linguistic purposes such as signifying ethnic and national identity.我们简短讨论语言意识形态,焦点放在语言特徵(词汇、音韵学)可达成非语言目的,例如表现族群或国族认同。

68、For the P-SV wave travel time, it also can be expressed exactly by a three-term Taylor series in short or moderate spreads.SV波的传播时间也可用三项泰勒展式表达,在中等及短排列长度时可达到一定精度。

69、Note also the thickened, shortened, and fused chordae tendineae that represent remote rheumatic heart disease.注意腱索变厚、缩短、粘连,这是风湿性心脏病的表现。

70、Chinglish expressions, most of which are just word-to-word translation, have attracted attention from the English-speaking world.中式英语 表达法在英语中引起了人们的注意。 这些表达法大多都只是字对字的字面翻译。

71、Please accept this little gift as my esteem for you.奉上这小小的礼物,以表达我对您的崇高敬意。

72、School authorities said the pictures are intended to spread the message that students should observe proper dress codes.对于此举的意图,学校表示在于传达一个信息,希望学生都能遵守学生守则、注意仪表。

73、The once strong, vibrant man was reduced to a sheet clad patient who tried to communicate his love to her through hall-shut eyes.这位昔日强壮、活力充沛的男子汉,现今竟沦为一个被床单包著,尝试以半合的眼睛向妻子表达爱意的病人。

74、There are ten telling points. the most telling witness.在拜访这家公司时,他表达了一个十分重要的意见。

75、广告的意思是想表达 这个巧克力将会一直在你的生活里 OKWAP Online Service ~ jiajia

英文句子模板76:a short expression of love,76、Detection of epidermal growth factor receptor mRNA in peripheral blood of cervical cancer patients .表皮生长因子受体在膀胱癌非肿瘤黏膜中的表达及意义。

77、And the implication of flowers and paintings will be unparalleledly ilrated in some of her special design.此次以独特设计体现花意与画意的另类表达。

78、He paid his last respects by standing quietly at the graveside.他静静伫立在墓旁表达他最后的敬意。

79、我写这封信是为了表达我对„„的谢意 i would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for。

80、The environment will be structured to increase LXG's opportunities to comment, notice and express other intentions.布置环境,以增加LXG 评论、注意和表达其他意图的机会。


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