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关于”环保“的英语句子58个,句子主体:Environmental protection。以下是关于环保的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Environmental protection


1、When we decided to investigate the relationship between corporate green performance and reputations, Earthsense and Trucost were the obvious partners.


2、The Secretary for the Environment and the Director of Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau co-chaired the annual JWGSDEP meeting on December



3、Low sulfur and low aromatic solvent oils should be produced to meet the more strict environment protection requirements.


4、He thought going green just meant being good to the earth; he didn'trealize it meant fessing up too.


5、Activists acknowledge the bank is doing more to counter environmental problems but argue that more action is needed.


6、International trading includes importing and distributing environmental techniques and energy-efficient facilities, also exporting mental products.


7、More and more people in China have realized the advantages of such bags and started using them.


8、The outstanding contribution has made Trane as the energy-saving and environment conservation model of the industry.

环保性: 免漆绿色环保产品,无需刷(喷)漆,避免因多次施工而造成对家居环境的人体的伤害。

9、Environment protection: Green products with no need of painting (spraying), avoiding the harms on home environment and human bodies caused by constructions for many times.


10、"Reuse is always more environmentally sound," says Puckett.


11、First China Plastic Environmental Protection Industry & Cyclic Economy Discussion Meeting.


12、Low smoke, zero halogen and flame ant sheath.


13、Other main products are: building waterproof coating , high-performance green latex paint, green paint and other decoration.

吃素! 环保! 行善! 救地球!

14、Be Veg. Go Green. Do Good. Save the Planet!


15、Do you think Muji is environmentally friendly?


16、Individuals: Actors and filmmakers keep the environment in mind when choosing roles and projects, they use their status to call attention to issues, and they financially support environmental causes.


17、Now, greenery is in vogue.


18、What could be greener than plants?


19、"Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Office of Project";


20、To strengthen national public environmental awareness building and improving the national environmental lifestyle is a long-term, arduous task.

21、And it is not possible for local departments and environmental protection agencies to take up cudgels against the higher authorities.要当地环保部门和环保机构“动真格的”,去对抗更高的当权者简直是痴人说梦。

22、Korea J-ETECH Co. Ltd. is a professional environmental protection company with many environmental protection technology patents.韩国J-ETECH公司是一家专业从事环保行业的公司,拥有多项环保技术专利。

23、Tony Juniper is an environmental campaigner, the Green party's candidate for Cambridge and supporter of Do the Green Thing's "Amazero".托尼·朱尼帕是环保活动家,剑桥的绿色党候选人,做环保事的“Amazero”支持者。

24、If I was an environment protection worker, I would enact the law of environment protect strictly and check the pollution with all my perseverance.如果我是个环保工作者,我一定严格执行环保法,锲而不舍地治理污染。

25、Yonker is committed in developing environmental-friendly thermal power generation to promote recycling economy.致力于发展环保热电,推广循环经济模式。

英文句子26:,26、"Green laws" in China are driving polluters inland from coastal regions to escape higher costs and tighter scrutiny, Reuters reported a Chinese think-tank as saying on Wednesday.《路透社》引据一中国智囊团报道说,环保法使得中国的污染企业从沿海转移到了内地,以逃避高额的环保费用和严格的环保审评。

27、Bold green is used as an expression of Longyou's commitment to clean technology standards and environmental awareness.用醒目的淡绿色清晰的表达并承诺了企业的环保技术标准和环保意识。

28、The growing environmental awareness impose to packaging films and process both user-friendly and eco-friendly attributes.日益增长的环保意识强加到包装薄膜和过程的两个用户友好和环保属性。

29、Liaoning Environment Protection Bureau. Environmental Quali. ty Report of Shenyang. 2001—2005, 150.辽宁省环保局。 沈阳市环境质量报告书(2001—2005)。

30、Family energy conservation environment protection technologies and products such as green lighting, energy-saving home appliances and house products, etc.绿色照明、节能型家电、环保节能家居等家庭节能环保技术与产品;

31、The author introduced the detection method of these micro-substances and the knowledge about environmental standards and label of textiles.此外,文章还介绍了有关纺织品的环保标准和环保标签方面的知识。

32、The water retention of Nostoc flagelliforme would change with environmental conditions, and it was relatively strong in the dark or weak light.发菜的保水力随环境而变,在阴暗或弱光照的环境中具有较强的保水力。

33、In the control group, fibrous anulus was intact.对照组保持纤维环完整。

34、To promote the environmental awareness amongst staff and residents of the island and keep the policy publicly available.向本署职员及喜灵洲居民推广环保意识及让公 知悉环保政策。

35、A magnetic protecting plate and a magnetism ring are arranged in the protecting pipe;在保护管内有 一磁保护板、磁环;

36、The General Rule of Environmental Protection Use Period of Electronic Information Products to be released by MII will give some nationwide applicable guidance.信产部的《环保使用期限通则》将给出全国统一的环保使用期限指导意见。

37、And as consumer demand for eco-friendly products grows stronger, we investigate the truth behind the claims made by the manufacturers.另外,随著环保产品的需求提高,我们来看看这些产品是否真的环保。

38、Production of non-woven fabric shopping bags.生产不织布环保购物布袋。

39、We should use the environmentally friendly bags.我们应该使用环保袋。

40、Real environmental protection can be smelled!真正的环保是可以闻得见的!

41、The key to the problem is to ure the stability of water ring.保证水环的稳定性是水环输送的关键。

42、For the uninitiated, eco-fashion is a process of creating garments with environment friendly techniques and processes which are non-hazardous to the environment.对于外行可以这样说,环保时装是一个用环保技术和对环境无害的工序来生产服装的过程。

43、The deep insight into the EP ads transmission will not only have certain theories meaning in it, but also have instructive and evaluative points of the effect that betters the transmission.随着环保广告传播研究的深入,不仅对环保传播具有一定的理论意义,而且对优化环保广告传播效果具有指导和借鉴意义。

44、And Malmö claims to be even greener.而马尔默声称自己更环保。

45、Some environmentally-friendly cars are really expensive.一些环保汽车十分贵。

46、During the six-year course occupied in environmental protection, I found so many shortcomings existed in nongovernmental environment organizations.我在从事环保xx年的过程中,发现了太多民间环保组织的不足之处。

47、The company is the enterprise of energy—saving , environmental protection and recycling economy.公司是萍乡市节能、环保、循环经济试点的企业。

48、At the same time, we should strengthen the environmental protection personnel, strictly enforce the law, increase it input, and reduce the monitoring cost.同时,要加强环保队伍建设,严格执法,加大对环保的投入,减少监测成木。

49、We are an environmentally friendly company as we manufacture recycled toner.Lexon Technologies, Inc.是一家环保型公司,主要生产可循环墨粉。

50、Our company mainly produces motivation Tongkat Ali environmental oil Tongkat Ali dynamic environmental oil, a drop of the benefits the world!我公司主要生产东革亚里动力环保油 东革亚里动力环保油, 一滴而益天下 !

经典英文句子51:环保,51、Barbecuing here is environment-friendly.在这里烧烤有益于环保。

52、BOSSC Specialized environmental protection cleaning technology.博思创-专业环保清洗技术。

53、Low smoke, zero halogen flame ant sheath.低烟无卤阻燃护套,环保。

54、Environmental protection: environmental protection products of green paint, no brush(spray)paint, to avoid repeated construction of the home environment and causing harm to the human body.环保性:面漆绿色环保产品,无需刷(喷)漆,避免因多次施工而造成对家居环境和人体的伤害。

55、It's the quietest story in environmentalism.这是最和缓的环保故事。


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