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1、In the study of literature, the pupils copied and imitated various types of myths, epics, hymns, lamentations, proverbs, and essays in both the Sumerian and the Babylonian languages.


2、Pandaren are at heart a pacifist race, emphasizing the fine arts such as poetry and singing, although out of necessity they do have a warrior sect.


3、I'll hang the ode high up on the precipice of the remote mountain, let it flutter in the wind. I'll make the ode accompany the cheerful birds, twittering and echoing in the valley.


4、That's the case marvelously in this poem, and I'd be happy to talk about particular examples with any of you who'd like to work through it.


5、As an artistic embodiment, quite a few sad melodies of matrimony and love in The Book of Songs·Guofeng reflect to some extent the real historical situation.


6、As reflected in poetry cry, repent, and look up and praise all point to "you", and "you" condescension of the Incarnation in order to visit this s position.


7、Metaphor is traditionally viewed as a rhetoric device, and is employed in all kinds of writings such as poetry, prose, drama, scientific and other non-literary writings.


8、With regard to the differences, the poetry in the Wei-jin and Northern-southern Dynasties compare one vision image with another vision image, emphasizing formal resemblance;


9、As poetry reaches deeply into the innermost efforts of men and women to create and reflect, it has the capacity to sustain dialogue amid the diversity of human expression.


10、Playback of local songs and search local songs by title, al and singers.


11、Yet the Greek poet, like a sunbeam, touches the terrible and austere Memnon's Column of myth, which proceeds to give forth Sophoclean melodies.


12、Han Hong, a singer gles, for her fans.


13、The experience of art, the experience of poetry, and the reconciliation of conflicting needs results in a kind of catharsis, a "calm of mind, all pion spent".


14、I think it stands to reason to ume that this figure of Galileo is of some importance to Milton and the workings of the poem.


15、We have the god of poetry, Pbus Apollo himself, who makes an appearance, and he chides Milton for being so concerned with earthly fame -- more on that later.


16、The song form is vogue in Tang Dynasty because of the development of Yan music, and it provides rich source for musical tune.


17、Heaney also spoke admiringly of Milosz's "fierce conviction about the holy force of his art, how poetry was called upon to combat death and nothingness."


18、Swiss culture is mostly expressed in music, dance, poetry, wood carving and embroidery. There are also a great number of regional and local rites demarcating times of the year.

与传统“意境说”不同,翁方纲提出了“事境说” ,关注诗歌的叙事传统,并在前人的基础上进行了总结。

19、WEN Fang-gang raised and summed up "the narrative characteristics of poems", which was different from"the mood of poems", on the basis of forefathers.


20、Frost as a narrator, in these great poems I'm describing, frames his people's words minimally, with few bits of narrative information.

21、We have the god of poetry, Pbus Apollo himself, who makes an appearance, and he chides Milton for being so concerned with earthly fame -- more on that later.这里诗歌之神,科巴士·阿波罗, 露面了,他责备弥尔顿,这么在意世俗的名声--下面再谈这个问题。

22、And do not use commonly heard expressions or poems, such as "Roses are red, Violets are blue; sugar is sweet and so are you. " Just be yourself.此外,不要采用那些耳熟能详的话或诗歌,如“娇艳的紫罗兰,鲜红的玫瑰,甜蜜的糖,就像你一样的美。”做你自己。

23、Ambiguity refers literally to doubtfulness or uncertainty in expressive meaning of the text. An expression may contain multiple meanings, and this is an important technique of poetry.“复义”概念指文本的表现意义模糊而不确定,一项陈述会产生多种意义,它是诗歌表现的重要技巧之

24、Through examples given in the thesis the author points out that it is true there exist some drawbacks in Xu Yuanchong's poetry translation practices.通过本文给出的例子,作者指出虽然许的翻译仍有某些不足之处,但是,他绝大部分诗歌翻译实践是成功的。

25、Pound and Imagism As the father of modernism which is the main stream of literature in the twentieth century, Ezra Pound definitely plays a predominant role in the evolution of modernist poetry.作为现代主义之父,艾兹拉·庞德在诗歌现代化进程中扮演着举足轻重的角色。

英文句子26:,26、The author prudently discusses the reason, contain and aesthetic meaning of Longyou period, in order to exhibit the special feeling course of Du Fu.本文以审慎的态度,探讨陇右诗歌悲苦色彩之形成缘由、蕴涵及其美学意蕴,并进而展现杜甫独特的心路历程。

27、"Shenxian songs" is a sacrifice Suite of the Southern Dynasties. It was included in the "Qing Shang Qu Ci" of the "Bureau Poems" which was edited by Guo Maoqian.《神弦歌》是南朝时期祭祀民间神灵的组曲,在郭茂倩编辑的《乐府诗集》中被列入“清商曲辞”中。

28、The experience of art, the experience of poetry, and the reconciliation of conflicting needs results in a kind of catharsis, a "calm of mind, all pion spent".艺术的体验,诗歌的体验,还有对相互冲突需求的协调,让人得到精神的发泄,得到“平静的精神,耗尽的热情“

29、Ordinary language strives for clarity and accuracy while poem language strives for ambiguity and indeterminateness, even beauty obtained from flexible use of words having different understandings.普通语言讲究语义的准确明晰,诗歌语言则具有模糊性和不确定性,甚至极力追求义有多解的弹性美。

30、For the barriers of characters (language), in most time, in front of poetry from different nations, we could only feel the mystery and looking at the mystery perplexedly.因为文字(语言)的障碍,在更多的时候,面对不同民族的诗歌,我们只能心怀神秘并怅望神秘。

31、It had many well-known names , such as Central Plains Nine Songs , Mythological Nine songs, Folk Nine Songs and Chu-ci Poems Nine Songs .关于《九歌》之名,来源甚古,传世的就有“中原九歌”、“神话《九歌》”、“民间《九歌》”和“楚辞《九歌》”。

32、According to the Dunhuang Tibetan literature document, Tibetan Eulogy Poem is a widespread literary form and it is similar to the civil harmonic type and Lu poetry type.根据敦煌藏文文献记载,在吐蕃王朝时期王公贵族中非常流行这一文体,与民间谐体或鲁体诗歌属同类。

33、In talking about poetry, Aristotle was covering the whole field of literature since, in his time, the writing of prose literature was a comparatively recent innovation .他所谈论的诗歌涵盖了整个文学领域的内容,因为在他那个时代,散文是一种相对说来比较新的文学体裁。

34、The first chapter argues that the appearance of the Xikun Group is inevitable historically in term of the social cultural background and the tendency of the poetry.第一章首先从社会文化背景和诗歌发展规律两个方面论述了西昆体的出现是一种历史发展的必然。

35、Xu Yuanchang's theory of "three beauties" and Prof. Yan Desheng'"logical translation theory", the author explores how to retain the artistic conception of poems in translation.本文基于许渊冲教授的“三美”理论和阎德胜教授的逻辑翻译理论探讨诗歌翻译中的意境再现。

36、But as long we can understand the King James Bible, this four-century-old book will be seen as the voice of God — and the highest poetry of man.但只要我们还明白国王版《圣经》,那么,这本四百年高龄的书,依然是上帝的声音——人类诗歌的最高成就。

37、Frost as a narrator, in these great poems I ' m describing, frames his people's words minimally, with few bits of narrative information.作为一个叙事者,弗罗斯特在我所说的那些伟大的诗歌中,最低程度地用框架框住人的语言,夹杂着少许叙事的信息。

38、For that which is boundless in you abides in the mansion of the sky, whose door is the moring mist, and whose windows are the songs and the silences of night.因为你无穷的心灵潜力乃是居住在苍穹的华厦中,它以晨雾为门,以诗歌和夜的静谧为窗。

39、Anybody who looks at Greek mythology and Greek poetry, and Greek stories sees there is a powerful influence coming into Greek thought from mainly the Mesopotamian direction.任何浏览过希腊神话,诗歌和故事的人,都能发现来自美索不达米亚的文化,对希腊思想的巨大影响

40、It is generally agreed by the academy that Dai Wangshu didn't isolate his poems from Chinese original traditions although they were noticeably influenced by western modernism.学术界一致认为戴望舒的诗歌受到明显的西方现代派的影响,其实它也没有脱离中国传统。

41、Because Lan Qinghua during his time as County Master did not use that talent, remained utterly ignorant of poetry, for that reason he was stripped of his black County Master hat.因为,蓝庆华当县太爷是用非所才,他对诗歌更是一窍不通,所以要把他的县太爷的乌纱帽摘下来。

42、Do a poetic singer, like writing, but not end the crashing, occasionally to vacate a space, the heart of the release of free grace calmly, and hear the wind sing;做一个诗意的歌者吧,喜欢文字,但不颓蘼,偶尔腾出一片空间,释放自由的心,优雅从容,且听风吟;

43、Another check was in the same mail, sent from a New York weekly in payment for some humorous verse which had been accepted months before.同一批邮件里还有一张支票,是从纽约一家周刊寄来的,是一首幽默诗歌的稿酬,十块钱,几个月以前采用的。

44、There are lots of different ways to get there, whether you're a hunter or somebody who likes to take a stroll through the woods and read poetry.她说:“实现可持续性的方法多种多样,你可以是个猎人,或者是个喜欢林中漫步、阅读诗歌的人。”

45、The flavor of excellence in a translation is as intangible as that in a poem…but the badness, error or inaccuracy in a translation is not hard to expose.译文的美妙之处如同诗歌的意境之美一样难以明确------但译作中的谬误、差错以及拙劣之处却容易露馅。

46、The play by the contents can be divided into comedy, tragedy and drama are; according to the forms can be divided into drama, opera, ballet, opera, drama, mime, etc.舞台剧按内容可以分为喜剧,悲剧和正剧;按表现形式可以分为话剧,歌剧,舞剧,诗剧,戏剧,哑剧等。

47、It is a position that he has, broadly, stuck to, although he also points out that some of his best poetry has been first written in Igbo.大体上,这就是他所坚守的立场,但他还指出自己最好的一部分诗歌是用伊格博语进行的首次创作。

48、you are still the one乡村女歌手shania twain的歌。

49、Olympic Song :"Olympic Anthem"It is a song of Ancient Greece.奥林匹克会歌:《奥林匹克圣歌》古希腊歌曲。

50、We often describe poetry as the "singing of the human soul, " and literature as the "Pure Land of the soul. " Yet dust can settle in even the purest of lands.我们常说诗是人类灵魂的歌声,文学是人类心灵的净土,然而至净之土,也是尘泥所聚。

经典英文句子51:诗歌,51、I read him poems and stories, sometimes riddles--though I stopped reading those when I saw he was far better at solving them than I was.我给他念诗歌和故事,有时也念谜语--不过后来我不念了,因为我发现他解谜语的本领远比我高强。

52、The poem tells the story of an heroic princess who forswears the world of men and founds a women's university where men are forbidden to enter.这首诗歌讲述了一个英雄主义般的公主发誓抛弃世间的男人,建立了一所不允许男人进入的女子大学。

53、This was an old custom south of the Yangtse, which apparently originated very early and was most popular in the period of the Six Kingdoms, * as we see from the songs of the time.采莲是江南的旧俗,似乎很早就有,而六朝时为盛; 从诗歌里可以约略知道。

54、The thesis first ilrates the necessity and importance of aesthetic consciousness in poetry translation as well as the reasons for the choice of Jing Ye Si as the study case.本文首先说明审美意识在诗歌翻译中的必要性和重要性以及选择《静夜思》为研究对象的原因。

55、In churches the rood loft is a display gallery above the rood screen, and a choir or organ loft is a gallery reserved for church singers and musicians.教堂中的圣坛阁楼是圣坛屏上面的展示廊;唱诗班和管风琴阁楼是为教堂的歌手和乐队留出的楼座。

56、This was an old custom south of the Yangtse, which apparently originated very early and was most popular in the period of the Six Kingdoms,* as we see from the songs of the time.采莲是江南的旧俗,似乎很早就有,而六朝时为盛;从诗歌里可以约略知道。

57、The difficulty of the poem lies to a great degree, I think, in something that Dr. Johnson had noted in his attack or in his criticism on Lycidas that I mentioned on Monday.诗歌本身的难点很大程度上,在于约翰逊博士在他对利西达斯的,抨击中提到的一些点。

58、The feeling and spirit expressed through these images in Huang Jingren's poems represented the spirits of literati in the middle of Qing Dynasty to some degree.黄景仁诗歌通过这几个意象所表现出的心态和精神,在一定程度上代表了清中期文人的精神世界。

59、Yes, there is a Nirvanah; it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem.世间有涅磐;它指引你的羊走向绿油油的草坡,它安放你的仔躺进被窝,它帮你完成最后一行诗歌。

60、The singer belted out a song.歌手引吭高歌。


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