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关于”好玩的句子游戏“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Fun sentence game。以下是关于好玩的句子游戏的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Fun sentence game

1、People might buy a Nintendo console to play Mario Bros., but few would buy one of that was all they could do with it. 人们可能会买任天堂游戏机来玩《马里奥兄弟》这款游戏,但假如这款游戏机只能玩这一款游戏,估计没什么人会掏腰包。

2、You have your play and your playmates. 你有你的游戏、你的玩伴。

3、If your opponent decides to give chase, then that is good. You will be able to get a bunch of free shots in, because of your range, and your opponent will not be able to harm you. 假如游戏玩家你的敌人决定追击,那么好,游戏玩家你将得到机会白打敌人很多下,由于游戏玩家你的射程,敌人不会伤害到游戏玩家你。

4、The Swarm support power is a great counter to the Mastermind, and you can run into problems when using the Mastermind yourself. 蜂群召唤游戏技能能够非常好的对抗摄魂师,同时在游戏玩家你游戏玩家你自己使用摄魂师的时候也有可能因此陷入麻烦。

5、Also, before you try it, I've been playing mmos since 2004 and I've played 6 different ones. 他声称自己也是玩儿网络游戏的。玩儿过6个游戏。

6、See the people came to the garden, there are two other sense, of the first two sentences are from the lack of a word, they invited three ladies play crossword puzzle. 众人来到亭园,见有两句题诗,两句的第叁个字皆从缺,他们邀请叁位夫人玩填字游戏。

7、If you build a superweapon early on, it can sometimes be better to hold your ground and wait until it is charged. 假如游戏玩家你早早地建造了超级游戏装备武器,游戏玩家你最好坚守阵地直到它充能完毕。

8、We would play in the surf. 我们还可以玩玩电脑游戏。

9、Now you can join in on the fun episodically. 这游戏当然要和好友一起玩才有趣。

10、The leaders of both sides direct forces along the battle line to gain tactical advantages. The first player to win three adjacent Flags or any five Flags is the winner. 游戏的目的是争夺战线中的旗子(换句话说,就是争取己方在战线上的优势),如果其中一位玩家在他的行动结束时可以拿下相邻的三面旗,便以突破获得游戏的胜利;

11、We spent many hours playing 'shelf-ball。 我们会花很多时间玩一种叫做“架子球”的游戏。

12、They might be fun, but they can take up way too much time. 电子游戏可能挺好玩,但是会占用你很多时间。

13、I yell at my sons and let them play too much GameCube, but I'm still a good mom. 我有时候会对我儿子嚷嚷、我放任他们玩电子游戏机,但我仍旧是个好妈妈。

14、Onlooker play: child takes an interest in other children's play but does not join in. 看别人玩:孩子对其他孩子的游戏很干兴趣,但是并不和他们一起玩。

15、Bartz joked that her task was "playing Wendy to the Lost Boys of Autodesk." 巴兹曾戏言她的任务是“与Autodesk迷失的孩子玩游戏(playing Wendy to the Lost Boys of Autodesk)”。

16、But they cared nothing for marbles, or circus, or swimming, or anything. 可是,他们对石头弹子、马戏、游泳等一切游戏都不感兴趣了。

17、Cunningness is starting to play gwases. 狡猾正开始玩游戏。

18、Don't crazy on playing compacter. 别迷恋玩电子游戏了。

19、Some of you may enjoy doing crossword puzzles, and perhaps doing crossword puzzles a couple hours a day is enjoyable. 有人可能爱玩填字游戏,也许每天玩几小时的,填字游戏,依然让人兴致盎然。

20、Now, you are playing with words, old man. 好了,你这是在玩文字游戏,老头。

21、Rachel: Alright, c'mon! (Miserably) Let's play Twister! 好了,来吧!(可怜地)咱们来玩扭结游戏吧!

22、S7: My mother says I can play basketball after school with friends if I want. 这个游戏用来培养学生用词连句的能力。

23、I used to play hopscotch with other children when I was young. 在我小时候,我曾和其他小孩玩“跳房子”游戏。

24、Jim enjoys crosswords puzzles. 吉姆喜欢玩拼字游戏。

25、I have a … please guess what it is. 这个句型时,陈老师又用了一个猜测游戏。


26、Then she sewed them closed and off the kids went to play bean bag toss for hours of unplugged fun. Pictures are below 然后她把这些填满的手套或袜子封口缝好,和她的孩子们玩了好几个小时的丢豆子投包游戏,享受“不插电”的乐趣。

27、Kids had lots fun using the plastic hammers to identify flashcards. 孩子们快乐地使用玩具槌子进行闪示卡游戏。

28、Haynes: Toss the ball around , play grab-ass in the yard? 希斯:你们在院子里玩球,玩抓人的游戏吗?。

29、Hamilton loves wordplay. 汉密尔顿喜欢玩文字游戏。

30、Tom is playing hopscotch with the girls. 汤姆在和女孩子们玩“跳房子”游戏。

31、Our company played musical chairs again, and I was the one left seatless. 我们公司又玩抢椅子游戏了,而我成了最左边那个没有椅子的人。

32、The children are playing what they call "cat-and-rat". 孩子们在玩“猫抓老鼠”的游戏。

33、Can playing hide-and -seek really teach a child about manners? 玩抓迷藏游戏真地能教会孩子们懂得礼貌吗?

34、Still have time, what we want to play? 还有时间,想玩什么游戏呢?

35、and (what's another one that I play...) Well, those are my favorite ones. 我还玩过什么游戏来着……)那些是我最喜欢玩的游戏。

36、Five children playing Monopoly always ended in tears. 五个玩棋牌游戏的孩子总是以眼泪汪汪告终的。

37、2170 - Maths Play: Have fun with numbers! 数学游戏:有趣的数字!

38、The original computer timewaster has been superseded by the more alluring temptations of the web. 这款曾经的消耗时间的电脑游戏,现在已经被网页上有趣的小游戏取代。

39、In a study of 14-year-olds, those who played frequently had a larger "reward centre" in their brains than those who played less often. 在一项针对xx岁青少年的研究中,比起不常玩游戏的孩子,那些玩游戏比较频繁的青少年大脑中有个一个更大的“奖赏中心”。

40、He got up and went to the jacks and came back, and watched her sleep. 他起床玩抓子游戏然后回来看她睡觉。

41、Tech Centers: Tech Centers are always you First priority target. They gain you the most money when sold and give you the biggest advantage over your opponet. 高科: 高科永远是游戏玩家你的首要目标。当游戏玩家你卖掉的时候,他们提供给游戏玩家你最多的钱,并且能够给游戏玩家你提供对敌方最大的优势。

42、You can also encourage play therapy if your child is old enough to act out roles with dolls or stuffed animals. 如果孩子年龄足够大,可以玩角色扮演或者玩偶游戏了,你可以鼓励他通过玩游戏来释放感情。

43、Diarmuid: I play the piano. 我玩电子游戏。

44、All normal children, everywhere, enjoy playing and pretending. 所有正常的孩子,无论是哪国的,都喜欢玩儿过家家类角色扮演的游戏。

45、Get sunlight and fresh air. Engage your mind in a puzzle: jigsaw puzzles, sudokus, or crossword puzzles. Listen to music. Make music. Quiet your mind chatter. 享受阳光和新鲜的空气。 玩游戏:拼图游戏,数独游戏或填字游戏。听听。

46、It gets taken over by children. They are skating. They are doing street plays. 街道被孩子们接管了:他们溜冰,玩街头游戏嬉戏,完全的免费,完全的属于孩子们。

47、Let's play the Musical Chairs. 让我们玩音乐椅的游戏吧。

48、Most players don't bring Stealth Detection with their APCs, so, if you are fast enough, you have at least 80% of chance to have you base back. 大多数游戏玩家都不会让APC带着探隐单位,因此,假如游戏玩家你够快,游戏玩家你有至少80%的机会夺回基地。

49、If you happen to get Shadow Team rushed, move your MCV toward the blue tiberium as soon as possible. 假如游戏玩家你碰到影队快攻,尽快移动游戏玩家你的MCV到蓝矿去。

50、For example, you can incorporate playtime with meal time and other recurring activities throughout the day. 比如,你可以在吃饭时玩游戏,也可以把其他日常活动与玩游戏相结合。


51、只是玩玩游戏. Let's have a water fight,would you like to join us?

52、A group of children were dressed to play charades. 一群孩子穿着夜礼服在玩字迷游戏。

53、They want the player to really feel what the characters are feeling, so everything is sorta real. 这款游戏会让玩家真正与游戏人物产生更多的互动,整个游戏将会给人非常真实的感觉。

54、Gifts Articles, Toy and Games, Decorative Mirros, Fairy Boxes, Award Winnings. 采购产品礼品,玩具和游戏,装饰的镜子,仙女盒子,颁发胜利。

55、Associative play: now more interested in each other than the toys they are using. 联合游戏:比起玩具,孩子对彼此更加感兴趣。

56、The netbook/e-reader/handheld gaming wars just got a bit more interesting. 这个上网本+电子书阅读器+手持游戏机越来越有趣了。

57、For the most part, they play electronic something. 他们大都玩电子类的东西,像电子游戏啊之类的。

58、They stole kisses as they bumped into each other in their tiny kitchen. They finished each other’s sentences and shared the daily crossword puzzle and word jumble. 他们在小厨房里错身而过时偷吻;他们说完彼此的半截句子;他们一起玩拼字和字谜游戏。

59、On the far side of the street, two boys were playing marbles. 在街道的那一边,两个男孩在玩弹子游戏。 %。

60、When you play Chutes and Ladders, do you complain about all the chutes and all the ladders? 当你玩梯子滑道游戏时,你抱怨过所有的滑道和梯子吗?

61、He played catch with his son in the backyard. 他在后院里同儿子玩传接球游戏。

62、Games in the Park-Football, Play and Feeding the Ducks. 公园里的游戏——踢足球,玩耍,喂鸭子。

63、The children squared off the footpath to play hopscotch. 孩子们在人行道上划方格玩“跳方”游戏。

64、Play the Bingo Game. 玩宾果游戏。

65、Let's have a water fight, would you like to join us? just playing. 我们与你打水仗好吗?只是玩玩游戏。


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