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关于”端午节的诗句“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Poems of the Dragon Boat Festival。以下是关于端午节的诗句的高考英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poems of the Dragon Boat Festival

1、Wake up to the material, like now in death sent without pain drunk. 聊一笑,吊千古。

2、Weak makeup thick had JiJue lake, two. 菖蒲角黍家家节。

3、Glass last year with depth. 试浇桥下水。

4、Truman Lamentations qu yuan, 1000 years meaning not rest. 精魂飘何在,父老空哽咽。

5、Boating competitions are held here during every Dragon Boat Festival. 端午节是纪念中国诗人屈原的节日。

6、the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 garlic 蒜 dragon boat 龙舟

7、于端午节的习俗About the Dragon Boat Festival custom.

8、The Dragon Boat Fsetival is in summer. I eating zongzi. It is good to rowing dragon boats. 端午节是在夏天。我吃粽子。这是很好的端午划龙舟。

9、Is it Dragon Boat Festival? 它是在端午节吗?

10、Eg:The Dragon Boat Festival is in memory of a Chinese poet, Qu Yuan. 端午节是纪念中国诗人屈原的节日。

11、端午节的由来 Origin of Dragon Boat Festival

12、Painting, and girded WanShan open shade clothing, summer afternoon wind qing. 儿女纷纷夸结束,新样钗符艾虎。

13、Wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy. 祝端午节快乐。

14、In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival and many another name, such as: Summer Festival, Bath Festival, daughter of festival, festival days, and Prince, poet, etc. section. 此外,端午还有许多别称,如:夏节、浴兰节、女儿节,天中节、地腊、诗人节等等。

15、Dragon boat festival is also called Duanwujie. 端午节又叫做龙舟节。

16、FuEr, FuEr applogized back, "ghost" operators in mind how knowledge? 相思十二时。

17、000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar. 端午节快乐!

18、Children are Chai end, new way of glory operators YiHu. 早已有,游人观渡。

19、Dust socks, 1x infinite fresh LuoXue jadelike stone che sweet ice muscle. 游船且莫催归楫,遮莫黄昏,天外有新月。

20、The Dragon Boat Festival custom to eat dumplings: Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi, this is the Chinese people and a traditional customs. 端午节习俗至吃粽子:端午节吃粽子,这是中国人民的又一传统习俗。

21、Choi wisp of Jun XiangJing BaiYuTuan ubisoft's cast. 逝者良自苦,今人反为欢。

22、Meal drink chrysanthemum morning dew, life not sip. 与龙争角黍,无乃谤湘累。

23、Spring Festival (春节) Lantern Festival (元宵节) Dragonboat Festival (端午节) MidAutumn Festival (中秋节)

24、No effect is custom, but dragon unlikelihood emotions philips wine words. 鬓丝日日添白头,榴锦年年照眼明。

25、The Dragon boast festival (or Duanwu Festival) is coming soon, this year, it will be on Monday, 6th June. 端午节就快到了,今年的端午节是xx月xx日星期一。


26、This is similar to the Tang Dynasty poet Yan Yao fan's "Dragon Boat Festival Day": "Youth Festival times passionate, and growing old Who knows emotion health. 这正如唐代诗人殷尧藩的《端午日》:“少年佳节倍多情,老去谁知感慨生。

27、Enterprise not like dance skirt red. 无人知此意。

28、端午节就是龙舟节,所以它的英文是Dragon Boat Festival,端午节快乐就是Happy Dragon Boat Festival

29、No one know this idea. 歌罢满帘风。

30、The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. 端午节, 端午节,也叫端午节,是在第五根据中国历xx月初五庆千百年来, 祝。

31、Deep courtyard enterprise to vomit. 画帘开,束衣纨扇,午风清暑。

32、Dragon Boat Festival this day, this day people eat rice dumplings, as well as dragon boat races 龙舟节,端午节经常或端午节,是一种传统的中国节日对中华历xx月xx日举行。

33、After all, spirit is dead wave section often bath aram. 彩缕碧筠粽,香粳白玉团。

34、The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. 端午节的龙舟比赛是传统习俗,试图抢救爱国诗人楚元。

35、Commonly, it's considered that the Dargon Boat festival was produced to remember the ancient poet Quyuan. 一般认为,端午节是为纪念古代的爱国诗人屈原而产生。

36、“端午节” 意译为 The Dragon Boat Festival,在端午节可以在前面加介词 on。

37、Hard to picture place, aroused waves, fly between lake snow. 画鼓喧雷,红旗闪电,夺罢锦标方彻。

38、Township plot meaning; And with JiLv before, there is. 涨绿池塘,翠阴庭院,归期无据。

39、The Dragon Boat Festival , also called the Duanwu Festival , is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. 端午节,又称端午节,是庆祝第五个月的第五天,根据中国的历法。

40、Spirit already yi, all year song has ever up Samuel dear vibration. 扬枹击节雷阗阗,乱流齐进声轰然。

41、In memory of the poet, the Dragon Boat Festival is still held every year on the anniversary of his death. 为纪念这位诗人,每年在他的祭日人们都要过龙舟节(端午节)。

42、The flow Qian cui wei officials, JieGan male life jennair points. 先鸣余勇争鼓舞,未至衔枚颜色沮。

43、——宋 卢祖皋《小龙吟 淮西重午》下阕 "Little LongYin LuZuGao song HuaiXi XiaQue ChongWu" 深院榴花吐。

44、So far, CangJiang cast rice save hunger. 遗风成竞渡,哀叫楚山裂。

45、Dragon Boat Festival Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival on May 5 is the hope of the harvest after the planting day. 端午节 夏历xx月xx日端午节是插秧完毕后祈求康年的日子。

46、关于端午节的习俗 about the dragon boat festival custom.

47、Dragon Boat festival memorializes the Chinese poet Qu Yuan. 端午节是为了纪念中国诗人屈原所设立的节日

48、In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival has many nicknames, such as: good afternoon, section, fifty, May Day, bath orchid, sections, days, to la, poet, dragon, etc. 此外,端午节还有许多别称,如:午日节、重五节,xx月节、浴兰节、女儿节,天中节、地腊、诗人节、龙日等等。

49、000 years, wave soul after the JiaoShu mouthwatering? 又说是蛟馋龙怒。

50、端午节快乐 [词典] Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


51、The Dragon Boat Festival is happy! 端午节愉快!

52、Section points since who statement, everlasting prayer rumored for qu yuan. 堪笑楚江空渺渺,不能洗得直臣冤。

53、Yi colour, see the opposite heart qi faren, wave dragon boat. JiJue. 难画处,激起浪花,飞着湖间雪。

54、What floating spirit, elder empty SOB. 至今仓江上,投饭救饥渴。

55、High reward for lunch date, ci poems in faraway section sequence. 榴花不似舞裙红。

56、JingDu legacy into ChuShan crack, tabbies. ——宋 苏轼《屈原塔》 song su shi "qu yuan tower" 好酒沈醉酬佳节,十分酒,一分歌。

57、Water play fish dragon, li jie draw shade. 凌波无限生尘袜,冰肌莹彻香罗雪。

58、Huan river dam flow, the city may flat boat float person photograph colored. 灵均何年歌已矣,哀谣振楫从此起。

59、Duanwu Festival is also called Dragon Boat Festival. 端午节又称龙舟节。

60、Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 端午节快乐!

61、Ask next year that night, a eyebrow where, as people crescent moon? ——宋 卢祖皋《小龙吟 淮西重午》下阕 "Little LongYin LuZuGao song HuaiXi XiaQue ChongWu" 深院榴花吐。

62、We eat rice dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节有三天假期。

63、Everything old RongKui dressed injury, coagulation laugh wall eastward. 酒杯深浅去年同。

64、Officer dress also famous, the dragonboat festival was well majesty. 细葛含风软,香罗叠雪轻。

65、Entire family happy peace and good health 祝你端午节快乐!

66、lovesickness. ——宋 李石《长相思 重午》 LiShi "long ChongWu song of acacia 醉看葵柳怀旧事,馋思樱笋梦吾庐。

67、And say Jiao chan dragon anger. 把似而今醒到了,料当年醉死差无苦。

68、I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival! 祝端午节快乐!

69、Today, Dragon Boat Festival! 今天端午节!

70、端午节有关的英语单词 端午节 the Dragon Boat Festival 龙舟 dragon boat 粽子 rice dumpling 屈原 Qu Yuan


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