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关于”句子成分“的英语句子5个,句子主体:Sentence components。以下是关于句子成分的初中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Sentence components

1、Anyone remember how to distinguish sentences from arguments? 谁还记得怎样区分句子和论点?

2、When you have two otherwise complete sentences that you want to connect to form one long sentence, use a semicolon between them. 当你想把两个完整的句子连接成一个长句时,可以在它们之间加一个分号。

3、Can you construe this sentence for me? 你能给我分析一下这个句子的结构吗?

4、D. Boys and girls like the name. III. 句子理解:(5分)

5、1】Decisions of the Security Council on procedural matters shall be made by an affirmative vote of nine members. 分析:该句在结构上是一个相对简单的句子,但如果我们按照原文的句子结构死译,就可能被译成:"安全理事会有关程序事项的决议应该由九个理事会成员的可决票进行表决"。

6、Condensethis paragraph into a few sentences. 把这段文字简缩成几个句子。 。

7、The generation rules make up of the major knowledge resource of XMGEN, which include five submodules: Sentence, Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase. 生成规则构成了XMGEN的主要知识源,共分五个子模块,分别实现句子、名词短语、动词短语、形容词短语和副词短语的细化生成。

8、Neighbor: component expressing scene, subsidiary material and components of peripheral factors in a sentence. 邻体:句子中充当动作的情景、辅助材料及外围基因的成分。

9、The shallow parsing theory is applied to partition Chinese sentence parsing into three procedures:TAG, CHUNK, BUILD and CHECK. 文中运用浅层句法分析理论,把汉语句子分析划分为标注、组块、构造和检查三个过程。

10、Put each of the following two sentences together by using relative clauses. 1. This is the most magnificent building in Shanghai where Some … 把两个句子合并成一个带有定语从句的复合句…考试题…感…

11、( Grammar) referring to or qualifying another sentence element. (语法)指称或修饰限定另外一个句子成分。

12、No single phrase of his reverberates or penetrates as so many of La Bruyere's do. 他没有一个句子能象拉布吕耶尔的许多句子那样余音回荡, 入木三分。

13、the children born here are kind hearted. 呵呵 born 是过去分词,它后面的成分是句子的定语。

14、Segmentation is the breaking down of a block of text into smaller translatable segments of text, such as a sentence, a paragraph, or a phrase. 分段就是将文本块分解成更小的可翻译文本段,比如句子、段落或短语。

15、Water consists of molecules composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, which we describe by the formula H2O. 水分子由两个氢原子和一个氧原子组成,因此可用分子式H2O来表示。(译成表示结果的分句)

16、Sentence comprehension is a process in which reader has syntactic and semantic parsing while retrieving meaning of word based on words recognition, and forms whole meaning of sentence. 句子理解是以字词识别加工为基础,在提取字义的同时进行句法分析和语义分析,最终形成句子的完整意义。

17、Others are reasonable consequences of particular advances in science being to some extent self-accelerating. 在句子中又充当什么成分? 其实,如果我们把being看成是一个分词,形成being to some extent self-accelerating的分词短语修饰particular advances in science,结构就一下子清晰了,意思也通顺了。

18、Classification methods become helpful in sentence-level retrieval, escaping from considering the term mismatch problem. 基于分类的方法绕过了这一难题,成为实现句子检索的一个可行方法。

19、It is such a long time since we graduated from the high school. 可以跟你分析一下,句子结构为 it is +一段时间+since引导的过去式句子,表示自从。

20、All his attempts to change his profile among the public turned out to be futile. What the teacher of Composition Course consider chiles are quite attractive to students anyway.(用主语从句再加上最后的anyway这个词,使句子既简洁,又地道,且把转折的成分巧妙地处理在了从句的意思里)

21、Two sentences, admittedly, but what a pair. 两个句子,无可否认的,真成对。

22、Part II Combine the following words into one correct sentence. Choose the right sentence. ( 从下列连词成句练习中,选择正确的句子。

23、An adjunct refers to the categories adjoining to XP. It is the modifier that modifies a sentence, a predicate or a noun phrase. 附加语是附加在XP上的语类,是句子或句中谓词性和名词性成分的修饰语。

24、Postpositioning the sentence elements and prepositioning sentence elements are the two major means of stress by shifting the order of words in a sentence. 通过改变词序来实现强调的手段主要有“句子成分的后移”和“句子成分的前置”,而“成分后移”在这两种主要的强调手段中又占主要部分。

25、It is, of course, equally correct to write each of these as two sentences, replacing the semicolons with periods. 当然,其中的两个分句如果不使用分号,写成两个完整的句子也都是对的。


26、In Chinese, causative construction is one of the most important types of syntactic constructions. 不论是在汉语还是在日语中,使役表达都是句子表达的一个重要组成部分。

27、He turned those sentences into English. 他把那些句子译成了英文。

28、For algol, write one subprogram for statements, one for declarations and one for expressions . 对于算法语言来说,我们可以分别把语句、说明和表达式编成子程序。

29、So, first organize your thoughts, then tie the end of one sentence to the beginning of the next one using a phrase, a word, a variation in sentence structure. 所以,首先想法要条理分明,然后利用词句或不同的句子结构,使前后句子首尾相连;

30、The verbs need the corresponding grammar elements in event sentences and non-event sentences on the sentence structural level. 在句法层面上,事件句、非事件句和构句成分有相互的选择关系。

31、A Complete these sentences using a or an. 完成以下句子,用冠词a或an填空。

32、A subordindate complex sentence is composed of clauses with a subordinate relation. Between the clauses there is a primary and a secondary. For example. 偏正复句由具有偏正关系的分句构成的, 各分句之间有主有次。 例如。

33、This sentence expands to a noun followed by a verb followed by a sentence and there you get recursion. 这个句子就扩展成了,一个名词,后跟一个动词,再接刚才的句子,这样就变成了递归

34、We are doing exercises on dividing sentence elements. 我在做划分句子成分的练习。

35、With the red pen difficult sentences will long sentence, figure out what meaning, unknown division of consulting guangzhou new Oriental summer camp teacher; 用红笔将长难句句子成分划分,弄懂意思,不明的就咨询广州新东方夏令营老师。

36、Complete the words according to the meaning of the sentences, put them into Chinese. 根据句意,补全下列单词并将句子翻译成中文。

37、Researches on syntactic processing are mainly concerned with the ambiguity of sentences and two representative models including shift-reduce parsing and unification space were developed. 句法分析重点关注句子歧义的问题,主要有移进——归约句法分析和联合空间两种模型。

38、The second concatenates all of the elements into a sentence, with " and " between each one. 第二行代码将所有元素串接成一个句子,并用 " and " 加以分隔。

39、A coordinate complex sentence is composed of clauses with coordinate relations. In a coordinate complex sentence all the clauses are equal, there are no primary-secondary relations. For example. 并列复句由表示并列关系的分句构成的。 并列复句中各分句都是平等, 没有主次关系。 比如。

40、Chapter seven researches the third type of special-construction causatives, causative V-de- sentence. 第七章,分析由特定句法格式构成的致使句的第三种——V 得致使句。

41、Whatever the position is, it is always accompanied by a nucleotropism syntactic component in the subject-predicate sentence, otherwise there would be no possibility of its appearance at all. 不管是哪种句法位置中的非向核性句法成分,它们至少同主谓句中的一个向核性句法成分同现,相互间存在语义指向关系;否则,非向核性句法成分不可能出现在主谓句中。

42、Analyse this complex sentence into many clauses. 将这个复合句分析成许多从句。

43、By the survey, we found that accident-class textual connective occur in the sentence-initial position connected with clauses, sentences, sentence groups. 通过分析可知,意外类篇章连接成分在篇章中主要是位于句首连接分句、句子、句群。

44、Chapter six discusses the second type of special-construction causatives, factitivesentence. 第六章,分析由特定句法格式构成的致使句的第二种——使成句。

45、The partitioning key should be made up of columns that often participate in a GROUP BY clause. 分区键应该由常用于 GROUP BY 子句的列组成。

46、In the aspect of syntax, it mainly studies the elements of the sentence which"Vqilai"can be and the characteristics and categories of V. 句法上主要考察了“V起来”可以充当的句子成分以及与“起来”搭配的动词的特点和分类。

47、Looking forward to the next meeting. 以上就是三个英文句子分别时说的话

48、They get problems of segmentation. 他们会犯些分割句子的问题

49、At present there has been no sentence generation algorithm based on context-dependent rule coverage. 基于规则覆盖的句子生成,是上下文无关文法句子生成的主要方法,但是它也具有局限性。

50、Topicalization, or fronted theme, refers to certain sentence constituent that moves to the initial position and leaves a trace in the original place. 主题化,又称为主位前置,指将句子成分从原来的位置移至句首,而在原位置留下空位。


51、2a.Listen to the conversation.Complete these sentences with words from the box. 用方框里的完成句子。

52、Balanced sentence, aphoristic writing and active vocabulary are important component parts of the semantic structure. 英语平行句、警句和积极词汇是英语句级语义结构的重要组成部分。

53、Text Completion questions include a passage composed of one to five sentences with one to three blanks. 段落完型部分包括一个段落含有1至5个句子,每个句子有1至3个空格。

54、Why should we start from the sentence constituent? 为什么要从句子成分学起?

55、Paratactic relation at the sentential level refers to constructions whose components are linked in meaning through juxtaposition and punctuation / intonation and not through the use of conjunctions. 在句子层次上的形合是指句子的各个组成部分是通过连接词来连接的。

56、Condense this paragraph into a few sentences. 把这段文字缩减成几个句子。

57、Complete las oraciones con las palabras ofrecidas. 用指定词语完成句子。

58、Residence: Pensacola, FL What are the two indispensable parts of a sentence? 一个句子不可或缺的两个成分是什么?

59、The writer expanded one sentence into a paragraph. 作家把一个句子扩展成一段文字。

60、A nonrestrictive clause is separated from the main clause by a comma or commas. 非限定用法的形容词子句与主句之间有加逗点分离。

61、Chapter four is about the research of adjective clauses in a sentential level. 第四章为对形容词性分句在句子层面上的研究。

62、Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them. 专家们表示,用计算机分句、翻译并重新组成句子,这极为困难。

63、Turn the following into questions and write them in your exercise book. 把下列句子变成问句,并写在作业本上。

64、The sentence made of "addressing multi-demonstrative" and "general demonstrative" is called multi-demonstrative sentence. 由“称代复指”、“总分复指”构成的句子可合称“复指句”。

65、When the sorting is completed, there will be for each word anywhere from two or three to several hundred sentences, each on its card, which illustrate the meaning and use of the word. 卡片收集后按字母顺序排列,分类工作完成时,每个词都要有两三个到几百个句子,一 句一张卡,句句说明该词的意思及用法。

66、Complex sentences can be divided into the two types coordinate complex sentence and subordindate complex sentences. 复句可以分成并列复句和偏正复句两类。

67、Way everybody is happy for new year! 你自己分析下这句子的成分,算主谓宾还是主系表结构。

68、Find out the difference between restrictive and non-restrictive attributive clauses and try to summary the structure of non-restrictive attributive clauses. 非限定性定语从句只对所修饰成分起补充说明的作用,去掉以后不影响对句子的理解;

69、The numeral consistency between sentence elements is the most important character of Mongolian grammar and sentence structure in the Middle Mongolian. 句子成分之间的数的一致性是中世纪蒙古语语法、句法的重要特点。

70、In the aspect of syntax, it mainly studies the elements of the sentence which"Vshangqu"can be and the characteristics and categories of V. 句法上主要考察了“V上去”可以充当的句子成分以及与“上去”搭配的动词的特点和分类。

71、In the past, the numeral consistency between sentence elements was a common problem in the research of numeral category and plural number appended element. 以往主要在数的范畴、复数附加成分的研究中,句子成分数的一致性问题较为常见。


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