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关于”中的基本句型结构“的英语句子4个,句子主体:Basic sentence structure in。以下是关于中的基本句型结构的高三英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Basic sentence structure in

1、The syntactic comparison of interrogative sentences between English and French in this dissertation is carried out within the framework of TG Theory. 本文在转换生成语法的理论框架下比较了英语和法语疑问句在逻辑形式、句法结构方面的异同。

2、Students will be able to communicate in English using basic patterns. 2. Students's listening comprehension skill will be improved. 学生将能习得基本英文口语能力。 2。 学生能用简单之英语句子进行沟通。

3、While Jianyu pattern in Chinese is one of the clause patterns with distinctive structures, SVOC clause in English belongs to the category of basic clause patterns. 汉语兼语句是一种具有独特结构特点的句式,英语的SVOC句式是英语中的一种基本句型。

4、Delahunty and Garvey (1994: 207) state that"clauses are basic for several reasons." Delahunty和Garvey(1994: 207)指出:“有几个原因能够说明从句是基本的语法结构。

5、Balanced sentence, aphoristic writing and active vocabulary are important component parts of the semantic structure. 英语平行句、警句和积极词汇是英语句级语义结构的重要组成部分。

6、The conclusion of this study is that syntactic processing and semantic processing interact with each other in the late proficient Chinese-English bilinguals'comprehension of English sentences. 本研究结论是:在晚期汉英双语者理解英语句子的过程中存在句法加工和语义加工的交互作用。

7、The structure of SQL-like nested queries is examined. It is shown that any SQL- like nested query can be decomposed into four basic nested types. 本文分析了SQL类查询语句的基本结构,指出任何一个嵌套结构的SQL类语句都可以由四种基本嵌套类型组成。

8、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

9、I learned it thoroughly. Thus I got into my bones the essential structures of the ordinary English sentence-which is a le thing. 我学得很彻底,就这样,普通英语句子的基本结构便深入到我的骨髓里——这是件上好的事。

10、Chapter Four is on the sentential devices in the rhetoric of legal English. 本章述及诸多关涉法律英语句子结构的最常见手法。

11、In Chinese and Japanese, some attributive clause and headword structures are considered to have ambiguity. 在汉语和日语的定中结构中,有些定中结构的句式有歧义。

12、They haven’t decided where to go next. She stopped teaching English two years ago. 英语基本句型4 双宾语结构:此结构由“主语+及物谓语动词+间接宾语(人)+直接宾语(事物)”组成。

13、This present thesis aims to explore the characteristics of the syntactic structure of China English (SSCE) in comparison with the syntactic structure of Standard English (SSSE). 通过与标准英语句法结构特征的对比分析,本文考察了中国英语在新闻报道中句法结构的特征。

14、As a topic prominent language, Chinese is different from English in syntactic structure. 汉语属话题突出型语言,具有不同于英语主谓结构的句法特征。

15、Teaching requirement: Master the learned vocabulary, basic sentence pattern and grammar, and can use that to make piratical sentence, page. Can read and translate fluently and accurately. 教学要求:掌握所学词汇;掌握基本句型及语法;并能熟练运用这些基本词汇、句型写出实用句子、短文。通过学习能流利、正确地阅读与翻译。

16、Inside the case statements, the basic format of both the Yahoo and the Teoma output displays is very similar. 在 case 语句中,Yahoo 与 Teoma 输出显示的基本格式非常相似。

17、The basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object can be varied in many ways . 英语“主-动-宾”基本句型可以用许多方法加以变换。

18、Dialogue is the basic form of the text of colloquial language and elliptical sentences with the language situation left out is mainly seen in dialogue. 对话是口语语篇最基本的形式,口语语篇中的情境省略句主要体现在对话中。

19、Mainly on basic grammar, such as nouns, basic sentence structure, ouns , etc. etc. 主要讲解基本语法知识,如名词,句子基本 结构,代词等。

20、There are many ways to vary the basic English sentence pattern of subject-verb-object. 由许多方法可以变换英语“主—动—宾”基本句型。

21、This thesis applies the Frame Semantics and other theories to approach the syntactic constructions and discipline on the base of description of frame-semantic construction. 本文运用框架语义相关理论,在框架语义结构分析的基础上,重点描述和研究复此类动词复合型词元的句法结构及其实现规律。

22、Non-clause post-positioned attributive is highly representative of English syntactic features, and it is also one of the differences between Chinese and English sentence structure. 非从句类后置定语是英语句子结构中极具代表性的句法特点,也是英汉句法结构区别所在。

23、The Chinese language has what is called the bamboo syntactic structure whereas English has the tree syntactic structure. 汉语的句法结构是所谓的竹式结构,而英语的句法结构是树式结构;

24、The texts used in Zhi ilrate a format consisting four sentences with seven Chinese characters each; all the melodies are composed basically of an up-low structure. 其唱词通常是七言四句的格式,所用的曲调则基本上是上下句的结构;

25、You also can change the statement terminator for all the statements in the script. 您也可以修改脚本中所有语句的语句结束符。


26、Judgement is a kind of sentence form in Ancient Chinese. We must judge whether it is a judgement or not according to its structure character. Not all the sentences of nominal predicate are judgement. 判断句是古代汉语的一种句式,确定一个句子是否是判断句,要根据古代汉语判断句的结构特征和本质特征,古代汉语的名词谓语句并不都是判断句。

27、The English identifying clause can be described by the Token-Value configuration. “标记—价值”语法配置结构是描述英语识别小句的一种方式。

28、In English, attributive clauses are used extensively, some of which are very long and complicated in structure. 在英语中,定语从句的运用极为广泛,有的从句很长而且结构复杂。

29、Imperative sentences are an essential sentence pattern in Lao-Qi-Da and Piao-Tong-Shi, two textbooks meant for teaching Chinese to Koreans in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties. 祈使句是《老乞大》和《朴通事》中的一种基本句类,类型多,分布广,本身又积淀了丰富的历史语言信息。

30、Simple sentence and complex sentence are two kinds of basically sentence pattern in modern Chinese . 单句和复句是现代汉语中的两种基本句型。

31、This thesis focuses on verb phrase ellipsis construction (VP ellipsis ) in coordinate sentences and the relevant antecedent-contained deletion structure (ACD) in relative clauses in Chinese. 本文主要研究汉语并列句中的动词短语省略结构及与之相关的关系从句里的先行语删除结构(ACD)。

32、The traditional EFL reading teaching approach is mainly atomistic and form-oriented and the reading teaching only stays at the sentence level. 传统的英语阅读教学方法主要以语言形式、句子结构为中心,且停留在句子层面。

33、This thesis focuses on the origin of the difference between the two languages in sentence length and the approaches to translation of long English sentences into Chinese. 英汉语句法的差异要求英语长句汉译基本的原则是破句重组,化繁为简,常用的方法是顺拆译法、逆拆译法及综合译法。

34、The syntactic comparison of the Double Object Construction between English and Chinese in this thesis is carried out within the framework of TG Theory and the Argument Structure. 本文在转换生成语法、论元结构等理论框架下比较了英语和汉语双宾结构在逻辑形式、句法结构方面的异同。

35、Weak buildings will fall down in an earthquake。 英语基本句型3 主谓宾结构:本结构是由主语+及物的谓语动词+宾语构成。

36、Listing 4. The basic syntax for the if statement 清单 4. if 语句的基本语法

37、The basic function of the Cantonese final particles is isting the intonation to convey moods. 广州话句末语气助词的基本功能是辅助句调表达语气。

38、Actually it belongs to elliptical sentence rather than the zero form in language structure. 这种句式,完全符合省略句的条件,并非语言结构中的“零形式”。

39、Chapter 1 focuses on the relevant constructions in English, namely the double object construction and the dative construction. 第一章研究了与“给”字句结构相关的英语句式,双宾语结构和与格结构。

40、Web pages are written in HTML, the webprogramming language that tells browsers how to lay out and present content ona web page. In other words, HTML provides the basic building blocks for theweb. 网页是用超文本标记语言编写的,这个网页程序语言告诉浏览器怎样在开放式网络体系结构中呈现网页内容,换句话说,超文本标记语言为网络提供了基本的建筑模块。

41、Mr. A does not know basic English sentences, not to speak of writing a good composition. 先生连基本英语句子都不懂,遑论写篇好文章。

42、The basic structure of single pile and micro-pile composite structure and the layout of the slope reinforcement is combined. 介绍了微型桩组合结构单桩的基本构造和微型桩组合结构的基本构成以及微型桩加固边坡的布置形式;

43、"The structure of subject predicate used as predicate of the sentence" is a basic sentence pattern in modern Chinese which possesses a typical Chinese characteristics. “主谓谓语句”是现代汉语的一种基本句型,具有典型的汉语言特点。

44、In this thesis, I try to reveal the meaning of verb forms in English "IF" conditionals within the framework of Construction Grammar. 笔者试图在本文以“构块语法”为理论框架揭示英语“If”条件句中动词形式的意义。

45、It is taken granted that all English SVO constructions can be converted into their pive counter-parts, with their basic meaning remaining unchanged. 不少人以为英语“主谓宾”结构都可以转变成被动句,而且语态转换不会改变句子的基本意义。

46、Learning a foreign language draws your focus to the mechanics of language: grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure. 学习外语会将你的注意力集中在语言结构本身:语法,词形变化和句子结构。

47、The Predicate-Complement structure, one of the most basic type of structures in Modern Chinese, has always been an important subject in grammar. 述补结构是现代汉语中的一类基础句法格式,一直以来都是语法研究中的重要课题。

48、The author believes the structural approach in English teaching can reach a strong effect, specially in the further consolidation of the English training in basic skills. 对结构法在句型教学、听说教学和电化教学等方面的应用作了探讨,认为把结构法应用于英语教学中,对强化英语的基本功训练有着明显的效果。

49、The causative verbs and their sentence patterns are one of the English basic characteristics. 使役动词及其句型结构是英语的基本特色之一。

50、As an organic part of Chinese grammar research, the research of sentences'semantic structural patterns must abide by the basic principle that the research should combine meaning with form. 作为语法研究的一个有机组成部分,句义结构的类型研究必须要遵循语形语义相结合的基本原则。


51、The study of the English identifying clause has aroused much interest since the 1960s, and the discussion on this type of clause is still going on. 本文阐述了小句的结构、类型和格分配,探讨了英汉小句的差异,认为小句的结构特点体现了语言学经济原则 的运用。

52、The basic syntax for an include statement that uses an xpointer attribute is 使用 xpointer 属性的 include 语句的最基本语法是

53、You'll find that conditionals are pretty much the same as in PHP: You'll have access to the familiar if/else-type structures shown in Listing 7. 您会发现 Phyon 中的条件语句与 PHP 基本相同:您可以使用熟悉的 if/else 型结构,如清单 7 所示。

54、The clause relation and text organization are two basic concepts of understanding the text patterns. 小句关系和语篇组织词是理解语篇模式的两个基本概念。

55、As a kind of marked negation, metalinguistic negation is usually marked by the double-sentence structure, consisting of a basic negative sentence plus another positive or negative sentence. 元语否定作为一种标记否定,它的标记形式一般为由本句和义句构成的复句结构式。


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