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关于”读诗“的英语句子2个,句子主体:Reading poetry。以下是关于读诗的四级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Reading poetry

1、The socalled reading of a painting, therefore, should be reading the poetry it carries. 所以读画云者,应该是读诵画中之诗。

2、His poems appealed to me the most of all that I read at the time. 译注)的诗文。 在我当时读到的诗歌中,他的诗文最能打动我。

3、I hope you know some good poetry. 我希望您能读一些好的诗作。

4、This poem reads well. 这首诗读来顺耳。

5、The feelings emerge in the process of the poem, both in writing it and reading it. 情感在整个诗歌过程都会涌现,无论是写诗还是读诗。

6、So in fact, when the two processes are part of the same activity. 所以,事实上,读诗和写诗,都是同一种艺术活动。

7、She has read all those poets. 这些诗人的作品她全读过。

8、I started with small poems, but now I think I most like long poems. 我是从阅读小诗开始的,但是现在我觉得我还是喜欢读长诗。

9、She has read the poem three times. 她已经读了这首诗三遍了。

10、Read Tang poetry 300 will not make poetry can alsochant. 熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟。

11、First, it is much esteemed, but much less read; 首先,尽管诗歌愈来愈受人尊重,但读诗的人却减少了许多;

12、fetuses at term were played recordings of their mothers reading a poem, as well as recordings of a female stranger reading the same poem. The 给足月胎儿放自己妈妈读诗的录音和陌生阿姨读同首诗的录音。

13、Modern poetry is difficult and these are difficult lines. 现代诗是很难读的,这些诗句也非常难以理解。

14、Handong's poems are worthy of reading many times. 韩东的诗歌是耐读的。

15、If you want help learning how to praise God, read through the Psalms. 如果你愿意学习如何赞美神,读一读诗篇吧。

16、Reading and writing a poem are part of the same activity. 读诗和写诗是同一种艺术活动。

17、Through reading poems one can pulsate, get involved into the images created by poets. 通过阅读诗歌,可以把握、参与到诗人创造的形象中;

18、So when I'm writing the poem, when the poem is writing itself through me, at its best, I'm reading it; it is reading me. 所以,我在写诗时,或者说,当诗在通过我创造自己时,我在读诗,诗也在读我。

19、This poem read well. 这首诗读起来琅琅上口。

20、I read poems, and she asked me about poetry. 我为她朗读诗,她向我询问如何读懂诗。

21、reading from her well-thumbed copies of English poetry… 读着她时常翻阅的英文诗。

22、Children like to read little rhymes. 小阿子喜欢读一些轻松的诗歌。

23、Kubin will read his poems and talk about poetry with us. The readings will be in German, Chinese and English. 是次诗会以德语、中文和英语朗诵,顾彬与我们简单地读诗谈诗。

24、It is really like a poem, an endless poem. 真像是一首诗,一首写不尽读不完的诗。

25、This is me reading poetry Xiaoya feeling. 这就是我读小雅诗集的感觉。


26、He read the Bengali poets from an early age and began writing poetry himself at the age of eight. 他阅读了大量孟加拉语诗歌,xx岁即能诗。

27、Histories make man wise, poems witty. 读史令人明智,读诗令人灵秀。

28、Palindrome poem refers to the cis-read and read back the same string. 回文诗指顺读和倒读都一样的字符串。

29、Would you like to read you can take a reading poetry prose fiction… 你想读,便可以拿一本来读,诗歌,散文,小说……随你选。

30、We do not read and write poetry beacause it's cute. 》我们并不因为诗歌华丽时髦而去读诗或者写诗。

31、Nowadays, some ordinary poetry critics usually write essays before reading poets' poems. 如今,一些大路货色的诗歌评论者写作文章是不怎么阅读诗人诗歌的。

32、Modern poetry is in need of annotation. 读现代诗歌需要很多的注解。

33、Unstressed or unaccented in unciation or poetic meter. Used of a word or syllable. 非重读的在发音或诗节中不重读的。

34、In his "Calligraphy and Ancient Poetry and Prose Reading" , Chen Shiru combines the appreciation of calligraphy with ancient poetry and prose reading. 陈仕儒的《书法及古诗文阅读》把书法欣赏与古诗文阅读结合起来,主旨明确,立意高远。

35、His prose reads like poetry. 他的散文读起来像诗一样。

36、While reading them he chuckles into his beard. 读这些诗的时候,他咯咯笑着。

37、She read me her favorite poem. 她给我读了她最喜欢的诗。

38、Who are you, reader, reading my poems an hundred years hence? 你是谁,读者,百年之后,读著我的诗?

39、Would you like to read, you can take a reading, poetry, prose, fiction… 你想读,便可以拿一本来读,诗歌,散文,小说跥……随你选。

40、After all, we both read poetry. 毕竟我们都咏读过不少诗歌。

41、Handong'poems are worthy of reading many times. 韩东的诗歌是耐读的。

42、A word, phrase, verse, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward. 正读、反读都相同的一个单词、词组、诗节或句子。

43、Although he is thought of one of initiating persons of the modern poetry fiction, but 《Bridge》 is thought of "Obscurely", "Hard comprehend", not liking other poetry fictions being comprehensible . 他是现代诗化小说的开创者之一,但他的小说代表作《桥》却诗化得“晦涩”,解读《桥》比读一般的诗还要“难懂”。

44、I enjoy reading biographies. 你喜欢读诗吗?。

45、Reading and writing a poem? 读诗和写诗都是如此?

46、Let's read Psalms 39:12-13 and 126:1-6. 我们来朗读《诗篇》第39篇12节和13节,以及《诗篇》126篇第1节至第6节。

47、Then we read some poems. 接着我们读了几首诗歌。

48、Readers of poetry will know that modern poets like to use big and esoteric words. 读过诗的都知道,现代诗歌惯用大量晦涩的词汇。

49、Do you like to read poems ? 你喜欢读诗吗?

50、A lot of people used to read poetry, as you may have heard. 过去有很多人读诗。


51、Elizabeth liked to read poetry and romantic stories. 伊丽莎白喜欢读诗和浪漫小说。

52、The correct explanation should be that "Xing" is a unique style of lyric poetry. 正确的解读为:“兴”在《诗经》中是一种独特的抒情诗歌体裁。

53、Read poetry. 读读诗。

54、Let's look at the poem together. I'll read it. 我们一起来看这首诗,我来读。

55、Here is a sampler of various English-language poetry which, I hope, will give non-readers of poetry, in particular, the impetus to follow through and discover the joys of poetry for themselves. 这是我编写的一个英文诗歌集锦,希望能给读者(尤其是不喜阅读诗歌的人)带来读诗的动力,使他们跟随诗行,享受诗词带来的无穷乐趣。

56、We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. 我们读诗写诗,非为它的灵巧。

57、Poems that rant, however, will lose the audience; 不过谩骂的诗会失去读者;

58、If e'er you deign these lowly lines your eyes 如果你肯屈尊读读我这卑微的诗行

59、Further Reading: Life-study of the Psalms, msg. 参读:诗篇生命读经,第二十一篇。

60、I think I am going to read one poem from Tang Dynasty every day. “熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟”。

61、Sure, you can go from reading plays to novels to short stories to poetry to non-fiction. 当然,你可以从阅读戏剧开始,再读小说,再读短篇故事,然后读诗,最后读非小说类文学作品。

62、The absence of poetic style, in consequence, would make the absence of aesthetic expressive force in Modem Chinese Poetry as well as the aesthetic impressive power to the mind of its readers. 诗体的缺失,不仅使诗人感到新诗诗体缺乏审美表现力,也使读者感到新诗诗体缺乏审美感染力。

63、He was not above reading his poem. 他不反对读一读他的诗。

64、And yet poets do it all the time: close reading is part of good reading. 而诗人却一直那样做:文本细读是精读的一部分。

65、We would talk about poetry, read poetry. 我们常在一起谈诗和读诗。

66、I used tears merged into a poem, a song you never read the poem. 我用眼泪合并成一首诗,一首你没读过的诗。


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