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关于”名词在中的成分“的英语句子41个,句子主体:The composition of nouns in。以下是关于名词在中的成分的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The composition of nouns in

1、the nation speaking 是名词部分, it is in some ways是修饰 the nation speaking的

动词情景的内部时间构成成分与它们的内在体性有着密切关系。 体就是看动词情景的内部时间构成成分的不同方式。

2、Aspects are the different ways of viewing the internal temporal constituency of a situation and can be clified into three oppositions.


3、Love, it turns out, is not innocent hanky-panky, but something noxious, corrosive-even deadly.


4、When you do, you can use a noun which has the same form as the present participle of a verb.


5、In English the determiner and the noun it precedes should concord in number .


6、The proper name, which includes person name, geography name, corporation name, is a very important component in modern Chinese unknown words.


7、"Boy" is a noun, but the ending "-ish" makes it an adjective - boyish.


8、Day and night he worked hard in his laboratory.

问题是, 在英语中被划分为和被懂得为物资名词的, 在另外一种语言中往往被用做可数名词。

9、The problem is that what is clified and perceived as m noun in English often functions as a countable noun in another language.


10、When the noun determiner cannot be substituted, it is included in the pattern.

例如,在爱尔兰语中,“cailin(姑娘) ”就是阳性名词,而“stail(种马)”却是个阴性名词。

11、In Irish, for example, cailín "girl" is masculine, while stail "stallion" is feminine.


12、The similarities shown by conjunct heads will help the automatic identification of nominal coordinate structures in natural language text processing.


13、He was trying to use Chinese syntax: 'of' was standing in for the Mandarin particle 'de' to turn the noun 'blue' into an adjective.


14、All was quiet and still except for the distant tinkling of a piano.


15、Balotelli talked of "opportunism" in the wake of his success as a footballer.


16、The addition of "Chindonesia", a portmanteau word which blends China, India and Indonesia, reflects the shifting focus of world trade.


17、The active part of one pair of antonym of quantitative adjective is unmarked while the negative part marked in most cases.


18、Dukang also gradually become a synonym for wine.


19、Decategorization of English nouns is a process during which some members of noun category gradually lose their categorial features under certain conditions.


20、It discusses the factors that influence the sequence of common present tense of verbal clifier phrase and composition of noun.

21、Systematic arrangements of families and genera of Chinese pteridophytes with corresponding names in Chinese.文章题目 中国蕨类植物科属名词及分类系统。

22、In this convention, the words in the name of a service are separated by an underscore.对于这个约定,构成服务名的单词使用下划线分隔。

23、It holds that object quantity expression is a criterion to define the elements from a cognitive field as to specify the reference of a noun.我们认为物体量成分和其他定语成分一样,是确立认知域成员的标准,使名词定指化。

24、We describe the aspect category in the lexical meanings of concrete nouns and abstract nouns in Russian from the perspective of morphology and semantics respectively.本文分别从形式和意义角度对词汇语义结构中含有体范畴语义因素的俄语具体名词、抽象名词进行描写。

25、contains a connecting phrase or link used within a name but not regarded as part of it, such as "van der" or "of".包含在姓名中使用但不作为姓名一部分的连接性短语或者连接词,如“van der”或者“of”。

英文句子26:,26、Tropicana owns not-from-concentrate in the mind and is the "real thing" in fresh orange juice.纯果乐在消费者心中成了“非浓缩,真正的新鲜橙汁”的代名词。

27、The words of proper noun are more frequently used to compose HCW in WNE than those in BNC and BNE.与普通英语和广播新闻英语不同,专有名词在报刊新闻英语中多被用来合成连字式复合词。

28、The research on crop nouns is the important component of research on object in traditional linguistics.农作物名物词研究是传统语言学中名物研究的重要组成部分。

29、After the shoot of funny face, the name Audrey became into an adjective word , an equal term as various courteous , mature , and elegant .拍完甜姐儿后,奥黛丽的名字成为了一个形容词,成为有教养、成熟、优雅的代名词。

30、There are a lot of technical terms in this chapter.在这一章中,有很多的专业名词。

31、Dumb English and high mark but r ability have almost become a codeword(byword) of Chinese English learners.“哑巴英语”、“高分低能”几乎成了中国英语学习者的代名词。

32、The head-feature imilation theory is applied that the grammatical features of head-element of compounds imilate the whole compound, thus determining their parts of speech.文章用核心属性同化理论来说明合成词中核心成分的语法属性会同化整个合成词,从而决定了合成词的词性。

33、The connectionist theory umes that lexical information is stored in networks of nodes.连通主义认为词汇信息分布在节点织成的网络之中。

34、In an English corpus database I use I found that 10% of usage was an anathema.在一个我用的英语语料数据库中,我发现10%的用法是当成名词。

35、Where the separator is a space, there could be a maximum of five and minimum of two terms, and the arrangement/sequence of terms is as follows其中分隔符是空格,名称最多包含五个词,最少两个词,词汇的次序如下

36、To many, the name of Coco Chanel is synonymous with success.对很多人来说,可可·香奈儿这个名字已经成为了成功的代名词。

37、The tokenizers take care of the actual rules for where to break the text up into words (typically whitespace).分词器会考虑在哪将文本切分成词(典型的如空格)的实际规则。

38、In compound words, no overlapping words exist.合成词中不存在重叠式合成词。

39、For the 567 partints involved in this investigation the average score on the test is 46.06(out of a total of 100), significantly lower than that on a simultaneous vocabulary size test.被调查的567名医学生在总分为100分的词汇搭配测试卷中平均得分只有46.06分,大大低于同期对于词汇量的测试成绩。

40、There are 解决中文信息抽取有3个难点,分别是中文分词、中文语料词表和中文命名实体识别。

3 key difficulties in Chinese IE, which are Chinese tokenizing problem, professional gazetteers and Chinese named entity recognition.

41、Love, it turns out, is not innocent hanky-panky, but something noxious, corrosive—even deadly.在书中,爱情不再是纯洁的鱼水之欢,而成为了堕落,腐朽—甚至致命的代名词。

42、Meanwhile the author puts forth the urgency of compiling high quality Chinese-English TCM dictionaries, and the role of such dictionaries in the standardization of English translation of TCM nouns.同时,作者提出了编写高质量汉英中医名词词典紧迫性及其在中医名词英译标准化中的作用。

43、Especially, it is very difficult to deal with special noun in Chinese automatic word segmentation.特别是对专有名词的处理是中文自动分词中的又一个难点。

44、Because named entities and factoids are considered as segmentation units in many corpora, and the disambiguation problem is seldom defined in former segmentation guidelines.因为一方面命名实体和表义字串已被不少分词语料库视为分词单位,另一方面在以往的分词规范中几乎从不谈及歧义消解问题。

45、The genitive noun is used attributively .属格名词用作修饰成分。

46、Through case study, the present thesis argues that nominalized words are frequently used in news texts, and it is just the use of nominalized words that make news editorials more formal.通过个案分析,作者发现名词化结构在新闻社论中的使用频率特别高,也正是名词化的使用使得新闻语篇的语体更加地正式。

47、There are not a few sound-divided words in northern Shaanxi dialect.陕北方言中有为数不少的分音词,这成为它词汇上的又一个重要特点。

48、Under the combined criterion of semantics and syntax, nouns in English fall into four categories, with one group of count nouns and three groups of m nouns.文章进一步讨论了可数分类词与不可数分类词的区别及划分标准,并尝试对可数分类词下定义,借此把汉语中的可数名词与不可数名词区分开来。

49、In the text pre-processing step of information extraction implementation, the instances of concepts are used to improving the accuracy of Chinese word segmentation;在信息抽取实现中,在文本预处理阶段,利用概念实例的名称提高中文分词的准确性;

50、And of the compound dissyllabic words, modifier-main-word phrases and joint phrases are the two most basic patterns, the parts of speech covering nouns, verbs and adjectives.合成复音词中,偏正与联合是两种最基本的方式,其词类涵盖了名词、动词和形容词。

经典英文句子51:名词在中的成分,51、When your name becomes a synonym for evil scheming, you know you’ve hit the philosophical big time.如果你的名字成了阴谋的代名词,那就说明在哲学领域你已成了大人物了。

52、Thirdly, as for certain devices, the inter-language text over-used some connective words and expressions, such as nominal reference words and oun reference words.在某些具体的衔接手段或连接性词语的使用上存在着过度使用的情况,如过多地使用名词性指称成分和代词性指称成分等;

53、The disappearance and in modern Chinese and the loss of certain patterns give rise to the enlargement of expressive function of other tendency.《醒世姻缘传》中部分趋向动词在现代汉语中的消失、不再常用和趋向动词构成的一些格式的消失,造成了其他趋向动词表意职能的扩大。

54、Chapter 第七章研究动名相互转化中的种种不对称现象,分析不对称现象产生的根本原因在于动词和名词之间概念上的不对称。

7 focuses on the asymmetries in the categorial shift between verb and noun, pointing out that these asymmetries are rooted in the conceptualasymmetry of verb and noun.

55、The reason which leads to the asymmetry is that these nouns experienced changes from predicate-object verbal phrase to predicate-object compound noun in their construction process.原因在于其在形成过程中经历了由“述宾式动词词组”到“述宾式复合名词”的演变。

56、Intermediate ESL quizzes : grammar & vocabulary quizzes, gerunds & infinitives, perfect tenses, past continuous, computer vocabulary quizzes and many more…中级英语ESL测试题: 语法与词汇测试题,动名词与动词不定式,完成时,过去进行式,电脑词汇测试题等等。

57、The name Edsel has become synonymous with 'flop.埃塞尔这个名字显然已经成为“低端”的代名词。

58、The genitive noun is used attributively.属格名词被用作修饰成分。


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