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关于”中的结构“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Structure in。以下是关于中的结构的高中英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Structure in


1、The results show there is structure modulation in lanthanum chromates and the model of long-range order structure is built up.


2、Construction columns are required in frame-supported brick building of anti-seismic structure, which has an effect on the load-bearing capacity of the masonry.


3、High Strength Concrete (HSC) is widely used in super-tall building structures and large span structures.


4、The anatomical, microscopic and submicroscopic structure of Botia superciliaris's hepato-pancreas was studied by using applied anatomy, histology and electron microscope technique.


5、Of equal-string structure is the low average monthly pole, upscale quarter back pressure short hollow structure.


6、Methods for identifying carcinogenic dyes by chemical structures of dyes, intermediates and allotropes of intermediates are introduced.

Linux 中的 socket 结构是 struct sock,这个结构是在 linux/include/net/sock.h 中定义的。

7、The socket structure in Linux is struct sock, which is defined in linux/include/net/sock.h.

SOA 世界中的 PROBIT 体系结构

8、The PROBIT architecture in an SOA world


9、Formation causes of various non-structural cracks in concrete and relevant measures against the same are expounded.


10、Honeycomb sandwich has become an important material in designing radomes instruction.


11、Of equal-string quarter top-grade back pressure on the structure, low monthly keep short hollow structure.


12、Dislocation structures in FCC and HCP metals are described in some detail.


13、The study on the Mandarin segmental structure and the syllable structure is central in the thesis.


14、Chinese historic building famous for its timber structure and the essence and marrow of timber structure is bucket arches.


15、Proteins have three dimensional structures in solution and their structure determines what they do.


16、In the structure refinement process, we give the method of mapping SOZRSL hierachical structures into concrete program codes;


17、Submicroscopic structure of polypropylene containing GL orange and carbon black has a mixture characteristic structure of spher(?)


18、In article, it explains that structure of through type timber frame in Yunnan. The damage of through type timber frame in past earthquake is summarized.


19、Beams and columns are main load-bearing structure of tall frames in high buildings.


20、In the dynamic design of underground structure, the research on vibratory character is of great importance.

21、However, zero IF architecture suffers from greater RF impairment comparing with classical heterodyne architectures.但是相对于经典的超外差结构,在零中频结构的接收机中射频损伤将更为严重。

22、Building of biomimetic nano-micro structure in polymer films;聚合物薄膜中仿生纳米微结构的构筑;

23、The reflection phenomenon refers to the reflection of the structure of nonlinear Chinese characters in Chinese compound words.复合词中的能指投射现象是指非线性的汉字的结构方式在汉语复合词结构中的类似映照。

24、It contains a set of artifacts organized in a directory hierarchy.它包含在目录层次结构中组织的一组构件。

25、The internal force redistribution in statically indeterminate structures will be created by axial deformation difference, and the stress performance of structure would be changed.超静定结构中的这种轴向变形差会引起结构的内力重分布,对结构的受力性能将产生一定的影响。

英文句子26:,26、Failing the common problems in the chemical curriculum in the senior middle school, I suggest to optimize the structure of the chemical curriculum, which include its form and substance.本文针对我国普通高中化学课程现存的问题,提出普通高中化学课程结构优化应包括形式结构和实质结构优化两方面。

27、Before death, 64% of anatomic malformations but only 13% of nonstructural cardiac conditions were diagnosed.在64%结构异常案例中,仅13%的非结构性心脏病得到确诊。

28、Organization of the test cases into a rigid hierarchical structure of nested folders makes it difficult to take the test cases out of those structures and reuse them.将测试用例组织到一个僵硬的层级结构的文件夹结构中,将会使得从结构中取出它们变得十分困难,也不方便再使用。

29、Because of scholasticism in construction structure designing, it is necessary to advocate engineers to apply notion design thought to inspire their creativity.针对目前建筑结构设计中墨守成规的现象 ,提倡采用概念设计思想来促进结构工程师的创造性 ,推动结构设计的发展。

30、In these constructed structures, some were bundled by concreteaccording to the require of reinforced concrete , some were imbrued fireprotection according to steel structure's require.在已建成的结构中,有的按照钢筋混凝土结构的要求外包以混凝土,有的则按钢结构的要求涂以防火涂料。

31、If it is MAGIC_NUMBER, get the data/interrupt register values from the structure passed and generate the interrupt as per the structure values.如果该值是 MAGIC_NUMBER,就从所传递的结构中获取数据/中断寄存器的值,并按照这个结构的值来产生中断。

32、Among all structures of high-speed and high-resolution ADCs, the pipeline structure is the most popular one.而在实现高速高精度ADC的各种结构中,流水线结构是最常用的。

33、Since the time-dependent hierarchy structures are depicted in the IBM Cognos 因为在 IBM Cognos

10 Framework Manager as alternate hierarchies, import only the definitions of the hierarchies you need.

10 Framework Manager 中描述的依赖时间的层次结构作为替代层次结构,所以只导入您需要的层次结构定义。

34、The UIMA components bridge from the unstructured data fields in the source data to structured extracted data.UIMA 组件从源数据中的非结构化数据字段中提取出结构化的数据。

35、The key issues and relevant construction methods were summarized, which could be used as reference in the similar engineering.从中归纳、总结了弦支穹顶屋盖结构设计中应注意的关键问题及应采取的结构措施,可供同类工程参考。

36、As a popular form of light steel structures, gabled frame is widely used at present.架 是口前轻钢结构中应用最广泛的一种钢结构形式。

37、In precursors, clear layer structures are observed, especially some regular single and double helix nano rod, which are noble self-assemble structure.前驱体中有多孔结构、良好的层状结构、特别是非常规则的单螺旋及双螺旋纳米棒,是比较新颖的一种纳米自组装结构。

38、In ship construction, keel scantlings should be the greatest ____在船舶结构中,龙骨尺寸最大的在船中。

39、Geobelt is the main strengthening component in reinforced structure.拉筋带是加筋土结构中关键受力构件。

40、A structural crosspiece; a transom.横梁结构物中的横档;

41、It's important to recognize the low-order frequencies and modes of vibration in the course of structural dynamic measurement.结构的振动测试中,正确识别结构的低阶频率和振型尤为重要。

42、Filling the structure will impact every other application that has queues defined in that structure.填满该结构将会影响在该结构中定义了队列的所有其他应用程序。

43、China’s steel industry is structured to hurt China’s interest.中国钢铁产业的结构损害了中国的利益。

44、These structures include the thalamus, which lies deep within the center of your brain, and the hippocampal formations, which are located within the temporal lobes of your brain.有关的结构包括:丘脑(大脑中心,3rd脑室旁)和海马结构(颞叶中)。

45、Mastabas are rectangular ceremonial structures often found above Egyptian tombs.石室坟墓具有长方形的礼仪结构,这种结构在以往的埃及坟墓中也经常发现。

46、The macrostructure of each level comes from semantic information curtailment of microstructure and lower-level macrostructure under the principle of semantic implication.每一层级的宏观结构都是从微观结构和低一级的宏观结构中依照语义蕴含的原则缩减语义信息所得出来的。

47、Flitch plate structures are widely used in the steel structures of construction machinery and construction structures.贴板结构广泛应用在工程机械和建筑钢结构中。

48、Listing 清单

9. Containing structure of the sidebar in page.tpl.php

9. page.tpl.php 中的边栏结构

49、The six-membered ring of each kind of metals is the most stable.三种元素的六员环短-长键交替结构都是各自环簇中最稳定的结构。

50、The DB2 memory structure is illustrated in the Figure 图 1中说明了 DB2 内存结构。 这种内存结构在所有平台上都是一致的。

1; it is the same across all platforms.

经典英文句子51:中的结构,51、The rhetorical elements in novels can be divided into structural rhetoric elements and non -structural rhetoric elements.小说中的修辞元素分为结构性修辞元素与非结构性修辞元素。

52、The influence of construction error such as vertical deviation of column etc, are frequently met in construction.超高层钢结构安装过程中的柱身垂偏等施工偏差对结构性能的影响程度是工程中经常遇到的问题。


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