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关于”描写母亲外貌“的英语句子21个,句子主体:Describe Mother's Appearance。以下是关于描写母亲外貌的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Describe Mother's Appearance

她去接过我几次,还带我去看望了外祖母。 外祖母告诉了我一些母亲的事情;她解释了为什么母亲没能力照顾孩子们。

1、She picked me up a couple of other times and took me to see my grandmother who told me things about my mother; she explained that she was not capable of looking after children.


2、Sometimes I'd listen outside her door


3、Tom is like his father in looks.


4、The Kids was a mirror of his own fears and sufferings when he was separated from his mother.


5、I was away working children are often aware that after sending money back subsidies for mothers, mothers do not resolutely and will back the money back.


6、A female spider is often much larger than a male of the same species, and is sometimes quite different in appearance.

为了养活孩子她要外出工作,工资都交给母亲。 孩子们也是她母亲带大的,没少挨鞭子。

7、To support these children, she goes out to work and gives her wages to her mother, who brings them up with a whip.


8、In traditional communities, especially during infancy, extra caregivers are usually female kin, such as grandmothers and aunts, Hrdy writes.


9、When Tommy reached the tree, he found a written note.


10、I made two piles, one for the genuine ones written by mothers, the other for forgeries .


11、He speaks of his ministry there as being that of a steward, a mother and a father.


12、Mum inside of it and me outside.


13、Otherwise my mother lived a quiet, family-centered life.


14、For a time my mother and I lived with my grandparents, Nathan and Anna.


15、All new mother-to-be's should have

1 or

2, so that when mother is wiping up one , you will have an extra one for use in case of an accident.

2 ,这样,当母亲是擦了一,您将有额外的一为使用在案件一宗交通意外。


16、A little boy invited his mother to attend his school's first teacher-parent meeting.


17、After the birth of children, SongJuan mother to take care of grandson moved to live under, two in-laws conflicts.


18、His father gave him a severe lecture on his manners.


19、I came into this world with a bashed head and deformed features because of the hard labor my mother had gone through.


20、If I relax my hand a bit and make the s’s round and loopy, a bit like my mom’s, they come out much better.

21、At the time it had an almost identical meaning to the one I used in describing my wife’s motherly duties.当时,它的词义几乎与我刚才描述妻子作为母亲的职责相同。

22、In a rainy evening, Dr Wang's mother was dying.一天晚上,外面下着雨,汪医生的母亲病危 。

23、K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter novel as a struggling single mom.罗琳写哈里.波特第一部时还是一个拼搏中的单身母亲。

24、Mother wanted us to go to the hospital to see my great-grandmother, who didn’t have long to live.母亲提议和我去医院看望我曾外祖母。 她已不久于人世。

25、A well-known Elven ballad recounts a battle with Vestals, claiming that each blow they delivered felt like being slapped on the face by your mother.一首广为流传的精灵歌谣描写了一场与神官进行的战斗,对她们的每一次攻击都好像在扇自己母亲的耳光一样令人难受。

英文句子26:,26、Many old photos. on them were her parents, her father was in a black suit with a skullcap, looking very handsome;很多旧照片。有外祖父外祖母亲的,外祖父身穿黑色长衫,头戴瓜皮帽,很帅。

27、The body usually send money to come back subsidy mother after the other parts of country the children of the work know, mother resolute don't , and backed money to return.身在外地工作的孩子们知道后就常常寄钱回来补贴母亲,母亲坚决不要,并将钱退了回去。

28、Minks, martens, ferrets, and polecats are closely related to weasels and are similar in appearance and behavior.水貂、貂、黑足鼬和鸡貂是鼬的近亲,外貌和行为都很近似。

29、Zhao Ai's father died in a mudslide; his mother is a migrant labourer hundreds of miles away.赵艾的父亲死于泥石流;母亲在数百英里外的地方打工。

30、She often heard from her mother that her grandmother’s home was very different from othes’.Recently she have seen several low-class maids who were dressed and dining surprisingly well.这林黛玉常听得母亲说过,他外祖母家与别家不同。

31、My mother, who had been born after her mother lost her sanity, used to tell my older sister and me that she would become our grandmother if we did not behave.我母亲出生时外婆已经神经错乱。 母亲曾经告诉我和姐姐,假如我们不听话,她就会变得像外婆一样。

32、Through the description of the oppressions the mother gives to her daughter, the author exaggerates and typifies the oppression of human nature, and criticizes the social reality.作家通过描写母亲对女儿的全方位压制,对人性受压迫主题进行夸张和典型化处理,鞭辟入里地批判了现实社会。

33、In London around half of babies have foreign-born mothers while in Newham and Brent, around three quarters of children have mothers who were born abroad.在伦敦,大约有一半的婴儿在国外出生的母亲,而在纽汉和布伦特有三个子女,有四分之三是在国外出生的母亲谁。

34、When he was twelve, his mother married another man. His step-father treated me strictly and often beat him when his mother was away.xx岁时,母亲改嫁,继父对他十分严厉,常在母亲外出时痛打他。

35、Recalling mother's face and smile how we could not feel distressed and bitter?追忆母亲的音容笑貌,我们怎么能不痛心疾首呢?

36、Author J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter novel as a struggling single mom.作家J.K.罗琳写哈里.波特第一部时还是一个拼搏中的单身母亲。

37、When getting their children betrothed, to what should parents pay special attention?父母给儿女定亲,另外该注意什么?

38、I was with Mammaw and Papaw when Mother delivered by caesarean section.母亲剖腹生弟弟时,我同老外婆和外公待在一起。

39、Tang xin outside the room to hear parents dialogue, spent mothers selfish, image in order to not let father tang rong to attend wedding.唐欣在房外听到父母对话,斥母亲自私,为了形象不让唐荣出席父亲婚礼。

40、There is a book never to be finished writing in the world. That is about mother…世上有一部永远写不完的书,那便是母亲……

41、In her face were too sharply blended the delicate features of her mother, a Coast aristocrat of French descent, and the heavy ones of her florid Irish father.她脸上极其明显地融合了父母的容貌特征,既有母亲那种沿海地区法国贵族后裔的优雅,也有父亲那种脸色红润的爱尔兰人的粗野。

42、The researchers also measured mother-calf pairs and found that each meter increase in the mother's length translated into an extra one-third meter in her calf, when controlling for the calf's age.研究者也测量了母亲-幼仔的长度,发现母亲身子额外长1米可以遗传给下一代额外的1/3米,当幼崽的年龄相同的条件下。

43、He spoke of his ministry there as being that of a steward, a mother, and a father.他自言在他们中间的事奉,如同管家之外,更如同他们的母亲和父亲。

44、Her brutally honest account of her early experiences of being a mother – "At its worst moments, parenthood does indeed resemble hell" – caused outrage.她对做母亲的初期体验大胆诚实的描述——“在最难受的时刻,亲子关系确实像地狱”——激起了愤怒。

45、The baby's mother escaped from the fire along with two other children 婴儿的母亲和另外两个孩子一起逃离了火海。

46、In them I saw my grandfather's openness, my grandmother's matter-of-factness, my mother's kindness.我看到了外公的开明,外婆的实事求是,母亲的善良。

47、Mother is not very beautiful appearance, no fancy clothes, but she is always in my heart the most beautiful, most great.母亲没有十分美丽的容貌,也没有华丽的衣服,但是她在我心中永远是最漂亮,最伟大的。

48、Luckily her mother Kelly was waiting outside with a cab ready to go.幸好她母亲叫好出租车等在外面随时准备出发。

49、A glance at Grandma's familiar handwriting brought back in a flash memories of standing alongside her white rocking chair, watching her "settin' down" some letter to relatives.一看到外祖母那熟悉的笔迹,我顿时回想起往日站在她的白色摇椅旁看她给亲戚写信的情景。

50、Father always the over - at a profit but mother teach sons and daughters at family training.父亲总是在外赚钱而母亲就在家教育子女。

经典英文句子51:描写母亲外貌,51、Analyzing the achievement of the name research and combining the folk custom culture with the language main body, the "mother" name's evolution in the Putian dialect has been described.在对称谓研究已有成果进行分析、借鉴的基础上,拟结合民俗文化和语言本体,对莆田方言中母亲称谓的演变进行描写。

52、Jun and Jill the hero in the mother and grandmother have passed away, in order to find his father Zhengshi Xian, …剧中主人公小君和小杰在母亲和外婆相继辞世后,为了寻找父亲郑世贤,…

53、What kind of mother throws her 3-year-old out in the cold?什么样的母亲能把自己xx岁的孩子扔在寒冷的室外?

54、I describe the dilemma to each of the Kahns and ask whose wish, my mother’s or grandmother’s, matches their own.我向每个Kahn家的人都描述了这件事,并询问到底是我母亲还是外婆的愿望和他们自己的愿望类似。

55、Being a single parent qualifies you for extra benefits.作为一个单身父(母)亲,你有权获得额外的福利金。

56、Slowly, tenderly, the father stretched forth a hand and raised the thick, reddish-brown hair to reveal that the mother had no outer ears.父亲慢慢地用手把母亲的头发给拉开,妈妈是没有外耳的。

57、Mother wanted us to go to the hospital to see my great-grandmother, who didn't have long to live.那情景我永远也无法忘怀。母亲提议和我去医院看望我曾外祖母。

58、The mother barred the children out.母亲把孩子们关在屋外。

59、A recent article and comments from some moms have prompted me to write this article.来自一些母亲的最近的文章评论促使我写这篇文章。

60、The reason he lived with his grandparents was that his father had bunked off and left his mother when he was a baby, and shortly afterwards his mother got ill and died.他和外公、姥姥一块生活,这是因为他还是婴儿时父亲就抛弃了母亲,接着母亲又生病死了。

61、Mother kept a firm hold on her son's hands as he said goodby to her abroad.告别到国外去时,母亲紧紧地拉住他的双手。

62、A painting depicts Solomon's wisdom: When two women claim a baby, he orders it divided by a sword; the woman willing to give up the baby is its mother.描绘所罗门王智慧的油画:两个妇女都坚称自己是婴儿的母亲,所罗门下令将婴儿一分为二以解决争议;那位愿意放弃母亲身份以换取孩子性命的妇女才是婴儿的亲生母亲。

63、It's common sense stuff, the sort of civility my mother taught me when I was 这是常识、是我母亲在我xx岁时交给我的文明礼貌。


64、In addition, the fears about the outside world experienced by the mother extend to the child.此外,母亲在外面世界所经历过的恐惧延伸到了孩子身上。

65、There are many words to describe specific relatives, e.g. uncle / uncle; aunt / aunt; nephew / nephew; niece / niece; cousin / cousin.有很多词语可以描述具体的关系,例如uncle / 叔叔、伯父、舅舅、姨夫、姑父;aunt / 婶婶、伯母、舅母、姑母; nephew / 外甥、侄子; niece / 外甥女、侄女; cousin /表兄弟姐妹、堂兄弟姐妹

66、Brothers and sisters, Including all half, step or adoptive relationships - and yourself. Give mother's maiden name. If deceased, give date of death.(同父异母异或父、继、养)兄弟姐妹;请填写母亲婚前姓名;如已死亡的,请注明其死亡日期。

67、Caption :Beit Lahiya, Gaza: A doctor treats a wounded mother, daughter and son at a hospital.描述:加沙,贝特拉西亚:医生在医院给受伤的母亲,孩子治疗。

68、She inherits her mother's looks.她继承了她母亲的相貌。

69、Lookism, or judging people on their physical looks, is a rampant problem in the workplace and indeed everywhere we go. My dear friends, How you think about it?外貌主义,或以貌取人,是在职场和我们能到的任何地方都很猖獗的一个问题。亲爱的朋友,你怎么看待这一现象呢?

70、When her money had almost gone a letter from her mother reached her.当她的钱快要用完的时候,她母亲写来的一封信送到了她的手上。

71、Slowly, tenderly, the father stretched forth a hand and raised the thick, reddish brown hair to reveal that the mother had no outer ears.慢慢地,轻轻地,父亲伸过一只手,撩起母亲厚厚的棕红色头发——母亲没有了外耳。

72、While Western diplomats have welcomed Rice and her polite, approachable style, she has not impressed everyone.虽然西方外交官欢迎赖斯和她礼貌亲切的作风,但是她并没有取悦所有人。

73、I was raised half by my single mother, and half by my widowedgrandmother.我是由单亲妈妈和寡居的外祖母一起抚养长大的。 。

74、Mother:They want to earn some extra pocket-money.母亲:他们想赚点外快。

75、I was away working children are often aware that after sending money back subsidies for mothers, mothers do not resolutely and will back the money back. The mother said, I have money!身在外地工作的孩子们知道后就常常寄钱回来补贴母亲,母亲坚决不要,并将钱退了回去。

英文句子模板76:Describe Mother's Appearance,76、My mom is now at least used to it, and she waits outside when I’m riding up, so she can hear my daughter shout, “Nana!我母亲现在已经习惯了这样,她在外面等我打扫完毕,当我们转到角落时,母亲还能听见我女儿的呼喊声,“奶奶!

77、They have ever been famous for beauty, and I have read that the mother of the present Lord Cloncurry was of their tribe.他们以美貌而著称,我在书中读过,克伦卡里勋爵的母亲便属于这个家族。

78、In addition, the Yang Jinyuan mother contracts carcinoma oesophagi, actually has not drawn up disease certificate.此外,杨锦元的母亲患食道癌,却没有开具。

79、She recounted how the book actually documents a more nuanced parenting style. Her daughter's reaction to an accumulation of some of her more extreme measures led her to a change of heart.蔡美儿的书更多的是对自己教育风格的细致描写,她说她女儿对她极端教育方式的反抗也改变了她这个母亲。


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