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关于”吸烟的危害“的英语句子40个,句子主体:The ers of smoking。以下是关于吸烟的危害的考研英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The ers of smoking


1、What is third-hand smoke, and why is it a concern?


2、Worldwide, as many as 40% of children, 33% of non-smoking men and 35% non-smoking women were exposed to second-hand smoke in 2004, researchers found.


3、Small stubs do great harm to the woods.


4、Doctors have called for aban on smoking in all vehicles after a report into the effects of passive smoking on children.

times more likely to die from the disease. Statistical studies have long shown that people who don't smoke live longer than people who do and scientists have seen statistically the correlation between smoking and incidences of lung cancer since the 1950s. But a study earlier this year by Gerd Pfeifer of the Beckman Research Institute pinpointed specific carcinogens in cigarette smoke that target parts of a gene already known to be prominent in some cancers. Pfeifer wrote in Science that cigarette smoke causes changes in the gene p53, which protects against cancer when normal but promotes cancer growth when mutated . Another study, published by the American Cancer Society, said that lowtar cigarettes offered no relief from the potential of cancer, and in fact were responsible for a type of cancer that reaches deeper into lung tissue. Other cancers are also affected by cigarette smoke. An American Cancer Society researcher reported earlier this year that smoking increased men's risk of dying of prostate cancer, while other studies have linked tobacco use to increased risk of other cancers, including throat, breast and bowel cancer. 那么吸烟究竟有什么危害呢?

5、times more likely to die from lung cancer than nonsmokers. Women who smoke are

6、Third Hand Smoke A Great Reason to Quit无烟外语资料 20091120


7、Smoking seriously harms you and ot her s around you. (


8、Overall, male relatives of probands had a greater risk of lung cancer than their female counterparts.


9、As well as posing a fire risk, researchers have found that the health impact of inhaling their fumes is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.


10、After intervention, the correct cognition to cigarette smoking of students had increased and the attitude towards smoking behaviors improved among the experimental group.


11、Smoking is bad for your health. Students are forbidden to smoke in bed and throw the cigarette ends and ash randomly.

12、Smoking will give you cancer. 吸烟会导致癌症。


13、Current smokers had a 42 percent increased risk of developing the disease and former smokers had a 44 percent increased risk.

Therefore, I hope all the smokers can give up smoking for themselves and also for the people around them 据估计,在中国吸烟者约占总人口的一半,而且烟民的年龄越来越年轻,甚至一些中学生也在抽烟。

14、Smoking is harmful and it is not only bad for smokers themselves, but also bad for nonsmokers


15、Smoking is injurious to my health. Smoking injures my health.


16、Cigarettes cause lung cancer and other deadly illnesses not only in smokers, but also in nonsmokers who breathe in smoke, studies have shown.


17、"The project would be scaled up to cover the whole nation in the future to protect more people from smoking, " said Wang.


18、Women used to smoke much less than men, and as that has equalized, the health effects of tobacco are catching up to women, taking years off of their lives.


19、We are even informed that cigarette smoking may gravely jeopardize not only the smokers, but also the non-smokers.


20、Passive smokers, who regularly inhale tobacco fumes from others, have around a 30% greater risk of heart attack.

21、The volatility of As and Pb in cigarette are low and they can be absorbed through cigarette butt and filter tip in the course of smoking, which has no harm to the active and passive smokers.结果表明,在吸烟过程中,香烟中砷和铅挥发性较小,且通过烟头及过滤嘴的吸附,对主动吸烟者及被动吸烟者造成危害甚微;

22、The filter tip is the important protective media for smokers because it can reduce the harmfulness by removing the harmful substance of cigarettes.香烟过滤嘴是香烟主流烟气与人体的桥梁,优质的香烟滤嘴材料可有效去除烟气中的有害成分,减小吸烟对人体的危害。

23、No-smoking areas cut down on this pollution and save non-smokers breathing in other people's cigarette smoke.设立禁烟区有助于减少污染,并能使不吸烟者免受被动吸烟之害。

24、Doctors shave called for aban on smoking in all vehicles after a report into the effects of passivesmoking on children.继报道了被动吸烟对孩子们造成的危害后,英国的医生们又呼吁禁止在一切交通工具内吸烟。 。

25、Evidence shows that smoking harms nearly every organ of the body.证据表明,吸烟几乎危害身体的每一个器官。

英文句子26:,26、Smoking a lot of cigarettes can harm and even kill over a long period of time.长期大量吸烟会危害身体健康, 甚至导致死亡。

27、Smoking impairs our health.吸烟会损害我们的健康。

28、Steven is going to smoke, and his wife Julia is talking about the harm about smoking.史蒂文准备要抽烟,妻子茱莉娅谈到了吸烟的危害。

29、Worldwide, 40 percent of children, 33 percent of non-smoking men and 35 percent non-smoking women were exposed to second-hand smoke in 2004, they found.他们发现世界中遭受二手烟危害的人群中,40%的人是儿童,33%的是不吸烟的男子,35%是不吸烟的女性

30、Conclusion Smoking intervention activities in Beijing worked effectively, but communication on the knowledge of harm in smoking still need to be improved, especially to the adolescents and smokers.结论北京市吸烟干预工作取得一定效果,但吸烟危害健康知识传播尚有待于进一步加强,尤其是对青少年和吸烟者。

31、If you smoke , tomorrow is a good day to die. (如果你抽烟的话,明天是个去死的好日子)

32、Smoking is bad for your health. 吸烟对你的健康有害。

33、Smoking not only hurt others, the more hurt yourself, dad, you don't smoke!吸烟既伤害了别人,更伤害了自己,爸爸,您别吸烟了!

34、Smoking harm others harm should consciously develop good health habits do not smoke.吸烟害己害人应该自觉养成不吸烟的良好卫生习惯。

35、To clarify the changes of smoking-related health knowledge, attitude and behavior after the school-based smoking prevention.明确控烟干预对研究对象的吸烟危害健康知识、态度和行为的效果。

36、Why you should quit: Even the occasional cigarette has health consequences. According to a 2008 study, smoking just one or two cigarettes can compromise artery function for more than a week.xx年的一项研究显示,即使偶尔吸烟也对健康有害,只抽


37、When smoking, the cigarette consumer may harmed by breathing in Fluorine along with smoke. If taking 香烟中含有的氟在燃烧下(吸烟时)会有一部分随着烟气被消费者吸入体内,对人体的健康造成危害。若每人每天吸烟20支,则其每天从香烟中摄取的氟大约为50微克。

20 cigarettes daily, the smoker may breath in about 50 μg Fluorine.

38、"On the one hand, death-related warnings were not effective and even ironically caused more positive smoking attitudes among smokers who based their self-esteem on smoking," the study said.研究称:“一方面,危害生命的警示没什么效果,而且讽刺的是,它甚至让那些为自尊而吸烟的烟民对吸烟的态度更为积极了。”

39、It can solve the problem of smokers, reduce the hazard, improve the environment, keep the oxygen molecules and thus fresh the air around.极其便利地解决吸烟者难题,降低危害,大大改善吸烟环境,让氧分子长时间保持于空气中,使您所处环境的空气时刻保持清新。

40、Excessive smoking is harmful to one's health.吸烟过多对身体有害处。

41、This advertisement educates and mobilizes both smokers and non-smokers to understand that smoking is really a problem for the whole society- that 400,000 families each year are destroyed by tobacco.这则广告教育和动员了吸烟者和不吸烟者让他们理解吸烟确实是对整个社会的一种危害每年有40万个家庭毁于吸烟。

42、Passive smoke kills your dearest ones first.被动吸烟首先危害你至亲的人。

43、Scene; Central Perk, Joey and Ross are persecuting Chandler about his smoking.中央帕克咖啡馆,乔伊和罗斯正在对钱德勒说关于吸烟对与他的危害。

44、Focusing on the harmful effects of exposure to others' smoke, the initiative will aim to help smokers quit and encourage nonsmokers to ask people not to smoke around them.鉴于吸烟对他人健康的危害,这次运动的目的在于帮助嗜烟者戒烟,以及鼓励那些不吸烟的人给予身边嗜烟者忠告。

45、can be induced by a variety of diseases. “这个视频讲了什么?

46、DAWN DeMEO: "Many people underestimate the health risks of their own cigarette consumption, thinking that a few cigarettes here and there, a few cigarettes every day, are harmless."很多人低估了吸烟行为对健康危害,他们认为零星的几根香烟,每天几根香烟,是无害的。

47、A study of 在《癌症》期刊上发表的一项对7, 610名吸烟者的调查研究表明,晨起吸烟的危害与其他的吸烟习惯的影响不同。

7,610 smokers, published in the journal Cancer, said the effect was independent of other smoking habits.

48、Non-smokers long exposed to second-hand smoke suffer more harm than smokers.长久暴露在二手烟中的非吸烟者所受的伤害比吸烟者大。

49、Pollution from smoke and dust vitiates the air.烟尘和灰尘严重的污染危害空气。

50、Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially the dreadful consequences of taking up the habit of smoking.应该尽最大努力告诫年轻人吸烟的危害, 特别是吸上瘾后的可怕后果。

经典英文句子51:吸烟的危害,51、Second-hand cigarette smoke is equally damaging to a woman's fertility treatment success as being a smoker themselves, research has revealed.加拿大研究人员日前公布的一项研究结果显示,对于一个正在接受人工受孕的女性来说,吸二手烟和自己主动吸烟其所带来的危害是相同的。

52、can be induced by a variety of diseases.“这个视频讲了什么?

53、Results About 95.0% of the teachers thought smoking was harm to health and 98.7% of them thought it harm to children.结果95.0%的教师认为被动吸烟会对健康造成危害,98.7%的教师认为被动吸烟会对儿童的健康造成危害。

54、Somebody issued an artical about the harm of smoking, but I think that is alarmism, that's some kind of negative mentality.有人在报刊上写文章讲吸烟有害,我认为,这是危言耸听,有逆反心理。

55、Smoking damages delicate eye tissue and irritates the eyeballs.吸烟既危 害了脆弱的眼球组织而且会剌激眼球。

56、He is smoking very heavily.他烟吸得很厉害。

57、In order to keep healthy, we should get rid of the bad habit of smoking. Please stop smoking at once中文翻译:吸烟有害

58、Smoking gis harmful and it is not only bad for smokers themselves, but also bad for non-smokers.吸烟对人们的身体百害而无一利。 它不仅有害吸烟者本人,而且对不吸烟者也会造成损害。 。

59、These people know the harmful and if long term, even life threatening effects of smoking but it seems nobody heeds the warning.这些人明知道吸烟是有害的并且时间长了将危害生命但似乎并没有人在乎这个。

60、Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially the dreadful consequences of taking up the habit.应该尽最大努力告? nbsp| 年轻人吸烟的危害, 特别是吸上烟瘾后的可怕后果。

61、We are even informed that cigarette smoking may gravely jeopardize not only the smokers but also the non-smokers.我们甚至被告知,吸烟不仅严重危害吸烟者,而且严重危害非吸烟者。

62、In addition, managers of indoor public areas should actively carry out health education about the harms of smoking, and arrange for smoking cessation services to be provided.此外,室内公共场所经营者应当积极开展吸烟危害方面的健康宣传,并对提供戒烟服务做出安排。

63、Smoke-free laws protect the health of non-smokers, are popular, do not harm business and encourage smokers to quit.1无烟法律保护不吸烟者的健康,很受欢迎,既不损害企业又能鼓励吸烟者戒烟。

64、Most students (97.9%) admitted the harm of smoking and about 88.5% were willing to participate in health education of control smoking.对吸烟危害健康的知晓率达到97.7%,表示愿意参加控烟健康教育的达到88.5%。

65、Smoking seriously harms you and ot her s around you. (吸烟害己又害人。

66、Smoking is no good for health.吸烟对健康百害而无一益。

67、Smoking is harmful to your health.吸烟对你的健康有害。

68、Jaco: Smoking is killing. I know.我知道。吸烟有害。

69、Although, he says a World Health Organization treaty already contains a provision requiring countries to pursue protection for non-smokers from secondhand smoke.当然,他也指出,国际卫生组织WHO 早已制订出了相关条款,要求各国保护非吸烟者免受二手烟危害。

70、One is requiring cigarette labeling and advertising to carry warnings of the health hazards of smoking.其中之一是要求在香烟标签和广告中加上吸烟危害健康的警告。

71、Results 81% of smoker and 85% of non-smoker agreed that smoking did harm to health(concluding little and serious harm).结果有81%的吸烟者和85 %的非吸烟者认为吸烟对健康有危害(包括轻度和重度危害) ;

72、LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Working long hours has a greater negative impact on women than men because it makes them more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat unhealthy food.加班对妇女的危害远大于对男人们的危害. 它会导致妇女吸烟加重,喝咖啡更多并吃一些有害健康的食品.

73、It is easier to start than it is to stop. (吸烟容易,戒烟难)

74、For you and your family's health, please do not smoke.(为了你和家人


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