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关于”心情好的短句“的英语句子46个,句子主体:Short sentences in a good mood。以下是关于心情好的短句的高二英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Short sentences in a good mood


1、Standing there, my heart was filled with fear, afraid of my friend sat station, always remind me, care about the message the night beat enthusiasm.


2、After a good sleep and a tasty breakfast, I feel in the pink this morning.

听到那个好消息时, 他按捺不住高兴的心情。

3、When he learned of the good news, he was beside himself with joy.


4、Yet with the right mood, once in a while, it will give you an ultra beautiful picture.


5、It's always nice to have a break and charge the batteries for the rest of the season.


6、A well cultivated person with integrity will not throw dirt on others under any cirtances.


7、A littledepressed Duke Fuchu and , or the mood of many.


8、Feeling low and depressed? If you want to be able to instantly access a good mood, try this technique from life coach Rebekah Fensome.


9、Focusing on one thing, do it very well, and ENJOY it. Dave from Tch …


10、You too can be in a perfect mood when you see the Purrfect Mood Detector illuminate on your beloved cat!


11、But I want to end optimistically, so yes, passion and passivity can come together - the day Arthur's barge floats down Nantah Lake.


12、I hate rainy days, either. I`m always in low spirits when it rains.


13、Conclusion:Compound Danshen dropping pill was affirmed on angina treatment, the effect of short damage and with less adverse reaction and good tolerance.


14、Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?


15、Slow heart rate, enlarged left atrium, increased left ventricular mass and decreased fractional shortening were detected in patients with hypothyroidism.


16、I was afraid to hurt their lovely and good moods, so I had to join them and spent more than two hours in toast pub!


17、He wanted people with power to adopt better morals and compassion.


18、I am warm , cheerful and have a responsibility, initiative, and a good collective spirit of cooperation.


19、Just the act of smiling will put you in a better mood.


20、So it's hard not to be in a, you know, good mood here,

21、Soon, though, my mood lifted: the cycling wasn't as slow as I had feared.然而不久,我的心情便有所好转:自行车前进得并不如我所担心的那样缓慢。

22、"We really looked at the passing seascape and we fell silent with awe, " Cambell said.“我们真的看到了短暂的海景,敬畏的心情使我们突然沉默了下来,” 坎贝尔说。

23、John would tell her how delightful she looked this evening.约翰想要告诉她今晚她看上去心情很好。

24、You’d better be patient, or you might bring things to a deadlock.你最好耐心一些,否则会把事情搞僵了。

25、Based on mood-repair hypothesis, this research was aimed to examine the contrasting effect of guilt and shame on travel preferences.本研究根据心情修补假说,检验罪恶、羞惭两种负向心情对于旅游偏好的对比效应。

英文句子26:,26、Scientists researching the relationship between mood and the memory have found being in a good mood decreases your ability to retain information.科学家研究心情跟记忆力的关系时发现好心情会使你记住信息的能力降低。

27、Please sit down, the old housekeeper broadcast video for you, introduce sincere team.请入座,老寷管家为您播放短片,介绍顾问团队真心情怀。

28、For the first time, if you can understand and use with other interests, and can shorten the distance between each other, deepen.初度碰头的人,假如能专心理解与应用对方的兴味、喜好,就能缩短两边的间隔,加深对方的好感。

29、The aunt bat kisses the wings of the young erfly: "Sometimes, the rational emotion will say gently to our hearts that fast asleep is better than soberness when we are blue."蝙蝠婶婶亲吻着幼蝶的翅膀说:“有些时侯,当我们心情不好时,理性的情绪会和缓地对我们的心说,熟睡比清醒要好受的多。”

30、Riding bike with friends can also help build friendship.更重要的是,可以获得一个健康的身体和美好的心情。

31、He advances in meditation to such inner peace, that he cannot keep from saying, 'What happiness!他在冥想中内心获得了如此的平静,以致他情不自禁地说,‘好开心!

32、'Let me enjoy my bad mood for a minute,' she felt like saying. 'Let me wallow in it.'她真想说,“让我好好享受我的坏心情,就一分钟也好,让我沉浸其中吧。”

33、Have you ever had a random encounter that was so refreshing that it made your day?你自己是否也偶遇过类似的情况令你的一天有个更好的心情呢?

34、As I wait, I sympathize: So many things distract them — the gym, text messages, rush week — and often campus culture treats them as customers, not pupils.等待时,我心生同情:让他们分心的事情太多了——健身、短信、社团活动——而且校园文化通常把他们当做消费者,而非学生。

35、So to put an interviewer in a better mood, offer a compliment.所以,给面试官一个好心情,说点称赞的话。

36、Sleep studies haven’t yet concluded whether there are benefits to these brief intervals, like when you nod off on someone’s shoulder on the train.短的就像你在火车上不小心靠着别人的肩头打了个小盹,睡眠研究对如此简短的盹是否对人体有好处尚未定论。

37、Rainy day. Am even more depressed … what are Hao Fan Hao Fan. How do I live?下雨天。心情更加低落…什么都好烦好烦。我要怎么生活?。

38、Purrfect Mood Detector contains a microphone, and a red LED light which illuminates when the device detects the cat's happy purr.这款心情探测器包含一个麦克风,一个红色的LED灯光显示,在探测到猫咪心情好的时候会亮起来。

39、Her present condition was precisely one which would have enlisted the sympathies of old Mr and Mrs Clare.她现在的情形,正好可以引起克莱尔先生和克莱尔太太的同情心。

40、The next time you want to send a very personal message think carefully before you press the "Send" on or you might end up sending your boss a message meant for your sweetheart!所以下次在按下“发送”键发出非常隐私的短信的时候,一定要小心再小心,不然你可能会把发给情人的短信传给老板喔!

41、Let the wines of Stone Garden Vineyards, set the mood for life.让世通卡登的红酒为您的生活带来美好的心情。

42、Cheerfulness is an excellent working quality, imparting great elasticity to the character.愉快是非常好的工作品质,给人很开朗的心情。

43、Seeing this, his mother said to him, "Better to die after a short life with the great compassionate one, than to live a long life with an ordinary one."看着这一幕,鹿妈妈跟他说:“跟随一个富有同情心的王而生命短暂,好过跟随一个平庸之王而长命百岁。”

44、Sometimes we read more into a remark than the interviewer intended because of the pressure and heightened emotions of an interview.由于面视产生的压力和高亢的感情,有时让我们对招聘者的一句评价多心了。

45、Concise, after receipt of the g frequently reply in turn good mood.简洁收到克勤的回复后,心情转好。

46、So apt put an interviewer in a meliorate mood, attempt a praise.所以,给面试官一个好心情,说说称赞的话。

47、At last he felt as if his good-humour must find some outlet.终于他感到该让他的好心情宣泄一下了。

48、Do a good job, but don't feel obliged to sacrifice your own equanimity for the excessive demands of your company.好好工作,但不要觉得自己应该为公司永不满足的欲望而牺牲好心情。

49、Change the mood at the moment; face the life again. Though short, it is teem with well-being.改变当下的心情,再度面对人生,尽管短暂,但是却是段质量浓密的幸福时光。

50、A bad mood is bad enough to cause you to lose self-confidence and leaves you helpless with all your worries and troubles in mind.由于有好心情,我觉得很有趣,否则我就惨了。 坏心情是以使你丧失自信心、烦恼、忧虑和无能为力。

经典英文句子51:心情好的短句,51、She was a good, compassionate lady, and not happy in her marriage.她是个富于同情心的好太太,婚姻很不幸福。

52、Chinese people meet, their business partner visit is very hospitable, like the inquisition.中国人遇到商业伙伴拜访时,他们非常热情好客,喜欢问长问短。

53、Even now I can feel my lover have always been here with me!秀妹,这就是你那几天心情不好的原因么?

54、When appropriate, he exhibits compassion and empathy for his players.合适的时候,他会向他的队员展示同情心和好感。

55、On the flip side, we also postpone our gratification, our stated priorities, and our happiness, often convincing ourselves that"someday" will be better than today.换句话讲,我们压抑内心的欲望,搁置预想的事情,甚至无暇享乐,经常自我安慰,相信总有一天一切都会好的。

56、A wall of messages reflecting the feeling of the local community has been created inside the hall.在教堂大堂里新建了一面墙,墙壁上的字句反映了整个当地社区的心情

57、If, on the other hand, I’m enjoying life, traveling, meeting people and feeling good, my writing flows effortlessly, and I’m bursting with ideas.换句话说,如果我很享受生活,享受旅行,遇见人,心情很好,毫不费力地我的作品如流水而出,我整个人更是文思泉涌。

58、Do you cooperate with coworkers to get things done?你是否能和同事齐心协力将事情办好?

59、This symbolizes that the fragrance of the rose can relieve the tiredness and bring great mood.就好像绽放中的蔷薇香气沁人心脾,将颓败的心情一扫而空。

60、Chocolate lovers know that eating chocolate makes them happy.巧克力爱好者知道吃巧克力让他们心情愉快。

61、A good bargain or expensive presents keep the natives people in a good mood.做左单好生意又或者一份昂贵的礼物都可以令这些朴实的心情好好的啵!

62、But exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, releasing endorphin which will improve your mood.然而,体育锻炼是一种减轻压力的好方法,它会让你心情变好。

63、Human there is a wide range, including likes and dislikes of the conditions, but Jen is at its core.人情有多种多样,其中有好恶之情,但仁是其核心。

64、A normal FHR pattern represented a good condition of the fetus.正常的胎心率(FHR)意味着胎儿情况良好。

65、The best doctors are: Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Merryman.最好的大夫是:合理饮食、心情平静和天天快乐。


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