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1、Because of their singing beautiful tunes tactfully, with a strong local flavor and life sentiments, it became popular.


2、It allows the tone and rhymes of Chinese characters to change in a regular or recurring way in order to achieve the harmonious beauty of rhymes and musical beauty.

这种袜头缝合机,具有控制精确到位、袜头缝合线平整美观等 优点。

3、The stocking toe sewing machine has the advantages that the control is precise and the stocking toe seam is neat.


4、Zhen Jing Energy Technology Co. , Ltd. of Yangzhou, situated in the beautiful ancient city of Yangzhou, Sichuan post above.


5、Renewing the enginery of fat metabolism and cutting off root of rebounding so as to make pet having statuesque &perfect figure.


6、This on-trend design radiates floral elegance. Feminine and elegant, the rhodium-plated flower sparkles in delicate clear crystal pavé.


7、Text is king, for "Special Focus", high-quality and perfect version of the text framework is the root cause of its surprising victory.


8、Beautifully styled, the DB9 never fails to stir the soul with its unique sound, power and performance.


9、There are a huge variety of calls and the more melodic ones have even inspired composers.


10、Yosemite, the holy land of the nature, we are looking for another opportunity to come back to continue to give you a hug!


11、A well structured, complex, yet elegant wine that will reward with cellaring for up to

10 years.


12、I used to find notes left in the collection basket, beautiful notes about my homilies .


13、On first encounter we are struck by their exquisite colours and shapes, formed by nature and enhanced by the technology of the medium.

去年年底,花旗已从阿布扎比筹得75亿美元资金。 该行表示,将通过发售可转换优先证券,再筹集125亿美元资金。

14、Citi, which late last year raised $7.5bn from Abu Dhabi, said it would raise another $12.5bn through the sale of convertible preferred securities.


15、Turns out I am a mere 25-cents-off coupon when it comes to scrimping and saving.


16、The nationality is North America or North Europes, the occupation is an education, the research single is excellent, first the age is unlimited.


17、Foam, shaped the United States, health care, "the five characteristics of tribute tea since ancient times are known, the famous tea producing."


18、From the garden, which is raised and stands as high as an ordinary first floor, you get a magnificent view.


19、Beringer Clic White is a fresh, fruity wine made from a blend of clic white varieties.


20、The industrial park is green, beautiful, the entrepot will strive to become a first-cl garden style are.

21、Now please listen to the songs from Grade five, Grade six. They mix the harmonious tones and graceful dance with English. Let's enjoy it.请听xx年级同学带来的英语歌曲大串烧。请欣赏。


22、Every excellency, and every virtue, has its kindred vice or weakness; and if carried beyond certain bounds, sinks into one or the other.物极必反。每一种优点和美德,都有它同源的缺点与恶行;

23、This graceful and feminine design is showcased on an 18-inch cable chain that fastens with a spring ring clasp.这优美,是展示女性设计的一个18英寸的锚链,随着弹簧钩环扣紧。

24、Sleep is most graceful in an infant; soundest, in one who has been tired in the.婴儿的睡眠,最为优美;疲劳的人在户外睡眠,最为酣畅;水手在艰苦航程之后。

25、Then he gracefully stepped off the jetty into the canoe, placing his feet carefully to prevent it from capsizing.这时他优美地从岸上跳进独木舟,小心翼翼地站稳他的脚以防摇晃。

英文句子26:,26、Zhejiang Wuyi Defond Machinery Co. , Ltd. is located in Wuyi County, Zhejiang, with convenient transportation and elegant environment, known as scenic tourist sites, the hometown of tea, etc.浙江武义德丰机械有限公司位于风景优美、旅游圣地、茶叶之乡等美称的浙江武义县,这里交通便利。

27、Vince Larkin: If you can't trust a South American drug lord, who can you trust?如果你连一个南美校级优秀团员申请书洲的毒贩都不相信,你还能相信谁呢?

28、The trio also sang these new songs a capella on the spot. Their beautiful harmonizing completely mesmerized everyone.三人也在现场清唱了这几首新歌,优美的合声让所有人听得如痴如醉。

29、Due to its highly-developed gourmet food industry, the professional gourmet institutes and a large plenty of excellent chefs and traditional cooking skills, Chengdu has obtained this title.成都因其拥有高度发达的美食行业、专业的美食机构、大量的优秀厨师和传统的烹饪技巧被授予该称号。

30、Grand County donkey is well-known local specialties, commonly known as "sky dragon meat, underground donkey" are delicacies .大城县驴肉是地方名优特产,俗称“天上龙肉、地下驴肉”均为美味佳肴。

31、All the guests around the king's daughter held their breath to see their beauty and loveliness.所有围着国王女儿的人们都屏住呼吸,全神贯注看着仙女们的美丽和优雅。

32、I know that everyone will always remember this evening because of the Pumi people's beautiful singing.我想每个人都会一直记得这个夜晚的,因为这些普米年轻人的优美的歌声。

33、Coatings can be designed freely for embossment, orange-peel of mirror style with metalline touch.涂膜设计风格自由,可以加工成浮雕状、桔皮状、镜面状等,有金属板的优美质感。

34、The right car dealership program can save hundreds or thousands of dollars off the invoice.正确的购车程序能让你在发货价的基础上获得数百甚至数千美元的优惠。

35、Based on a vine coils careless and become, by refining change a euphemism much appearance, rich move feeling, beautiful vivid.是以一种藤蔓卷草经提炼变化而成,委婉多姿,富有动感,优美生动。

36、It is the stables’ first deal on Groupon: $18 for a one-hour ride for two people, half the regular price.这是养马场的第一则在Groupon的折扣:两人一小时,18美金,半价优惠。

37、The ancients had a beautiful word or at least the Greeks had a beautiful word for this quest for this desire for knowledge of the best regime.古人有一个美丽的字眼,至少希腊文有这么一个美丽的字眼,送给寻道者,追寻最优政体知识的欲望。

38、Retrospective and modern, indulgence and elegant, the conflict of the co-existence is the unique charming of BHC series.怀旧与时尚,放纵与优雅,相息相存的矛盾美感是BHC系列独有的风情。

39、Variety and unity can find its expression in any remarkable architecture, as it is the basic principle of formal beauty in architecture.建筑,是一种造型艺术,它具有一定的美学规律,建筑形式美的规律是多样统一,任何优秀的建筑都存在这种规律。

40、Shanghai Raoshi Tools Branch company is located in songjiang district, Shanghai city, with convenient transportation network and nice scenery.上海饶氏工具有限公司位于上海市青浦工业区,交通便利,环境优美。

41、You will witness Mother Nature continuing her miraculous work, even today, on the formation of this most exquisite creation.您在今天仍可看到大自然正在继续完成他的杰作——优美的宝石花。

42、As early as the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), people found purple clay teapots to look much more graceful than those of other materials.早在宋代(960 - 1279),人们发现紫砂壶看起来比其他材料更优美。

43、We are located in Jiangxi Shanggao science and industry district with 27000 square meters in area.公司地处环境优美的江西上高科技工业园区,厂区占地面积


44、They are excellent and not only they are beautiful and original but most of them are funny.它们卓尔不群,它们不仅均是作者原创的优美图片,而且大多数十分有趣。

45、The gold-plated earrings are inspired by the beauty and shape of the magnolia flower and set with clear crystal pavé.这款镀金耳环以形态优美的木兰花为灵感,镶有透明密镶水晶。

46、Our company insist on the principle: " Based on human, for the best", provide the customer the top product, also let customer feel the comfortable service.公司提倡“以人为本,力求完美”的公司理念,为客人提供优质精美产品的同时,更能让客人感受到贴身的服务。

47、It also enshrines the germs of action, for good words almost always inspire to good works.优美纯真的思想也蕴育着行动的胚芽,因为金玉良言几乎总会启发善行。

48、This elegantly written and broad-ranging book will be essential reading for students and academics across the social sciences.这文笔优美和广泛的图书将学生和整个社会科学的学者所必读。

49、He added that humanity may likely split into a decent upper cl and a dim-witted undercl subspecies in 100,000 years.卡里还认为,10万年后,人类将分为“优美型”和“粗陋型”两个亚种。

50、In fact, the musical fountain I was a "paradise" reputation of the Hangzhou West Lake have seen, that the beauty of the dancing water, let me a long time unforgettable.其实,音乐喷泉我在有“天堂”的美称的杭州西湖边看过,那水的优美的舞姿让我久久难以忘怀。

经典英文句子51:优美,51、Our company is located Dongqiao town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou city, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.本公司地处苏州市风景秀丽的虎丘山北,相城区东桥镇,环境优美,交通方便。

52、This Wine Rack beauty design, exellent acid-proof alkaline, non-poisonous and durable. It's the best choice for the quality of life.产品外观精美,耐酸抗碱、无毒,经久耐用,是优质生活的首选。

53、Pieces of this style of furniture have been handed on as beautiful handicrafts because of their beautiful shapes and exquisite technical craftsmanship.明式家具因其造型优美和精致的工艺已成为传世艺术品。

54、The swimming l of the hotel enjoys a stunning view of the sea, providing a visual sensation while working out .酒店游泳池坐拥优美海景,能让您在运动的同时满足视觉的享受。


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