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1、The grateful royals made him their main palace- and highway-builder in the boom years after the war.


2、When you were

1 year old, she fed you and bathed you. You thanked her by crying all night long.

One powerful way is to develop an attitude of gratitude. Look at every one with grateful eyes. Listen to your heart and the heart of your loved ones. Speak words of affirmation every day of your life. Be grateful for your life with all its lessons and blessings. The more grateful thoughts and feelings you experience and express the more instrumental you will be in healing the world. And your outlook on life will improve in the process. 当我的大儿子被确诊为“注意缺陷多动障碍”时,我的第一反应就是放松——我终于知道他那些行为举止的原因所在了。

3、So how can we raise our energy level and open our heart to joy?


4、They also often expect a favor in return or feel that they owe someone who has done good to them.

5、the dust receives insult and in return offers her flowers. 蜜蜂从花中啜蜜,离开时营营地道谢。


6、In the Tzu Chi tradition of being respectful and grateful to the needy, volunteers handed over the packages to the homeless with both hands.

7、That everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile.你遇到的所有的人都应该给他们一个微笑。


8、May everyone holds a heart of gratitude to his family members, friends and others who concern about him/her.

9、the bird wishes it were a cloud. the cloud wishes it were a bird. 尘土受到损辱,却以她的花朵来报答。


10、When you were

4 years old, she gave you some crayons3). You thanked her by coloring the dining room table.

11、i am truly grateful to you for what you have done. 我深深地感激您所做的一切。


12、Parishioners , acting as representatives of the congregation, bring up wine, bread or other gifts to the altar during M.


13、Harvey is depressed because he is feeling his age and Gillian is anxious because she may have throat cancer.


14、AGENT GENE CRANE: Assistant Director, follow me.


15、Wernher von Braun died of cancer in 1977.


16、The construction of psychological contract with its core issues of psychological expectations and responsibilities will be effective to strengthen college students'thanks-giving thoughts.


17、Wash a face years of silence between Thanksgiving family own understanding and love, particularly bitter sister happiness themselves.


18、We should feel proud and fortunate that David Onley will open the forum this evening at Toronto City Hall.


19、They agreed that Kearns would ign his rights to the intermittent wiper to Tann, and Tann would take over the cost of getting the patents.


20、Paul had good reason to remember Philemon in thanksgiving and prayer, for see what kind of man he was!

21、relief and gratitude were written all over his face. 他一脸释然与感激。

22、Li Xianfa belt ChiEnHao PiaoJingEn writer, didnt see writer is east.李贤发带池恩浩去见朴静恩作家,没想到见到的作家就是恩东。

23、Bestowments, always radiate divine brilliance, I have acquired immense comfort and perpetual worth of engraved gratitude.恩赐,总是散发神性的辉光,我获得了巨大的安慰与永生永世值得铭记的感激。

24、However, the happiest thing in December that I want to thank the Lord was the baptizing of three students.而于xx月最令我开心和感恩的事莫过于亲自看到三位学生接受水礼。

25、When you were 你xx岁时,她给你几支蜡笔。而你对她的感恩回报,就是把餐桌涂成了大花脸。

4 years old, she gave you some crayons. You thanked her by coloring the dining room table.

英文句子26:,26、Can we ask God today to keep us from ever being unthankful to him or ever wanting our own way instead of his?主啊,求你使我常存感恩之心,求你保守我不要任意而行。

27、Rugs will keep cool air from seeping up into the room, and your toes will definitely thank you.毯子可以阻止冷空气渗入到房间里,而且你的脚趾头一定会感恩戴德的。

28、One who can always find a reason to be grateful will always stand stronger than one who can only find a reason to complain.一个总是懂得感恩的人会比一个只会挑剔抱怨的人站得更稳。

29、I felt cold, so the four of us-Ron, Doria , Ted, and I went into the bedroom and let a fire.我感到有些冷,所以就和罗恩、多丽娅、特德一起进了卧室,把火生起来。

30、Mr. Cayne had just returned from the hospital where he'd been treated for an infection, and he looked thin and drawn.由于感染住院的凯恩刚刚回到公司,他看起来瘦了些,也更憔悴了。

31、Onica Ndzovela, 77, suffered back pain and sore knees before joining the team three years ago。现年xx岁的奥尼卡 恩佐维拉xx年前加入了球队,在此之前常感到背部和膝盖酸痛。

32、3- Fear preserves life, mobilizes energy, drives the person forward. You ought to be grateful that you are afraid.若要免于恐惧的生活,当竭尽全力,努力向前。当你有所恐惧时,你当感恩。

33、Tie former 帖前

5:12-22 told we should do three things: joy often, unable to pray, everything Thanksgiving.


34、That the less time I have to work with, the more things I get done.越是给很少的时间,我能做越多的事情。

35、we wish to show our gratitude and thanks with a small gift. happy teacher's day! 我们送您一件小礼物,以表我们对您的感激之情。

36、Caliendo had already spoken to the media this week by revealing that Chelsea were interested in Trezeguet's services.本周早些时候卡里恩多曾向媒体透露切尔西对特雷泽盖很感兴趣的消息。

37、For all you do the whole year through感谢来你xx年源到头辛苦bai劳碌

38、The crater is the essence of Africa.恩戈罗恩戈罗火山口是非洲精粹。

39、Luna looked on with interest, although Ron had shown it to her plenty of times over the past few days.卢娜感兴趣地注视着,尽管罗恩几天来已经向她展示过了好几次。

40、Kate : Hey Brian! Brain Hi! (Brian gives away money to Kate) I think I'm in love!凯伊: 嘿,布莱恩!布莱恩,嗨!(布莱恩送钱给凯伊)我想我在恋爱中!

41、"When I first read the letters, tears came to my eyes because they were so moving, " Scnberger says.“当我第一次读到这些信件,我眼含泪水,因为它们是如此感人。” 舍恩伯格说道。

42、When you came into the world, she held you in her arms. You thanked her by weeping your eyes out.你来到人世时,她把你抱在怀里。而你对她的感恩回报,就是哭得天昏地暗。

43、In my experience, awareness comes through relaxation, love, and a willingness to be open; to expand beyond the limitations of normal seeing, hearing, or feeling.根据我的经验,这种意识感受是通过身心放松,爱和敞开自己胸怀的意愿;即扩大超出正常的视觉,听觉,或感觉的局限。 无论何时我们心存感恩,灵里就满了幸福健康之感,喜悦的情愫飘溢四方。

44、I don't know. Just everyone, really, the people, this place, at Leavesden and maybe just being Ron as well.不知道。每个人,真的,在里维斯顿的每个人,或许还会想念演罗恩的感觉。

45、House of Christ's Love Thanksgiving Gathering will be held on Saay, November 主爱之家将在xx年xx月xx日礼拜六在教会举行感恩聚餐。请带一道菜,但更重要的是请带神在您身上的恩典见证来与大家分享。

19, 2011 at 6PM in FCON. Share your wonderful dish. But best of all share your wonderful blessing from our God.

46、To thank him for saving his life, the movie star cast him a part in his movie.为了感谢彼得的救命之恩,这个电影明星便替他在自己的电影里安排了一个角色。

47、Teammate Geoff Huegill, who won silver, said he was upset to hear he had withdrawn and had hoped his friend was well enough to compete on Thursday.他的队友,此次比赛银牌得主杰奥夫·霍吉儿(Geoff Huegill)说劳特斯特恩退出了了比赛他感到十分遗憾,霍吉儿希望劳特斯特恩能够参加周四的比赛。

48、Sanctification, the meaning of spirituality. legalism and antinomianism. a heart of contentment and thanksgiving. so - called " inferiority complex " ? way of repentance.成圣,什么是属灵。 律法主义与无律法主义。满足,感恩的心。自卑?悔改之路。

49、Taking in the importance of being constantly grateful, students can be spotted volunteering in Tzu Chi events.不断的提醒学生时时感恩,现在,学生都会出现在慈济的活动,主动当起志工。

50、There is widespread feeling in patent departments of corporations around the country that Kearns’ case represents a frightening precedent.全国各地的企业专利部门普遍感到,克恩斯的案子开创了一个恐怖的先例。

经典英文句子51:感恩,51、Be thankful that this full moon falls early enough in December, hopefully not to affect your spirit at end-of-the-month holidays.要感恩,这个满月早早完结,希望不要在月尾的假期时不要影响到你。

52、Kearns got his patent rights back from Tann.卡恩斯从坦恩要回了他的专利权。

53、On occasion, I leaned on the open balcony of my house, seeing the hibiscuses blossom and fade.敞的阳台上,看楼前的木槿花开花落,心中便缠绕起浮云旧事般温柔的感恩与怀念。

54、a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. 一个教师对人的影响是永恒的。

55、Each arrangement of a vacancy I sin against one hundred men, but the holder will not be grateful to me.我每安排一个空缺就会得罪一百个人,而任职者也不会对我感恩戴德。

56、Gradually, Arnel felt his consciousness fade, and he floated like a child's balloon into a bright sky.渐渐地,阿恩尔感到意识越来越模糊,好象小孩玩的汽球飘上了明朗的天空。

57、God protected Vancouver so that we did not suffer the raes of the epidemic. For that we should give thanks to God.为到神保守温城,不受病毒蔓延的祸害,我们实在要向神献上感恩。

58、Osmosis various ugly image but helpless, with their own plight, Thanksgiving can come from the heart?耳濡目染种种丑陋形象却又束手无策,联系自身的困难处境,感恩之心又能从何而来?。

59、Monn's Shistavanen heritage gave him keen sense of hearing and smell, which made him an excellent tracker.莫恩的希斯塔瓦嫩血统赋予他敏感的听觉和嗅觉,使他成为出色的跟踪者。

60、Thorntown’s bucolic bliss was thanks to a corporate sponsor, Campbell Soup. But such efforts are not enough.索恩镇的田园快乐要感谢康宝浓汤的企业赞助,但光靠这种努力是不够的。

61、I couldn't have done it without you.若是没有你,我不可能做到。

62、Joel and Ethan Coen, True Grit乔尔·科恩和伊桑·科恩,《大地惊雷》

63、He and I have two years, has been feeling very good, we never quarrel, sweet love often envy others.我和他处了两年,感情一直很好,我们从来不吵架,甜蜜恩爱常常羡煞旁人。


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