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1、The whole family welcomed me to their home.


2、He was the virtual manager of the business.

3、家人就是我跳动的心脏 My family is my beating heart 我跳动的心脏就是我的家人 My beating heart is my family


4、Dead men tells no tales.


5、At valley house, the dead's valley house waits someone else to hammer to come.


6、Dusk, people and the whole family a year off hair burn, wish family seasons peace.


7、What a big family:Four generations live under one roof.


8、Nevada had the highest share of its population homeless, about 0.68 percent.


9、In the small village with 38 households, the only three families named Zha have been joined by marriage into a big family.


10、Shana between tens of thousands of people lost their homes, lost family members.


11、Family house is gone, but still, give the somebody elss feelings.


12、As an old Chinese saying goes, only the family members can appreciate the complexities and difficulties within the family.


13、Yeah ,150 members of Gao in Dechang county took the photo firstly.


14、If they have called the Master of the house Beelzebul, how much more those of His household!


15、Some even likened owner Huang Guangyu, Chen compared the housekeeper, said the emperor to abdicate club steward want, get the owner's position.


16、As most jobs were located far from their homes, the servants would live at the houses of their employers.


17、Several families have been turfed out of their homes.


18、LanShi DE family together to Yangs marriage.


19、You think they won't go home and tell others they saw you naked out in your front yard?


20、I had family problems, like everyone does.

21、Saturn will stay in your home, property, and family house until 2012.土星会在你家庭、家产、家人宫位停留到xx年。

22、I have life insurance and my home and its contents are also insured.我有人身保险,我家人还有家里的东西也都有保险。

23、Family outings or a quiet stroll through the park will lead to stimulating conversation and a closer bond.家庭出游或是公园漫步会促进家人间的有意交谈,让家人更加亲近。

24、MC: Is a curator a facilitator or an artist-user?你认为策划人是为艺术家服务还是利用艺术家的人?

25、In zang area, monks are supported by their relatives, if one has no relatives, he has to support himself by reading Sutra for the people, or releasing the spirit of the death.在藏区,出家人是由家人供养的,如果没有家人,他就靠给人念经或超度亡魂过活。

英文句子26:,26、The mattress man—the one who makes cushions for rich people’s furniture.垫贩子,就是那种为有钱人家的家具做各种垫子的人。

27、"Fantasia 2" is especially for you and your family member.约定你携带家人一起来出席这场“家人有乐2”音乐会吧。

28、Patronize business, the somebody else say you have no sense of responsibility, patronizing a house, the somebody else says you have no skill again;光顾事业了,人家说你没责任感,光顾家了,人家又说你没本事;

29、Ziyan′s parents only mentioned below several conditions: reliable people, the family is honest, and kind people, love children.紫嫣父母只提下面几个条件:人家可靠、家庭殷实,善良人家、疼爱孩子。

30、But genealogy fascinates everyone who is not in my family.但是除了我们家人以外,其他人都对家谱十分着迷。

31、If you don't have a lot of money to give people, then give them two other things. One is flexibility.比如吧,如果你给人家发不了太多的钱,那你就要满足人家两件事儿,一是给人家自由的支配自己的时间,让人家在工作之余有自己的生活。

32、Federal agents knew the family had been sheltering criminals in their home.联邦特工人员知道那家人一直在家里窝藏罪犯。

33、The daddy is a doctor mother is a teacher I is student father and mother loves me very much我家有4口人,爸爸、妈妈、妹妹、还有我

34、The family flew off with all their possessions.这家人带着全部家产飞走了。

35、I ped one fellow selling pork cutlets in his living room and another family offering chilies and squash from a window ledge.我路过了一个在自己家里卖猪肉的人家,还路过了一个在息家的窗台上卖辣椒和菜瓜的人家。

36、The telecommuting ranks include self-employed home workers, small-business entrepreneurs, and employees of large corporations or organizations.在家上班人员包括自雇用家庭工人、小企业家、大企业或组织机构雇员。

37、Ma Yinchu (1882-1982), born in Zhejiang Province, was an economist, educator and demographer.马寅初(1882-1982),浙江嵊县(今嵊州)人,中国著名的经济学家、教育家和人口学家。

38、But God had not forgotten Noah and his family. 等我告诉我家人这件事的时候!

39、She supported her family by taking in laundry.她靠在家里替人洗衣服贴补家用。

40、Mature men will even work Zaimang not have time to accompany their families to go home to their families to buy the best things.成熟的男人哪怕工作再忙都会没抽时间回家陪家人,给家人买最好的东西。

41、Thanks for my family, friends, and lovers.谢谢我的家人,朋友,和爱人。

42、And in communion with the spirit-friends and family, his relationship with spirit-friends and family is hence initiated; thus, his duty to friends and family is born.通过与精神的益友和家人交流,个人与朋友和家庭的关系建立,个人对朋友和家人的责任也随之产生。

43、The 15-pound animal bit three people after escaping from its owner's home.这个15磅重的家伙从主人家里逃出来后咬伤三人。

44、The expert spoke slowly in order that everyone should understand.专家讲得很慢,以便人人听得懂。 深圳家教辅导中心。

45、Zhou Libo is an amiable writer and editor of people as well.周立波是可亲的作家,也是可敬的编辑家。

46、The family was well off and all the children received a good education.那家人是小康人家,所有的孩子都受过良好的教育。

47、Are these artists weirdos or visionaries?这些艺术家到底是怪人还是幻想家呢?

48、For me personally, it's cost family, home, security, financial commitment.从我个人角度来讲,我为此付出了家人,家庭,安全,经济担保。

49、Hakkas has a unique spirit of the Hakka.客家人具有独特的客家精神。

50、Who is the owner?主人家是谁?

经典英文句子51:家人,51、The inventor, philosopher, and futurist was the fifth generation of his family to enroll at Harvard and the first not to graduate.这位发明家、哲学家、和未来学家是他的家族第五位进入哈佛学习的人,但是也是首位没有毕业的人。

52、This was a Russian merger.这可是人家俄罗斯自己家的合并案。

53、You love your home and family, and like to take care of others.您爱家战家人,乐于助人,悲愉喜好储藏战烹调。

54、They usually spend time with their family and friends. 可是上帝没有忘记诺亚和他的家人。


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