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关于”雪的诗句“的英语句子57个,句子主体:The poem of snow。以下是关于雪的诗句的高一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The poem of snow


1、There is a distinct difference between skiing on packed trails and skiing "off-track".


2、AIM:To study anti-HIV-1 activities of two triterpenoids, hemslecins A and B from a Chinese medicinal plant Hemsleya jinfushanensis.


3、There is another old Chinese saying, "sweep the snow only in front of your doorstep". The contrast with the west's concern to shape the world in its own image could not be more profound.


4、All of the ski board has fixed the ski whip the device on which the skier falls rapidly when the holder loose, so to avoid skiing injuries one of the important protective equipment.


5、And above it the snowfall still hung in a thick and moving cloud.


6、The snow is honest.


7、The utility model relates to a ski, which comprises a pair of skis, wherein the upturned portions of the pair of skis are provided with eyelets.


8、All of them are equipped with snow cannons and some runs have lighting.


9、Skiers in the choice of wearing gles ski goggles, they should choose a ski mirror frame a bit thick, so that it can all hooded gles.


10、The strong winds blow falling snow and pick snow up from the ground, cutting visibility and creating big snow drifts.


11、David Cheval lived this process working with his then wife Liz Cheval.


12、Snow piles and drifts on highways and turnpikes may soon be a thing of the past.


13、If the snow is white, it reflects 80% of the sunshine, but with black carbon it absorbs the sunlight.


14、Snowplows on the major express way and highways are clearing snow day and night.


15、The water of White Water River is from the melted snow water of Yulong snow capped mountain.


16、Shu zhen to avoid affecting Carrie had feelings with snow flying, explained to snow flying.


17、My favorite winter sports is skiing, I belong to a ski club.


18、Two pairs of skis 170 cm long and two pairs of 27 cm boots, please.


19、And its also used as a freezproof agent and anti-freezing agent.


20、Butterfly clothes in the snow!

21、Anatole, with his everlasting companion Makarin, dashed by in a sledge with a pair of grey trotting-horses, who were kicking up the snow on to the forepart of the sledge.两匹灰色的走马拉着一辆双套雪橇,马蹄翻起的雪花溅到雪橇的前部,阿纳托利和那个常有往来的伙伴马卡林乘坐这辆雪橇飞逝而过。

22、After the ceremony, Misaki Sato Du Xueyan introduced his fiancee snow clara.仪式结束后,佐藤向杜雪颜引见了自己的未婚妻雪樱子。

23、Initially Ruohe pretends to be aloof, but later, he rushes to the forest to find Shengxue as he still loves her.若赫起初不答应去拯救胜雪,但是仍对胜雪有一番情丝的他,最后还是赶紧跑到雪森林。

24、Find discount part Chevrolet HHR, Chevron replacement parts because the HHR.搜寻折扣雪佛兰 HHR部分,雪佛兰 HHR更换零件。

25、Landmark Exhibitions, which is running a year-long "Snow World" project, is handing out skis, toboggans and winter jackets and sending visitors down a 45-yard ski slope in Dubai's Central Creek Park.经营着耗时xx年的“雪世界”项目的地标展览公司在迪拜的中央溪流公园为游客准备了滑雪板、平底雪橇、冬装和一个45码长的滑雪坡。

英文句子26:,26、Snow blankets a ski resort in Arosa, Switzerland. Early snow has al …提前降临的雪季让瑞士的滑雪期比往年早一个月开始。

27、The crystal snow flowers in my palm, seems to be transparent, slowly, it melts.(


28、During the festival, tourists can enjoy 61 snow carvings, including the biggest ox- shaped snow carving in the world, as well as temple fairs in Guandong Film - TV City and Shengjing Lantern Fair.本届冰雪节主会场将设在棋盘山冰雪大世界内,冰雪节将建61座雪雕,市民不仅能看到世界上最大的牛型雪雕作品——天下第一牛,还能在关东影视城内逛关东庙会、看盛京灯会。

29、It was snow just now, there are lots of snow in the sky. The rivers are stopping flowing. The ground is covered with a layer of snow.刚刚就在下雪,天空中飘着大量的雪。河流停止了流动。地面上覆盖这一层雪。

30、Grandpa is afraid of trees catch cold snow, specially gave it a white coat.雪爷爷害怕大树着凉,特地送给它一件雪白的大衣。

31、I also made a snowball snow when the shuttle kicking, but play a snowball ter, happy laughter ecd in the campus.我还用雪做了一个雪球当毽子踢,可是踢一下雪球就散开了,欢乐的笑声在校园里回荡着。

32、Snowflakes clung to his eyebrows and to the fur trim of his jacket and cap.眉毛上挂着雪花,茄克的毛边和帽子上都是雪。

33、My father was breaking virgin snow between a line of tall trees.父亲在一长排高大的树之间洁白的雪地上开了一条雪路。

34、The villagers also filmed this Tianshan snow crab specimens made of snow crab.我们的老乡还拍了这只天山雪蟹做成标本的雪蟹。

35、What`s cool: Close to the Great Wall and Beijing`s largest ski resort.推荐理由:该雪场靠近长城,是北京最大的滑雪场。

36、The early white snow falls softly and seems to heal the landscape.轻盈、洁白的雪花纷纷扬扬,这场初雪似乎在抚慰大地。

37、Ski then trapped in the air to help 220 pengers ski rescue.滑雪场随即协助被困在半空中的220名滑雪客脱困。

38、Bill and Jane were coasting on a hill. Down the hill went the sled. Bill steered. Jane held on tightly.比尔和简正在山上滑行,他们的雪橇从山上滑下来,比尔驾驶着雪橇,简紧紧地抓着雪橇。

39、Whenever you are crossing a suspect snow bridge or heavily creved section of glacier, use a probe pole to check for shallow snow and hidden holes.当你每次经过可疑的雪桥或者冰川破碎的截面,使用探测杆来找出浅雪和隐蔽的雪洞。

40、Some advocates of the white MS have pointed out that the black & silver MS also has no counterpart in the Standard.一些白色迷你雪纳瑞的拥护者们指出,黑银色的迷你雪纳瑞也并没有黑银色的标准雪纳瑞作为对应啊。

41、When snow melts, the fine, bright powder turns to larger-grained, gravely snow.当雪融化时,纯洁晶莹的粉状雪变成较大的砾石状结晶。

42、Dynamics model and calculation means of the snow plough shovel were put forward by the common machine theory Calculation and practice of the machine snow plough.根据一般机械的理论计算,结合机械除雪方式的实际,提出了除雪车除雪铲的力学模型及计算方法。

43、Nowadays the once unknown snowy hill is well-known for snowstorm.如今那座曾经不出名的多雪小山因暴风雪而出名.

44、Hanging off the back of a sled during my first Dog Sled experience.在我第一个体验的狗拉雪橇时候,挂在雪橇的后面。

45、On the white snow, snow doll and I danced together, playing under the inclusion of winter grandpa, laughter ecd in the snowman.在这白茫茫的雪地上,我和雪娃娃一起飞舞着,在冬爷爷的包容下玩耍,笑声在雪人中回荡着。

46、Parts of central Texas could see two to four inches of snow and sleet .德州许多地区则出现2到4英寸的降雪和雨夹雪。

47、It is freezing, and more snow is falling on already frozen streets.现在已经是冰天雪地了,更大的雪正飘落在已冻僵的街道上。

48、Blue sky and white snow bright sunshine upon the green pine make the mountain lonely and cool.蓝天白雪,艳阳苍松,更显大雪山的孤寂冷峻!

49、In my part of the world the snow is melting. Melting too early and too fast for my taste since I haven’t had enough skiing this year.我这里雪正在消融,雪融得未免太早而且太快,我还没过足滑雪的瘾呢。

50、BYes, I hate snow.B是的,我讨厌雪。

经典英文句子51:雪的诗句,51、The best Albufeira ski holidays are found at Praia da Galé, the jet ski and water ski center of the town.最好的阿尔布费拉滑雪假期被发现在普拉亚达大风,喷气滑雪和水的城市滑雪中心。

52、The Cohiba "Red Dot" is a high quality full bodied cigar for the experienced smoker. Burns great with a lovely layered ash and is a perfect after dinner cigar.雪茄上的红点是高品质浓郁雪茄的象征,供给有经验的吸烟者。是晚餐后享受的完美雪茄。

53、It included the lift ticket, insurance, renting a board and a suit, and a meal.主要是门票,保险,租雪具和滑雪服还有吃饭的钱。

54、What`s cool: This resort is a place surrounded by evergreen virgin forests and has plenty of Alpine and cross-country trails.推荐理由:阿尔山滑雪场坐落在常青原始森林之中,拥有大量的高山雪道及越野雪道。

55、In counting to take in snow ground a be speedily buried by snow of plum flower.除了雪地里拿一枝快被雪掩埋的梅花。

56、To learn more about this utility, please visit the Blizzard Launcher Page and check out the Blizzard Launcher FAQ .想对这个暴雪登陆器有更多的了解,请登陆暴雪登陆器页面查看暴雪登陆器FAQ (常见问题问答)。

57、Wheres my cigar?我的雪茄在哪?。

58、If the skis are angled to the snow when you start to accelerate, you will experience that the skis turn almost by themselves.如果加速开始时,雪板立刃与雪面保持一定的角度,就会感觉到雪板在自动转弯。

59、let's make a snowman together 让我们一起堆个雪人吧 make the snowman with me 跟我一起堆那雪人呗

60、BLUE RASPBERRY SHERBET This is a bright and colorful sherbet bursting with flavor.蓝莓雪露这是一个令人陶醉和色彩丰富的雪露口味。

61、The snow crackled and the wind whistled around him, it was just the kind of frosty weather a Snow Man might thoroughly enjoy.积雪消融,寒风怒号,这样的冰天雪地本该是雪人最喜欢的天气,可是他现在一点兴致也没有。

62、Some climb mountains, some ski along snow-covered forest trails (see photo), and some join stilt-walk competitions.有的在山林中沿着长长的雪道滑雪(见图);

63、First of all, you cannot ski 200,000 vertical untracked snow in a week no matter what you do with lift served ski areas.首先, 你(们)一星期的200,000 个垂直无足迹的雪不能滑雪没有物质(事情)你(们)用举(力)服务的雪撬地区(范围)做的。

64、Ice Storms, blizzards and record breaking snow globally during winter months.冰风暴,暴风雪和积雪纪录打破全球在冬季的几个月里。

65、Love may last forever except in a snowslide , but even snowslide cannot ensure Eternity.除非有雪崩,但雪崩也不能保证永恒。

66、Took the pictures during the weekend of the first snow…before it started to melt.在第一场雪的周末拍的照片,就在雪开始融之前拍的…

67、Special play DE law WenXue eat, WenXue wind please rebuffed because ling jie, was in the side effects, WenXue allow the special.特殊打德律风请温雪吃饭,温雪正要回绝,由于凌桀在一旁的影响,温雪容许了特殊。

68、The avalanches were outside Mountain High's boundaries. The resort, which was closed by high winds a day earlier, remained open.几次雪崩都是发生在高山滑雪胜地的界外。此前由于大风被关闭的该滑雪胜地当时仍然对外开放。

69、The evaluation method of the water content in snow is set up with the known physical parameters of snow and ice. The relation of water content and the snow temperature, and the water content…结合干雪、水物理参数建立雪层内含水量的评估方法并给出北极夏季雪冰温度测试期间雪层内水分含量与温度的关系以及水分变化的时空分布。

70、Glaciers form when more snow falls than melts over a number of years.当多年降雪多于溶雪时,冰川就形成了。

71、In the author's composition of the image of snow, we could also detect an inheritance from Chinese literary tradition of the song of snow.在雪意象的营构过程中,我们还可以窥见曹雪芹对中国传统咏雪文化的继承。


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