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关于”描写冬天的诗“的英语句子35个,句子主体:Poems about winter.。以下是关于描写冬天的诗的专业英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Poems about winter.


1、But the lazy fox went about hungry the whole winter.


2、I love winter, love skating field partners more fun slapstick scenes.


3、A bit like winter sadly, this morning is dark grey and minging – like an elephant’s ringpiece.


4、In the metafiction, If on a Winter's Night a Traveller he thinks carefully many problems in novel writing, and he is fully aware of the difficulty of novel writing.


5、Storms always give way to the sun. Winter always thaws into springtime. Your storm will p. Your winter will thaw. Your problem will be solved.


6、All the attires in winter are dressed up, such as scarfs, caps and gloves.


7、In some popular approaches to winter eating, winter is described as the time to store up on heavier, high-calorie foods.


8、"They're called the 'Beijing Swallows' because swallows don't fly south with the rest of the birds in winter, " Liu Bin said.

来自印度的卫星研究表明喜马拉雅山脉的雪在冬天也开始融化成水,这将影响到区域的河流水量(见 科学家说,喜马拉雅地区的雪在冬天也在融化)。

9、Satellite studies from India indicate Himalayan snow has started melting in winter too, which will affect regional river flows (see


10、During the darkest months of winter you might just want to lounge around in your pajamas all day.


11、And in spite of its being winter I would perspire all over.


12、By the time the daffodil is out of blossom , winter is about to retire.


13、Use a round brush and a fine point to paint a winter barn.


14、The seed, through the long winter hair, kind of in my heart.

冬天,树木还可以起到防风林的作用, 减少加热系统的花费。

15、And they a windbreak, reducing heating costs in winter.


16、The curtain of night coming too early, with a sprinkle of continuous rain on the people, make the winter in London looks melancholy and shadowy .


17、N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor, and ganglionic acetylcholine receptor in

1 patient each.


18、Nutcrackers with r memories did not likely survive the harsh mountain winters.


19、It is because of these squabbles that Edmunds Spencer's 'Faerie Queene' was written.


20、But a few surviving lines, woven into other works, describe the poem’s foolish hero, Margites.

21、The weather was so bad that Allied planes could not drop bombs on the German forces.当时正值冬天,天气非常寒冷,以至盟军的飞机无法向德军投弹轰炸。

22、Smog frequently builds up in eastern China during the winter when weather conditions trap pollutants over the plain.天气状况受到污染物的影响,整个冬天污雾在中国东部频繁增强。

23、He knew that the darkness and dreariness of winter always got men down .他确信冬天的阴暗和沉寂总是使人感到沮丧。

24、Oh, yes--we used to see him every winter at Nice.唔,是的——过去在尼斯时我们每年冬天都和他见面。

25、To the pine-trees upon the highland of Dorthonion I climbed in the Winter.在冬天,我爬上了多色尼安的高地松林中。

英文句子26:,26、Writing poetry is nice, unless your beloved is studying English literature, in which case you'll be facing strong competition from the likes of William Shakespeare and John Donne.写诗也是个不错的主意,不过对方的专业要是文学,我们还是换换别的方式吧,因为一旦给专修文学的人写了诗,那你就会陷入大文豪莎士比亚和大诗人多恩孰是孰非的较量中,将自己置身于万劫不复的境地。

27、October’s Mount Tai are flaming torches,lighting the way to winter.xx月的泰山行仿佛燃烧的火炬,照亮通往冬天之路。

28、In 1620 with 1621 it hand over of winter, they met the difficulty of hard imagination, being placed in suffering from cold and hunger in, winter past, live down of immigrate only have 50 bearers.xx年和xx年之交的冬天,他们遇到了难以想象的困难,处在饥寒交迫之中,冬天过去时,活下来的移民只有50来人。

29、Winter is going, Bring the sweet flowers, Soft breezes blowing, Sunshine and showers.冬天走了,带来芳香的花,柔风吹起,阳光和阵雨。

30、Here in winter snow, snow mountains everywhere and a piece of white.这里的冬天白雪皑皑,到处银装素裹,一片洁白。

31、This winter can not let me keep you with the sun.这个冬天可不可以让我把你跟阳光都留住。

32、So snow-white hair, makes every become pure but fine in winter.云云洁白的头发,使每个冬天都变得纯洁而柔美。

33、Every winner , my fingers would be frostbitten . This year is no exception .每年冬天,我的手指都会被冻伤,今年也不例外。

34、He can get by with his old overcoat this winter.今年冬天他可以靠那件旧大衣勉强对付过去。

35、But most of all, I love collecting winter herbs because they represent a little handful of spring in winter’s cold depths.我喜欢收集冬天的草本植物,最重要的原因是,它们展现了寒冷冬日下埋藏的那些许的春日生机。

36、Echeveria agavoides grows in a certain area of Mexico.景天科拟石莲花属植物冬云生长在墨西哥特定的区域。

37、Phili got engaged to the girl when traveling last winter.菲力浦与那个女孩在去年冬天旅行的时候订婚了。

38、The squirrel is an animal which makes secret food stores for the winter.松鼠是一种在冬天里密秘贮藏食物的动物。

39、For this winter holiday, I went to the pottery workshop in Jingdezhen again with Summer.这次放假,和李婷两人去景德镇呆了两个星期,乐天陶社的冬天果然很冷。

40、Jen Angel wrote this article for What Happy Families Know, the Winter 2011 issue of YES! Magazine.珍安吉尔为《幸福家庭须知》写下这篇文章,YES杂志xx年冬。

41、Autumn girl gone, winter grandfather quietly came, and the north wind blowing up, it tells us that the cold winter has arrived.秋姑娘走了,冬爷爷悄悄的来临了,北风呼呼的刮起来了,它告诉我们寒冷的冬天已经到来了。

42、The best carbon source is maltose. The best nitrogen source is asparagine.最佳碳源为麦芽糖,最佳氮源为天门冬素;

43、Teabing blurted, turning to Langdon. "And the verse is in English!"提彬转身面对兰登,冲口说道:“并且这首诗是用英语写的!

44、In the winter, that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm.冬天的时候,这个地方离电暖器最近,很暖和。

45、In New York, he presented an extraordinary imaginative “voice play”, Under the Milky Wood (1950), describing a day in the life of a Welsh village.在纽约,他演出了一出异乎寻常、令人遐想的“广播剧”《乳树下》(1950),故事写的诗一个威尔士村庄一天里所发生的事。

46、That winter was extremely cold. The damp rain mantled the whole city.那年的冬天特别寒冷, 整个城市笼罩在阴湿的雨里。

47、Grandma's fall on the ice last winter resulted in a badly broken leg.我奶奶去年冬天在冰上把腿摔骨折了。

48、This was originally inspired by the nine- storied pagoda on the eastern suburb of Nanjing, China.这首诗中所写的塔原是南京市东郊的灵谷塔。

49、The amino acid aspartic acid is a building block of proteins throughout the body.天冬氨酸氨基酸是全身蛋白质的构造基石。

50、Clrooms in the winter less fans of the rustle of the extremely quiet.冬天的教室少了风扇的沙沙声显得格外的宁静。

经典英文句子51:描写冬天的诗,51、I'm collecting colors for the long, grecdfds. com winter.弗雷德里克说,“我在为漫长的灰白色冬天收集色彩呢。

52、Young midnight insist cold baths in winter, do not wear little sick.年轻的时分坚持洗冷水澡,冬天穿的很少也不生病的。

53、Sometime there could be more than 60 times rime-formation in a single winter.有时一个冬天可以形成多于60次的雾凇。

54、It's like we forget that we needed the blanket and snow boots when it was winter.我们忘记了冬天需要的地毯和雪地靴。

55、The strange way that was used to start the car in winter is useful.冬天被用来发动汽车的那种怪法还真有用。

56、This year seems particularly cold winter, get up early and always see the window "Open" window grilles over the ice, perhaps the whole winter I can see the most beautiful "flower"of the.今年的冬天似乎特别的冷,清早起床,总会看到窗上“开“满了冰窗花,这也许是整个冬天里我所能见到的最美的“花”了。

57、But Milton does permit himself the closest scriptural version of that fiction, and that's John's image in Revelation 但是弥尔顿认同这一幻想最忠于圣经的版本,就是《启示录》第14卷中圣约翰对

14 of the special heavenly rewards for virgin poets.


58、In 1959, he wrote a television show called In An Early Winter about an accident e family.在xx年,他写过一个电视剧本叫'初冬',关于一个忽遭突变的家庭。

59、He would tell us how some folks believed that if you wanted a good snowy winter, you always had to save a little snow from the winter before and put it into the magic snowbank.爷爷告诉我们,有些人相信,如果你想过一个多雪的冬天,你就得在冬天以前先存一点雪,放入魔法雪堆中。

60、Winter can be a difficult time for rabbits like these Eastern Cottontails .对于这些东部棉尾兔来说,冬天是颇为难熬的。

61、Carnivals before Lent that in some instances mark the end of winter and incorporate historical and cultural folk tales, kicked-off around the world this weekend.大斋节期前狂欢嘉年华在某些情况下标志着冬天的结束。 该节日被写入历史和文化民间故事,本周末在世界各地拉开序幕。

62、When I taught a writing seminar this winter I was struck by the work of a student named Senami Apithy, the daughter of the ambador from the African nation of Benin to China.今年冬天在我任教的写作讨论课上,有一位学生的作文令我非常震惊。她叫Senami Apithy,是贝宁驻华大使的女儿。

63、In a cold winter, wild animals may die from lack of food.在严寒的冬天,野生动物会由于缺乏食物而死亡。

64、So Collins suggests that the poem in Exodus 所以Collins,指出在《出埃及记》15中的诗中,是对逃脱或者打败法老统治的这一历史性时刻的庆祝,溺水这一画面被赋予象征意义,就像犹太诗中,经常出现描写埃及人被打败被侮辱的场景一样。

15 is celebrating and preserving a historical memory of an escape from or a defeat of Pharaoh and that the drowning image is used metaphorically as it is elsewhere in Hebrew poetry to describe the Egyptians' humiliation and defeat.

65、When Mark spoke at a YC dinner this winter he said he wasn't trying to start a company when he wrote the first version of Facebook. It was just a project.去年冬天在YC的一次晚餐中,Facebook创始人马克称他当初编写初版Facebook时没想要创业,只是一个项目而已。

66、"When winter comes here, it's very, very cold and windy too, " Dongzhu said.“当冬天来的时候,这里非常非常冷,且多风。”Dongzhu说。

67、The Psalmist wrote about idols: "Those who make them, will become like them" (Psalm 115:论及偶像, 诗篇的作者写道:“造他的要和他一样。”


68、The beautiful flowers are competing with each other while the piercing winter ping away.寒风刺骨的冬天已经过去,鲜花正竞相开放。

69、Winters tend to be dry in southern China, the world’s largest rice-producing region. But this winter is drier than most.作为世界上最大的水稻产区的中国南部,冬季往往是干燥,但是今年冬天却比任何时候都干燥。

70、Even in winter-time I've heard them under the ice.即便在冬天我也能听见它们在冰层底下嬉笑的声音。


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