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关于”批改的软件“的英语句子57个,句子主体:Corrected Software。以下是关于批改的软件的xx年级英语句子。

英文句子模板1:Corrected Software

在安装一些小改进,也适用于架F -普罗特的自动软件升级。

1、A few minor improvements in the installer that also apply to F-PROT's automatic software upgrades.

批改条目在被批改文件的生效日生效, 但对于相信该未经批改的文件并且将因批改遭到不利影响的人除外。

2、Articles of correction are effective on the effective date of the document they correct except as to persons relying on the uncorrected document and adversely affected by the correction.


3、I use a network thathas no incremental cost forcommunication, and a device that lets me install any software withoutpermission from anyone else.


4、It turned out it was more than just common software projects; a lot of people used their computers in similar ways.



1, Develop a targeted list of key accounts, take charge of the software outsourcing project on sales;


他曾批评面向中小企业的商业软件 并因此延误了进入这一领域.

6、He had been criticised for delays in the introduction of new business software for small and medium-sized companies.


7、Lot size has magnificent impact on total transportation cost of ULC. Can the software take this into consideration?


8、Ironically, some of the first victims of this new economy may be some pioneers of the software-as-a-service movement.


9、Quality and software maintenance efforts are also improved as a result of the all of the above.


10、Approving changes made in the previous human task means that the process will automatically submit updated changes to the back-end file.


11、Hand feel slightly softer than approved sample.


12、The revised documents must be submitted to the original examiner (or its authorized representative) for another approval.


13、The more software that supports a file format, the harder it is to change said format, so I'm dubious of any claim that we will be able to spend the next 6-12 months revising VP8.


14、To mark C language program work is time-consuming as well as a piece of work easy to make mistakes.


15、Modify and improve products software to fulfill specifications and fit unique customer needs and configurations.


16、New: A Scan to Email batch output format allows users to scan documents and email them (in PDF of TIFF format) directly from Capture Software.


17、Retrogrades are never a good time to update or install software, or change your voice mail message.


18、Support automatic code, serial number, batch number, date, two-dimensional bar code and code marking, software, anti-fighting capabilities with graphics.


19、The adaptability for FMS to demand of low production volumes mostly depends on the adaptive and dynamic features of the control software.


20、Improved Video, hopefully fixes the out of syncing issue.

21、Ogiwara says her smile has improved dramatically since the first time she used the machine.Ogiwara说,在第一使用了测试软件后,她的笑容已经有了非常明显的改变。

22、The final criticism I have seen occasionally leveled at open source software and communities is that they will never win; there will always be proprietary and closed-source software.我最近遇到的针对开源软件和社区的批评是开源永远不会胜出;专有和封闭源码(closed-source)软件永远都会存在。

23、We only tally the packages but ignore the weight of each package. So you'd better change the remark to "not responsible for the weight".我们只理件数,而不管单件的重量,所以你最好把批注改为“对重量不负责任”

24、Our project is intended to develop a kind of software to process digital photos in batches and thus to simplify the job of photo processing.我们的项目旨在开发一款数码相片批量处理软件,来简化处理数码相片的工作。

25、Antivirus software makers say Ledin's critique is misleading, and that they are a step ahead of him—and the hackers.反病毒软件开发商说,Ledin的批评是误导人的,而且他们比他和黑客先行一步。

英文句子26:,26、The company has recommended that all users running UPnP download and install a new patch immediately.全部行使这种“通用即插即用”的用户该当即下载和安装一种新的批改软件。

27、Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing and Open Source S a New Flock of Innovators软件服务化(SaaS)、云计算(Cloud Computing)以及开放源码(Open Source)催生一大批新的创新主体

28、The batch control software based on S88 standards was developed. With the practice of preparation of brewery wort as example, the specific technique of recipe implementation was given.并基于S88标准开发批量控制软件,以工业生产中啤酒厂麦汁制备作为实例,给出批量控制系统中实现配方的具体技术。

29、Purchaser's "Approved" on Vendor's document means that Vendor may proceed his work without resubmitting the documents unless further revisions are made.买方在卖方文件上签署“批准”表示卖方不需再递交这些文件就可进行工作,除非进行了改版。

30、Correcting these problems will require extensive changes to the software and careful retesting.修复这些问题将要对该软件进行大规模的改变和十分谨慎的反复检测。

31、The most vociferous critics of Microsoft and the overall proprietary software industry describe the anti-piracy crusade as a sophisticated dog-and-pony show.针对微软和整个专利软件行业最为刺耳的批评声把这场反盗版的讨伐行动描述为一场蛊惑人的盛大表演。

32、Software developers must get such apps pre-approved by Apple, which sometimes demands changes or rejects programs for what the developers say are ue reasons.软件开发者在发布应用前需得到苹果批准,苹果有时会要求修改或因为一些据开发者说不明确的原因拒绝方案。

33、Critism and selfcritism is necessary in that it helps us to correct our mistakes.批评与自我批评是必要的,因为能帮助我们改正错误。

34、However, you must also provide the software in source form even if you made improvements.但是,即使您做了改进,您也必须以源代码形式提供软件。

35、Copies of documents approving their establishment or documents issued by relevant responsible departments permitting them to carry out business;申请设立出口监管仓库企业成立批文或者有关主管部门批准开展有关业务的批件复印件;

36、In the mail transmission mode, the technology part is treated as the batch processing of thee-mails and the software is accomplished by the specialized control part in the developing tools.邮件传输模式技术上类似于电子邮件的批量处理,软件上通过开发工具的专用控件即可完成;

37、The Project drew considerable criticism from the free software community because of the extended period between stable releases.该项目吸引相当多的批评从自由软件社区,因为长时间的稳定版本。

38、The software lets you preview, trim and batch-process videos, and includes nine presets including “iPod small” and “HD 1080p.”HD自带的软件支持预览,剪裁和批量转换的功能,并且为用户设定了9个格式预设设置,包括:ipod(小文件)和HD 1080P。

39、Actual experience from using XM is very helpful in deciding how to change the software.从使用 XM 而得到的实际经验对于确定如何更改软件十分有用。

40、The development of the first WYSIWYG web design applications, all of which used table-based layouts, increased the use of tables.第一批主要应用表格布局的“所见即所得”网页设计软件的发展助长了表格的应用。

41、The Senate Finance Committee approved a sweeping health care bill last week that did not include a public option.参议院金融委员会上星期批准了一件不包括公营计划的医改草案。

42、According to Henan's real state of affairs, the shift of charges into taxes should be made by withdrawing, depriving, regulating some and shifting sonic into taxes.根据河南省的实际情况,费税改革应未取“取消一批,剥离一批,规范一批,改税一批”的办法,分步实施。

43、Dishing out criticism won’t change a thing.批评指责并不能改变一件事情。

44、Soft Landings does not require wide-scale revision of industry-standard documentation: a licensed Scope of Service document set can stand alongside most existing procurement processes.软着陆不要求大范围地修订行业标准文件:批准的服务范围文件与大多数现存的采购程序均可使用。

45、All of Realtime Gaming's software is tested and approved by TST .游戏的实时的软件全部进行了测试和批准由尖沙咀。

46、And then you have to hire an army of consultants that they will supply you to get it to work.之后就得雇一大批顾问,他们帮助顾客运用软件。

47、For many developers, their strategy to get on the top-ranked list starts when they submit their app to Apple for approval.对很多开发商而言,它们力争打入软件排名榜的策略从将软件提交给苹果审批的时候就开始了。

48、Therefore, suppose the presupposition of economic batch quantity model not to be completely established, its calculating formula shall be needed to be modified.因此,经济批量模型假设的前提条件并不完全成立,经济订货批量的计算公式也就需要改进。

49、Identify the NUMBER (" 00 ")of the artwork element below you have been approved to use.请勿擅自更改文件。 确认您已获许批准使用的以下图片的编号为( 00 )。

50、I used free software to implement this entire architecture, with a 10-line (not counting white space and comments) batch file named build.bat driving the whole process.我使用了免费软件来实现这整个架构,用一个

10 行的(不计算空白和注释)批文件 build.bat 驱动整个过程。

经典英文句子51:批改的软件,51、It typically takes two to three years before handset software is stabilized and ready for volume production, he said.LiMo认为Google还得经过两到xx年才能批量生产稳定的手机软件。

52、Now you know how to use a batch file to install and update a Rational Software Devolopment Platform product.现在您知道如何使用批处理文件安装及更新 Rational 软件开发平台产品了。

53、And he is the visionary of the personal computers world that led the entire computer hardware and software industry to restructure itself.这个个人电脑领域的梦想家引领并改变了整个计算机硬件和软件产业。

54、The common tyre-mould EDM is reconstructed by applying NC technology and the hardware circuit and the software structure are researched.对普通轮胎模电火花机床进行数控改造,研究了其硬件电路、软件构成。

55、He settled down to correcting the exercises.他安下心来,批改作业。


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