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关于”彩虹的短唯美“的英语句子29个,句子主体:The short beauty of the rainbow。以下是关于彩虹的短唯美的初一英语句子。

英文句子模板1:The short beauty of the rainbow

彩 虹 桥 天堂的这边有一处彩虹桥。

1、Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

彩虹在自然界的模式。 一道彩虹被折射到北极圈的多冰的海域位于加拿大的Foxe盆地。

2、Patterns in Nature: Rainbows A rainbow is reflected in Arctic icy waters in Canada's Foxe Basin.


3、Only after rain can you see the rainbow.


4、The colors of a rainbow, so pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces of people going by.


5、Not through wind and rain, how see rainbow?


6、Rainbow, rainbow, rain and sun.


7、It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of it's many colors.


8、It sounds complicated, but really a supernumerary rainbow is one with smaller repeating rainbows inside it.


9、Lfl could reach a rainbow.


10、A summer rain often from a rainbow.


11、That is the chimerical rainbow bridge.

的 石灰石闪耀着彩虹般的缤纷色彩。

12、Round about, piles of limestone glistened in all the the colours of the rainbow.


13、I firmly believe that after the storm, there is always a beautiful rainbow appears.


14、The smaller rainbows tend not to have the same colour patterns as a normal rainbow, and the colours are lighter.


15、So I vision rainbows.


16、A rainbow is a natural phenomenon.



17、A bright rainbow arched above.


18、Is the million-colored bow;


19、The Rainbow Fish found the cave.


20、And swam with rainbow octopus.

21、A delicate mix of light and bright flashes of iridescent color create these beautiful Opals.光芒的精致混合,明亮的的闪光与彩虹的颜色造就绝美的欧泊。

22、Which is shattered to pieces floating among the alga是天上虹揉碎在浮藻间,沉淀着彩虹似的梦。

23、South Africa Has Beautiful Scenery, Mild Climate , "Rainbow Country"Good Name.南非风景娟秀,天气温顺,有“彩虹之国”的美称。

24、The original mix of clothing is as multi-colored as a rainbow.这套服饰搭配就像是多姿多彩的彩虹。

25、Edge picked up at the Rainbow smile.在彩虹边拾起了微笑。

英文句子26:,26、So right now Ma Linxiang come across rainbow village the niece violet cloud of Xiang Guofu's person (Wu Qian lotus is acted the role of) , two people fall in love at first sight.原来此时的马麟祥偶遇了彩虹村相国夫人的侄女紫云(吴倩莲饰),两人一见钟情。 最终,彩虹村能否重拾往日的美好?

27、A rainbow arched across the sky.一道彩虹横跨天际。

28、Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters.仙界是彩虹仙子的家!

29、A summer rain often forms a rainbow .夏季的雨常使彩虹出现。

30、Daniel:Can I see the rainbow?丹尼尔: 我能看到彩虹吗?

31、This picture captures the rainbow at its brightest right before the rain started这张照片抓拍了雨前的最美的彩虹。

32、The storm showed a rainbow at the end of which might be a pot of gold.风暴过后会出现彩虹,彩虹的尽头可能是一坛金子。

33、May there be enough clouds in my life to make a beautiful sunest.愿我的生命中有足够的云翳,来建造出美丽的彩虹。

34、How can Jiancaigong without rain!不经风雨怎能见彩虹!

35、Is the sediment of rainbow-like dream?沉淀着着彩虹似的梦。

36、We must be over the rainbow!我们一定在彩虹彼端!

37、The life journey, has trials and hardship to travel at double speed , also has rain queen rainbow.人生旅途,有风雨兼程,也有雨后彩虹。 只要风雨同舟,就能看到雨后彩虹。

38、Wu Bing to pull the rainbow to go, but the rainbow still insist that the person in charge of the truth.吴兵要拉彩虹走,但是彩虹还是坚持跟物业负责人说道理。

39、The beautiful colors of the rainbow can only be seen through the prism of rain.只有透过雨水的反射, 才能看见彩色缤纷的美丽彩虹。

40、Lele bear: what Rainbow Mountain do?乐乐熊:彩虹山做什么?。

41、After every shower of rain, just as the sun burst through the clouds, a beautiful rainbow would appear in the sky.每当下完雨以后,太阳穿过云彩,一道美丽的彩虹就会出现在空中。

42、It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of it's many colours.因为它缤纷的色彩,于是被称做「彩虹桥」。

43、Find a rainbow and live your word of dreams,always reamember life is better than it seems! 寻找彩虹,活在梦想的世界,永远记住,生活比看上去的更美好。

44、They take visitors to see the most beautiful rainbow.他们带游客去观赏最美丽的彩虹。

45、M/V Rainbow Pilot: Dead slow astern.“彩虹”船引航员: 后退

46、Rainbow People attune to the rainbow and know how to align all tones of creation into a synthesis or rainbow that holds all possibility or all tones of creation together and in balance.彩虹人接通到彩虹,懂得如何来将造物的所有音调排列为合成体或者说彩虹,将造物所有音调的所有可能平衡地维系在一起。

47、Last BIE with AFF to the slopes, enjoy the beautiful rainbow.最后BIE带着AFF来到山坡上,欣赏美丽的彩虹。

48、The Rainbow Fish wavered.彩虹鱼犹豫起来。

49、Rainbow pieces have a lifetime, so the gradually fade out to be replaced by new rainbow pieces.彩虹段有生命期,所以用新的彩虹段替换原来的,产生逐渐淡化的效果。

50、Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream?沉淀着彩虹似的梦。

经典英文句子51:彩虹的短唯美,51、Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream.沉淀了彩虹般的梦。

52、But tell him the rainbow pretend to be missish festive, Xiao Wu think there is no way to face the rainbow.喜庆却告诉他是彩虹假装矜持,小吴觉得没办法再面对彩虹了。

53、Rainbow, rainbow, rain and sun. Try to touch it, so much fun.彩虹彩虹,太阳雨。摸摸看呀真有趣。

54、Bringing with it a rainbow.带来了虹彩。

55、You then cross Rainbow Bridge together.你们共同穿越彩虹桥!

56、Rainbow grow after ston, will be sweety as a loll…彩虹经历过风雨后的成长,将会像棒棒糖一样甜美。

57、Rainbow effect. The XJ-A130 is likely to display color separation artifacts, known colloquially as the rainbow effect.彩虹现象---XJ-A130可能会显示色彩分离的现象,俗称彩虹效应。

58、Rainbow Fish, please, don’t be angry.彩虹鱼,求求你啦,别生气。

59、Happiness sometimes very short, like a after the rain in the rainbow on the horizon in attendance;幸福有时会很短暂,像一道雨后初晴出现在天边的彩虹;

60、The 19-year-old flaunted a present wrapped with rainbow ribbon, a pair of toe-socks in the bright rainbow colours and even an a with 'Gay Icon' emblazoned across the front.这位xx岁的明星炫耀他得到的一系列彩虹主题的礼物,用彩虹丝带包装的礼物,一双彩虹色的五指袜,甚至一条彩虹色前面写着“Gay Icon”的围裙。

61、PreCure All Stars DX2 Kibô No Hikari Rainbow Jewel Wo Mamore!光之美少女全明星奢华篇


62、Together make a rainbow.架成一道彩虹。

63、The Emperor particularly appreciated her skills of weaving clouds with rainbows to make the world more beautiful.皇帝特别欣赏她的技能编织云与彩虹到让世界更美丽。

64、Lett printed a beautiful rainbow continue, let me continue to disseminate the happiness of a brilliant shine!让编印了美丽的彩虹继续下去,让我继续传播幸福的光辉照耀!

65、A beautiful rainbow hangs in the sky after the rain.雨后, 美丽的彩虹横空悬挂。

66、Rainbow purple, rainbow blue.彩虹中有紫的、有蓝的。

67、The small angel hope a rainbow, rainbow of emergence of the sky inside the fairy maiden that stand a beauty.小天使望着天空中出现一道彩虹,彩虹上站着一位美丽的仙女。


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